Nigerian Passport Renewal in London (2023)

Unfortunately, there have disturbing reports of people not being able to renew their Nigeria passports at the High Commission is London, while others have had to wait for extended periods. Some have even alleged bribery at the Nigerian High Commission, a thing which has led to several changes, as the authorities try to find a solution to the backlog of applications for passport renewal, and expedite all applications with minimal time wasted.  

Hopefully, with all the changes that have been recently instituted, you can follow the simple steps outlined here, and get your Nigerian Passport renewed in London without any hassles. To save time and stress, please ensure that provide only accurate information about yourself when you are applying for the said passport, as one reason that is commonly cited for not issuing the passports is that wrong information has been supplied.  

How Do I Renew My Nigerian Passport in London

The standard modus Operandi to follow in order to renew your Nigerian Passport in London is to apply at the Nigerian Immigration Service website:

When you click on the link you will be taken to the Nigerian Immigration Service portal which will display several options including Visa, Passport, and Ecowas Travel Certificate. Under the Passport section you will see a box that says ‘Apply for Passport Renewal,’ it is the 5th box under the Passport Section.

When you click on the icon that says ‘Apply for Passport Renewal,’ the system will then display a page that says SELECT PASSPORT TYPE. You will see two boxes; the top one says Passport Type, and the one below it says Processing Country. Both are mandatory fields. In the top box please select ‘Standard Passport,’ and in the bottom please select ‘United Kingdom.’

When you click on ‘start application’ you will switch to an innovative page that lets you register more easily by using your Google account, Open ID, or Yahoo. Whichever one you select it will bring out your personal information just as you have entered it with the service you clicked. However, the details are not fixed; you can make alterations anywhere necessary.  

This is your passport application form. Please print a copy of it.

The next step of course is to make the payment for the passport. You will make the payment online via credit card. 

The Nigerian Immigration Service has issued the following warning:

As a means of providing protection against the activities of fraudsters, a few new security measures have been implemented to protect ‘customers.’

Applicant’s first name and last name must now be the same as that which reflects on the credit card used for payment.

Applicants who intend to make bulk payments for members of their families should use the cart feature on the payment portal of the website which allows for payment for up to 5 applications at the same time. 

When using the cart feature, please note that the last name of all family members must match the last name on the credit card which is being used for payment.

It is very important to note that the cart feature will only work if the cardholder is also an applicant, along with other members of his family.

Individual Cards can only be used once a month.

Collecting Your Passport

The authorities have decided that it is safer for all citizens who wish to renew their Nigerian Passports in the UK to appear at the Nigerian High Commission located at the west end of London. After the payment has been made you will be communicated on the date to appear for collection. You may be required to pay a processing fee of 20 pounds.

If the Applicant is Below 18 Years Old

If the applicant is looking to renew his Nigeria Passport under 18 years, he or she can renew the passport at the Nigerian High Commission in London. You must first book an appointment, after filling an application form. When the applicant is invited to the High Commission, he must go with Copies of the Data Page of Both parents’ passports. That applies if both parents’ names are printed on the Long Birth Certificate. 

Note that a minor can only receive a Nigerian passport if at least one of the parents holds a Nigerian Passport. 

The minor will also be required to have a letter of consent signed by both parents. If the minor is not living with both his parents and so cannot obtain a letter of consent, then proof of sole custodian from the court must be provided (of course backed by the letter of consent from the one parent). If the Nigerian parent has died, then a copy of the Death Certificate must be provided.

The Long birth Certificate of the applicant must also be provided.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport Online in London

Go to

Look For the Section that Says Passports.  (Click on passport renewal tab)

 Choose “Standard e-passport” from the Top Box that Says ‘Passport Type.’ 

 Select “United Kingdom” from the second box that says ‘Processing Country.’ 

 At the bottom locate the green button labeled “Start application.”

 Fill the form and complete the fields provided. Please ensure that you provide the correct details.

 Tick the box that says “I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form.”

The system will then produce an application ID and reference number for your application. Please print the application because you will need it when coming to the Nigerian High Commission in London. Then click on “Continue application,” so that you can pay the application fee.

You will be communicated when to go to the High Commission to Collect your Passport.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in London

You will be required to pay a processing fee of £20.00 for Standard Passports, which may exclude the payments made to the Nigerian Immigration Service. A new service called Fast Track promises to cut through the paperwork and ensure that your passport is issued with 72 hours of application. The service is optional, but it costs £100.00. That means you could pay £120.00 in fees to get your passport renewed.

How Long Does it Take to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in London? 

A standard waiting time of about 2 weeks is usually observed, even though there can sometimes be a backlog of applications that extend the waiting time considerably. However, the new service called Fast Track can cut down the waiting time to just 72 hours.

Please enquire about the availability of the Fast Track service at the front desk, or by phone before issuing payment, because it is not always available.



Even though the process of renewing your Nigerian Passport in London is not as smooth and seamless, one thing that must be mentioned is the fact that the authorities are working hard to eliminate fraud and corruption. Therefore, Nigerians can go with confidence to the immigration portal, and to the Nigerian High Commission in London to renew their Nigerian Passports.