Nigerian Passport Renewal In Atlanta (2023)

Nigerians have made Atlanta a second home, and because of the number of our people in that city, Nigerian passport renewal in Atlanta should be easy and accessible.  That is why the Consulate General of Nigeria in Atlanta, Georgia works tirelessly to ensure that passport issuance and renewal, as well as visa services, are processed in a timely and orderly manner, so as to make travel between America and Nigeria easy and pleasant.

Even though Nigerian passport issuance and renewal largely depend on the Nigerian Immigration Service for purposes of revenue collection and remittances, the Consulate in Atlanta does the processing, coordination, and actual dispensation of these items. However, please note that when applying for a renewal of your Nigerian passport in Atlanta, the consulate will not make any observations or endorsements such as a change of names due to marriage. Nevertheless, the procedure of getting your Nigerian passport renewed in Atlanta is not very difficult.

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Atlanta

These are important things to note about the process:

Your first point of call for Nigerian Passport Renewal in Atlanta is the web portal of the Nigerian Immigration Service. Please go to where you will key in your personal information.

Please note that the Consulate is not able to replace lost e-passport until permission is granted by the Nigeria Immigration Services, Abuja.

Applicants should first complete their Nigerian Passport Renewal Application online before coming to the Consulate. Please note that you must not bring uncompleted applications to the Consulate. The Consulate does not provide in-house internet services for applicants; ensure that you complete the application on your own, and make the payment online. Print the receipt page and bring it to the Consulate.

The Consulate is located at 8060 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30350, and is open from Monday – Friday: between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. You may decide to call ahead with the following number (770)394-6261, or (770) 394-4671.

In a move to stamp out corruption and all kinds of underhand practices at the Consulate, all-cash transactions in whatever form, whether inside or outside the Consulate’s premises or with any official of the Mission, are strictly prohibited.

How to Renew your Nigerian Passport in Atlanta  

As we have mentioned above, the first point of call in order to renew your Nigerian passport in Atlanta is the Nigerian Immigration Service web portal. You can go to .

The link will take you to the Nigerian Immigration Service portal which presents before you several of the services offered. You will see options like Visa, Passport, and Ecowas Travel Certificate. You should look intently at the option that says ‘Passport’ and look below it for the section that says ‘Apply for Passport Renewal,’ it is the 5th box under the Passport Section. Click it.

When the page loads up, the system will display a page that says SELECT PASSPORT TYPE. On that same page, you will see two boxes; the one on top says “Passport Type,” and the one below it says “Processing Country.” Both are mandatory fields. In the top box please choose ‘Standard Passport,’ and in the bottom please select ‘United States, and then Atlanta, GA.’

After that locate and click on the green button at the bottom that is labeled “Start Application.” After the page loads up you will see several icons such as Google, OpenID, and Yahoo. The authorities in charge of Nigerian Passport Renewal in Atlanta have decided that this is the easiest way for people to provide their personal information. If you have any of the above accounts, go ahead and sign in.

However, the information is not finalized, and alterations can still be made. After you have completed the application online, please ensure that you print out a copy. When you submit the application you will be given a reference ID which will be displayed on your screen. This information will also be emailed to you by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).

Close the screen to proceed to payment. Select the method of payment (Money Order, Visa, or American Express) and follow the prompts until you see a receipt of payment. Please print the receipt.

Please keep in mind that you may decide to close the application, and make payment at a later time. If you choose to do so, you can go to and sign in whenever you are ready. Please note that all applications are valid for a period of one (1) year. After that time, applicants will be required to re-apply and make another payment.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in Atlanta?

Remember that Nigerian Passports come in 32 and 64-page booklets, and also that considerations are made as to whether or not the applicants are working. Therefore, there is no uniform price for the renewal of Nigerian passports in Atlanta. Find below the various prices, and make payment as applicable to you personally.

Applicants                    32 pages                      64 pages

(0 to 17 years old)            $77.00                    $137.00

(18 to 59 years old)          $106.00                    $137.00

(60 and above)                $77.00                    $137.00

Please note that you must have a credit card with the same name as appears on your application. If you are paying for a family, please ensure that the last names are all the same as what appears on the credit card. You can pay for 5 people at the same time, but the owner of the credit card used must also be an applicant, and his/her payment must also be done at the same time.

Appearing at the Consulate Office in Atlanta

The next step towards Nigerian passport renewal in Atlanta is of course appearing at the Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta. The Mission is located at 8060 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30350, and is open Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please wait until you are contacted; or you can call them to inquire about the status of your passport application via: (770)394-6261 or (770) 394-4671.

When you go for your interview, please take these things along:

Copy of online application form

One copy of the Passport photograph

Passport Payment Slip

Passport Acknowledgement Slip

Expired Nigerian Passport

Please note that every applicant must appear in person at the Consulate in order to do biometric scans which are vital in order to renew the Nigerian Passports.



Nigerian passport renewal in Atlanta is a straightforward and strictly monitored process. The consulate has taken several steps to ensure that the time wasted is reduced to the minimum. As a way of fighting corruption, any form of cash transaction at the Consulate is forbidden. The consulate encourages you to report any attempt by anyone, including the staff of the Consulate to coerce you into parting with money in order to expedite the process.