How Much Does It Cost To Move To Canada From Nigeria (2023)

Canada is a prominent immigration destination for a lot of Nigerians and that is because it is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. The Country is also renowned to be the best country in the world with a quality of life. It is also one of the biggest and richest countries in the world and a huge number of Nigerians already reside there all thanks to the easy process of obtaining a visa for immigration to the North American country.

So, the next question begging for an answer in your mind just like mine is “How much does it cost to move to Canada From Nigeria?” The cost of relocating to Canada from Nigeria is dependent on if you are relocating alone or with your family members and the immigration pathway you choose to use to relocate with. And except you have secured employment in Canada, you will need an adequate amount of money to survive before settling in properly.

Cost of relocating with the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs)

Eleven provincial governments offer the Provincial Nomination Program to Immigrants in Canada. The application and processing fees for each of these provinces differ from one province to the other, as each province reserves the autonomy of deciding its application and processing fees.

If you get nominated for Provincial Nomination Programs, the application and processing fee that you will be required to pay will be calculated with the cost of your permanent residence application. A Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) appointment will increase your chances of immigration significantly. 

The concession fund for the Provincial nomination Program differs from province to province and you must satisfy the concession fund requirements of a province to get nominated for immigration in that province. Upon your nomination, you are required to conform to the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) concession fund.

The processing and application fees for the British Columbia Nomination Program costs #347,382 as well as the Ontario Immigrant Program. The application and processing fee for the Manitoba Nomination Program is #151,383, while it costs #75,513 for the New Brunswick Nomination program.

For Newfoundland and Labrador Nomination Programs, the application and processing fee cost #75,513 while it costs #94,118 for the Prince Edward Island Nomination Program. The application and processing fee for Quebec Province Nomination costs #263,860 while for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program it cost #108,698.

Costs of moving to Canada from Nigeria via The Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program was formulated for skilled employees and their family members by the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). For an individual that intends to move to Canada from Nigeria through the Express Entry program cost #3,917,582 to apply for the Express Entry Program into Canada. For a couple without children, the Express Entry Program costs #4,877,329 while for a couple with one child, it costs #5,932,900. 

However, these prices are subject to change by the Canadian Embassy each year and your savings must indicate the fee required for your spouse and child, whether they are relocating with you or not. You are not required to pay for processing an Express Entry profile but you are required to pay a visa processing fee of #249,383 and #68,014 for every child relocating with you after receiving an invitation to apply and providing a completed application form.

Cost of Moving To Canada From Nigeria via Temporary Visa and Immigration Documents 

This immigration pathway is for those who would love to stay in the country for a while before moving to Canada from Nigeria permanently. A temporary visa is similar to a work permit or visitor’s visa and if you would love to relocate to Canada permanently after staying there for a while you can then prepare to apply for permanent immigration. To apply for a Temporary Visa, you will be required to provide documents of your medical assessment and language proficiency test results.

A work permit costs #46,854, while a working Holiday Visa costs #46,249. A visitor’s visa costs #30,228 while a visitor’s visa for a family costs #151,141. A student visa costs #45,342 and the Federal permanent resident fee costs #400,524.

For a police clearance report, you will be required to pay #6,045 while the International English language Test (IELTS) costs #96,428. The Education verification for a course by course assessment costs #48,365 while a document by document assessment costs #30,228. For a medical assessment, you will be required to pay #30,228.

Cost of the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa Rights

An individual is required to pay a refundable fee of #151,141 for a right of permanent residence application which can be paid with your visa application fee. You become a Canadian citizen if your right of permanent residence is approved.

Documents required for a Canadian Visa Application in Nigeria

The application process for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is quite easy and the documents required to start your application process are outlined below:

  1. A completed application form or forms and family information form as the case might be, which will include your mobile number, email address, and postal address which must be submitted in person at the visa application center.
  2. Two colored passports with your signature and date on the reverse side.
  3. Proof of Visa and Biometrics fee payment.
  4. A valid Original passport with a minimum of two blank pages.
  5. A letter detailing the purpose of the visit, duration of the stay, contact details, and destination address. 
  6. An invitation letter if visiting a family member traveling for business purposes.
  7. A thorough medical history and medical assessment result.
  8. Verified proof of adequate funds is required to sponsor your trip.
  9. Supplementary documents like a birth certificate or marriage certificate where applicable to assist your application.

The visa processing fee for online application costs #28,000 while the Biometrics fee costs #24,000. For visa application via a visa application center, a processing fee of #28,000 is required, a Biometrics fee of #24,000, and a service charge of #17,000.

How To Apply for Canadian Visa from Nigeria

To apply for a Canadian visa from Nigeria, you are required to follow the application process outlined below:

  1. Examine the application manual carefully before you complete the application form to ensure that you are qualified for the visa type and category that you are applying for.
  2. Complete the visa application form with accurate and true information. A minor’s parent or guardian is required to help them complete their application form.
  3. If you applied at a Visa application center, you will be required to pay an application fee to them.
  4. Afterward, you are required to provide your application form in person at the Visa application center after which you will be required to provide your biometric data. A family application form should be provided in one package.


The Exchange rate of Canadian Dollars to Naira is not fixed, so we would recommend that you check the Canadian Dollar rates from the respective Official sites of each Entry Program to Canada.



Canada is a wonderful country to study, work and live in. The country’s visa policy is favorable for Nigerians and several immigration pathways are available for Nigerians who intend to move to Canada from Nigeria. The Express Entry Program and Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) are the prominent immigration pathways that are available to Nigerians who intend to relocate to Canada.

I believe that this piece has been able to provide appropriate answers to “How much does it cost to move to Canada from Nigeria?”. Please feel free to leave any comment or thoughts that you have on any section of this piece in the comment section below. I will be looking forward to reading your comments.