How Much Is International Passport In Nigeria?(2023)

Many people want to know how much it costs to get an International Passport in Nigeria. Understandably, the increasing demand has put a lot of pressure on the Nigerian authorities, and this has caused a lot of delays. To escape these delays many desperate Nigerian travelers have actually approached the officials offering to pay higher so as to get ‘express services.’ This has led to even more confusion about the exact figures to be paid for Nigerian passports.

The Nigerian passports should ideally go for between N9,000 to N35,000;  however, some people have repeatedly paid as high as N250,000 for the Nigerian passport, which is on the high side by any yard stick you use in looking at it.

This situation has been fuelled by desperation to travel; Nigerians are some of the most traveled people in the world. However, the delays have made people desperate to secure passports so as to facilitate their international travels. This has made many intending Nigerian international travelers pass through tough times recently while trying to obtain passports from the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), so as to help them travel, and also to identify themselves as Nigerians.

How Much Is International Passport In Nigeria?

As some may already know; the prices may differ with the applicant’s age. Here is a complete breakdown of the prices of the of the Nigerian passport, and after that; an explanation as to why there are different prices for the Nigerian passports.

NIS PASSPORT FEE – Applying In Nigeria (Prices in Nigerian Naira)

Booklet Type Age 0-17 Age 18-59 Age 60+
32 Pages N8,750 N15,000 N8,750
64 Pages N20,000 N20,000 N20,000

NIS PASSPORT FEE – All Embassies, Consulates & High Commissions Outside Nigeria (US DOLLAR)

Booklet Type Age 0-17 Age 18-59 Age 60+
32 Pages $65 $94 $65
64 Pages $125 $125 $125


Please note that the above prices are for the 32 page and 64 page passports with 5 year expiry. Please note that the Nigerian authorities make no difference between first passport issues and passport renewals. These official prices are therefore constant whether it is your first passport, or whether you are applying to renew a passport that has been lost or stolen.

Subject to availability; the following prices may be in effect for the following other types of passports offered by the Nigerian Government:

As you have seen from the list above; there is no fixed price for the Nigerian Passport booklet: the government makes a few considerations for those applying for these booklets based on the age of the applicant. Very young applicants who may not have started working as well those who may have retired are allowed to pay considerably less than those who are deemed to be in their prime; and who have a very high earning capacity.

What To Bear In Mind

Please note that the Nigeria Passport is not an item that you simply purchase. That means payment does not immediate give you the right to own the Nigeria Passport. This property of the Nigerian government can only be granted to you if you fulfill the following requirements:

After paying for the passport you should be given a date when you will appear in person at the immigration office so that you can do your biometrics screening, and an interview. At the office of the immigration service where you are invited, you will be taken to an office where they will take all you finger prints and you also be asked a few questions about your travel plans.

This visit to the office does not require you to part with any money; please do not give out any money to anybody under any guise whatsoever. The procedure will be organized in a simple and orderly manner.

You Should Please Have The Following

If you are applying for a Standard Passport you will need:

A Local Government letter of identification

A copy of your Birth certificate or an age declaration affidavit made at a court

2 recent colour passport photographs

A copy of a Guarantor’s form sworn before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate or a  High Court Judge

A letter of consent from your parents if you are a minor below 16 years

A copy of your Marriage Certificate where applicable

If it is a passport renewal you need a Police Report in case of lost passport

Please be reminded to have your receipt of payment made online; this will show the amount you paid for the passport (N8,000 to N70,000). You cannot be issued with a passport without the receipt of payment; even if you have paid the passport fees; meaning that it is very important to print out the receipt.

Can You Pay Cash For Your Nigerian Passports?

The Nigerian government has recently issued a strong warning to Nigerians to follow the official procedure when applying and paying for the Nigerian passports. That means following the online payment protocols just as the government wants you to do. This does not rule out the possibility of getting the Nigerian passports after paying cash, however, it must be stated that there are disadvantages of disobeying this government injunction, and paying cash.

One major disadvantage of paying cash is that you would be paying a very much inflated prices for the passport booklets. Remember that in the introduction it was stated that some people have been known to pay as high as N250,000, while the maximum official passport fee for the Nigerian passport, when the application comes from within the country is N70,000.

