Nigerian Passport Renewal In Chicago (2023)

Chicago is one of those American cities with a large population of black people. That makes Chicago attractive to Nigerians, and so Nigerian passport renewal in Chicago has to be fast and easy for citizens who live in this city. The Nigerian passport is necessary to facilitate travel, and also to serve as a means of identification for Nigerians living not just in Chicago, but also in all the cities of the world.

The older generation of Nigerians living abroad will attest that the process of obtaining Nigerian passports used to be marred by bribery and corruption and that the Nigerian embassies across the world used to be unsavory places to visit. They will however be surprised to find out that the situation has improved drastically.

Instances of corruption and unnecessary delays have gone down by significant measures, and the process is a lot more straightforward and efficient; people are getting their Nigerian passports renewed in Chicago every day.

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Chicago

The process of Nigerian passport renewal in Chicago is a kind of self-service process which you will do by yourself. You will do the registration online, make payment, to set the process into motion.

After that, you will need to go to the Nigerian Embassy Office for an interview, and also to do your biometrics. After the successful interview, you will be issued your Nigerian passport.

Please keep in mind that you are not to go to the Embassy Office without an appointment and that the Nigerian embassy will not assist you with the application, nor will they supply you with internet services to carry out the application.

How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Chicago

The first thing to do when you want to renew your Nigerian passport in Chicago is to ensure that you have a credit card that matches the exact names as you will enter in your application form, and that will appear on your renewed Nigerian passport when it is processed. If you do not already possess such a passport, then start there. Some banks will issue you with a credit card on the same day that you apply, and so it should not delay you significantly.

You can now start the Nigerian passport renewal proper, from your location in Chicago. Just you’re your computer or any other internet-enabled device and go to the Nigeria Immigration Service website: .

After you have clicked on the link and waited a few seconds, you will be met by a page that displays different icons such as Visa, Ecowas Travel Certificate, and Passport. These are all services offered by the Nigeria Immigration Service. Please look carefully at the section that says Passport. Under it, you will also see several icons; the 5th one says ‘Apply for Passport Renewal.’ Click that icon.

After the system loads for a second or two, it will display a page that says “Select Passport Type.” On that page, there are two boxes located one on top of the other. The top one says “Passport Type,” and the bottom one says “Processing Country.” In the top box, you have to select ‘Standard Passport,’ which is exactly what you want, while in the bottom one you have to choose ‘United States.’

After that, you have to go to the bottom of the page to click on the green button that says “Start Application.” However, when trying to go to the bottom of the screen, please do not use your keyboard’s arrow keys. This could cause you to mistakenly choose another country.

After you have clicked that icon, you just wait a few seconds, and the system will then bring up a page that includes such icons as Google, Open ID, and Yahoo. You are now to click on the icon of whichever of those services you use. After that the system will require you to log in to the service, when you do so, you will find that the system retrieves your personal data and puts it on the application form. There may be a few things that may be outdated; you can update the information by clicking and changing anything that needs changing.

After you have taken a few minutes to confirm that the information is correct, you can then go ahead and click the button that says ‘Submit Application.’ After that please make sure you print out the application form. The system will then show an Acknowledgement Page that contains a Reference ID number. Please ensure that you print that out as well. You will then close the page, and be taken to a page to make the payment. You just need to enter your credit card details and make the payment. The payment receipt will display on the screen, and you also have to print that out as well.

Deferred Passport Payments

You may decide to hold on, and then make the payment later. To do so, you will need to go to the page, and then log in with your email address. Please note that the system can keep your details for the period of one year, after which you would need to go through the process of the application all over again.

Notice About Nigerian Passport Payments

It is important to note that the Nigerian authorities, in a bid to fight the corruption that has bedeviled the system for such a long time, have created new rules about how the payments are to be made.  The rules state that payments for passport renewal can only be done with credit cards that match the exact name that appears on the application form.

If you are making payment for your family, then you must all have the same surname as that on the card, and the cardholder too must be applying for a passport renewal. Please note that you can only make payments for 5 people at a time.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew Nigerian Passport In Chicago?

For all the confusion surrounding the fees applicable for Nigerian passport renewal in Chicago, the matter is quite simple: the Nigerian government only makes considerations for citizens based on the applicant’s age. Furthermore, there are two types of passports; the 32 page, and also the 64 page passports, and they come with different fees.

You can determine the fees applicable to you by checking the table below:

Type of Passport and Price

Age 32 Pages Passport 64 Pages Passport
0 to 17 years old: $77.00 $137.00
18 to 59 years old: $106.00 $137.00
60 years and above: $77.00 $137.00

When you have paid the fee, and have completed the application process, the next thing to do is to visit the embassy office for your interview.

Go For Your Interview

Before going for your interview you have to please make sure that you book an appointment, otherwise, they will simply not attend to you. To schedule an appointment please go to: After scheduling your interview you can then proceed to the embassy.

Please remember to go with the printed copies of the application form, the acknowledgment page, and the payment receipt. It is important to be polite when addressing embassy staff; the embassy reserves the right to deny its services to anyone who is found to have been rude to its staff.

The Nigerian passport office in Chicago is located at 4850 North Sawyer Avenue, Chicago Illinois, 60625. Please note that a different address may be communicated to you via email.



Nigerian passport renewal in Chicago has been a difficult matter. So much so that the Nigerian embassy had to stage an intervention to help citizens who could not get their Nigerian passports renewed. The Nigerian Embassy assures all citizens that they can renew their Nigerian passports without any trouble. However, we must remind you of the need to be polite when you go to the Embassy. Furthermore, please do not engage in bribery; instead please report anyone who demands money from you.