Nigeria Visa Requirements for South African Citizens (2023)

Nigerian visa requirements for South Africans have always been lenient; this has been the case since the days of Apartheid in which there was a lot of cooperation between the government and people of Nigeria, and the black South African nationals fighting against oppression. Even today there continues to be a lot of South African investments in Nigeria, and vise versa- both countries play important roles in the development of each other’s economies.

Because South Africans have a huge share in the Nigerian market in the areas of Telecommunications, Banking, Cable Television, Hotels, and so on, it is only natural that Nigeria is like a second home to many South Africans who travel to the country to seek out economic opportunities. This good social relationship between the two peoples has made it such that there is a big market for each others’ products in the other country, and there is great ease of travel.

South Africans who wish to travel to Nigeria will have to obtain a visa which is little more than a revenue drive because they are very welcome in Nigeria.

Nigeria Visa Requirements for South African Citizens

South African passport (with 6 months validity)

Completed Visa Application form and payment of visa fee.

Attend an interview at the Nigerian Embassy and be issued with a Nigeria Visa. 

Two recent passport sizes- photographs of your image.

Visa Payment Receipt from the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Book a Flight. (There are different flights from South Africa to Nigeria)

How to Travel to Nigeria from South Africa

Because entry into Nigeria is regulated by the Nigerian Immigration Service which is the main authority that deals with allowing people into the country, and evicting them if they stay longer than they were originally expected to, the Nigerian immigration service is the first point of call for South Africans looking to go to Nigeria.

You will need to go to the Nigerian Immigrating Service web portal. When you land at the portal you then need to find the button that says Visas which is located at the top. You click on it, and then you are given the Entry Visa/Freezone Application Form which is the document that you need to fill in order to provide your information to the Nigerian government.

After filling the form, please ensure that you click on the small box below that says ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM.’ After that, you will be able to submit the form.

When you click on the button that says ‘Submit Application.’ You will be able to preview the ‘Applicant details page.’ Then find the button that says “Proceed to Online Payment.” That button takes you to the page that enables you to pay the visa application fees. Please note that you will be making the payment in dollars, and you can use your MasterCard or visa card issued by your local South African bank.

Please take note that these are the applicable visa fees for South African citizens looking for entry into Nigeria. These fees are for the different levels of visas.

Single entry visa (6 months expiry) US$58

Single Entry Visa (1-year expiry) US$103

Temporary work Permit: US$205

Subject to Regularization: US$205

Please note that after making the payment successfully you will find that the system provides a receipt on your screen and another document that schedules a date for your interview at the Nigerian Embassy. Please ensure that you print out both documents and bring them along when you go for your interview.  

If you find that it is not possible to attend the interview on the date stated for you, then it possible to reschedule your interview to the next available date. In order to do this please write an email to [email protected]. Please ensure that you include your Application id, Reference no, and the proposed date.

When going to the interview please ensure that you carry all the necessary things you need, including your South African password with at least 6 months validity on it. You will also need your receipt of payment for the visa, as well as the document that states your date of interview, or the rescheduled date of your interview. You will also need to have 2 passport-sized photos.

For Business Travels

If you are travelling to Nigeria for business purposes you will need to pass through all the above, but you may also need to explain the nature of your business to your interviewer, as well as show proof of having sufficient funds to carry out the business in Nigeria.

For Long Term Stays in Nigeria

If you are intent on pursuing business opportunities in Nigeria you may need a Temporary Work Permit (TWP). In order to get a temporary work permit, the following are the things you need, and how to go about it.

You will need to have a South African passport with at least 6 months validity after the date of your application.

 You will also need to have a printed copy of the completed application form for visitors pass

 You will also need to have two recent passport sized photographs.

 You will also need to have a copy of the Letter of Approval issued by the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service.



As a South African travelling to Nigeria, knowledge of Nigeria visa requirements for South African Citizens is very important and you will find that the visa application process is very simple and straightforward. South Africans are so welcome in Nigeria that they are rarely ever denied visas into the country.  This is in recognition of the enduring bilateral relationships between the two countries dating back to the 1980s. 

Landing in Nigeria you will find a bustling community of South Africans living and working peacefully in Nigeria. The country is welcoming, and the people are generally friendly. Please ensure that you reach out to the South African High Commission in Nigeria so as to get updated information about what parts of Nigeria are considered unsafe, and the general outlook of the country.