Another major disadvantage of paying cash is that the tout can simply make away with your money without rendering any service. Please note that the Nigeria Immigration Service is not obliged to help you recover any money you pay to anybody because that is not the official channel of the Nigeria Immigration Service. The authorities have done very well by making public warnings so as tell sensitive people about the risks of patronizing touts when trying to get their passports.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no guarantee for the promises made by these touts; you may end up waiting for the full waiting period; which may be up to 2 months, or even more. This is because touts cannot manufacture the Nigerian passport booklets out of thin air; they have to apply and wait for it to be produced.

How Touts Affect The Process Of Nigerian Passport Issuance

While it is true that the recent happening around the world have created a backlog of applications, and that the case was made worse by the high demand for this vital document as soon as the offices were opened. However, it is very important that we shun touts because their activities are unpatriotic; and damaging to us all. These are some of the ways that touts damage the system:

Touts go about trying to prioritize the passports they bring to the passport office; they do this by trying to corrupt the hardworking people at the passport office, and when they succeed they cause other legitimate applications to be delayed; thus causing a bigger line, and making applicants wait even longer in order to get their passports.

Touts thus cause some kind of artificial scarcity because they make people wait even longer than they are supposed to wait. But that is not the only damage that these miscreants do; they also drive up the artificial prices because when applicants have to wait for so long in order to get their passports. This is because when citizens hear about the unusual waiting time for the passports they are more inclined to pay the exorbitant fees that these touts charge.

Follow Due Process To Pay For Your Nigeria Passports

Once again it is important to be reminded to follow the due process when applying for a Nigerian passport. Please note that the process of applying for the Nigerian passport has been taken online. Therefore, when you want to apply you should visit the Nigeria Immigration Service website; fill in all the required information, and then make the payment online.

The online payment will be made through your debit or credit cards; whether they are issued by local banks or not. Furthermore, after the payment has been made you will then be issued with a receipt which is a proof of payment to be used when going for the interview at the Immigration Office; and then subsequently the international passport will be issued to you.

Following this resolve to follow all due processes when applying for and paying for the Nigeria Passport; it is important to stand your ground when an unknown person approaches you at the Immigration Office. Make it very clear to him that you are not interested in fast –tracking anything, and that he should leave you alone.

If such a person persists; please raise alarm, and report to the security person on ground that you are being harassed by an unknown person.

This will cause the tout to flee; and then you can peacefully go about your business without any fear or interruption. Even though these touts may be familiar with the workers at the immigration office, the immigration officials will immediately dissociate themselves from the touts as soon as you have made the public outcry because they will not want to be involved in any scandal, and also because such a scandal can cause them to lose their jobs.

Trust The Process

The Nigerian Minister Of Interior has recently issued a statement in which he called for calm. The government understands that there is already a backlog of applications, and that there is significant pressure on the system due to the high number of applications coming from Nigerians who want to travel for various reasons including education, work, healthcare, business opportunities, and so many other reasons.

The Minister, however urges Nigerians not to become desperate and then patronize touts in order to get their passports issued. The Minister calls on Nigerians to trust the process, and follow due process. This is the best way to approach things without causing more damage in the long term.

The Minister says that there is nowhere in the world where international passports are issued on a wait-and-get basis; and that that idea goes against all the principles of sanity. Ideally, there should be a waiting time because the volume of passports that are approved and made cannot be done in 24 hours. However, by patronizing touts we are working against the country because touts disrupt the normal flow of the work; causing other people to suffer.

The price of the Nigerian passport is N70,000 at the highest; the Minister therefore wondered why anybody would want to pay double that amount, without any guarantees whatsoever.

The Minister says the only exception during which a passport can be processed post-haste is in the event of an emergency; such as a medical emergency, which requires that speed be implemented so as to save the life of the person involved.

The minister says you only have business with the officers at the immigration office when you are doing your biometrics and during the interview. All payments for the passports are made online; therefore money should not exchange hands.



Please note that the Nigerian government reserves the right to deny any application for the Nigerian Passport. It is also within the powers of the government to withhold any passport that has previously been granted, especially in the event that the holder is suspected on any criminal activity.

It is also within the right of the applicant to pursue redress in such a situation by making a formal petition to the appropriate quarters, and by following up with a court injunction. However, as a Nigerian who has never been involved in any criminal conspiracy; there is usually no need to worry about such a thing.

The usual thing is for the passport applications to be delayed; which could take up to 2 months or there-about, but after that the passports will usually be produced and distributed; meaning that you can travel around the world and enjoy all the benefits that come with being a Nigerian Passport holder.