Nigerian Passport Renewal In Germany (2023)

Despite the language and cultural barriers, there is a thriving Nigerian community in Germany. Unfortunately, Nigerian passport renewal in Germany has been problematic- which is unacceptable because Nigerians continue to be attracted to that European country because of the sound economy, and opportunities for business.

However, the Nigerian authorities have made some recent changes to the process of issuance and renewal of Nigerian passports in Germany, and other foreign countries. The new process for renewing Nigerian passports harnesses the power of technology and is designed to be fast and efficient. It is also designed to eliminate the instances of corruption that have bedeviled the system and brought so much to the country.

Now, you can renew your Nigerian passport quite simply.

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Germany

You can easily renew your Nigerian passport in Germany, with a process that starts right from your home or office. Yes, you first go online to register your application, and also to make the payment.

The second step is to go for your interview at the Nigerian Embassy, where you will verify your application, and also do the biometric data capturing.

How To Renew Your Passport In Germany

The first thing to do in order to renew your Nigerian passport in Germany is to renew your credit card- if you do not already have one. Please ensure that the credit card holder’s name is exactly what you will use in your application, and that is exactly what will appear in the Nigerian passport when it is processed.

The next step is to go online. You just have to grab your internet-enabled device, and go to the Nigeria Immigration Service portal; As soon as you land on the Nigeria Immigration Service website you will see several services which are all offered by this government agency. Some of the options you will meet on the website include Ecowas Travel Certificate, Visa, and Passport. Just keep your attention on the Passport option. Under it, you will see some other icons, and one of them is ‘Apply for Passport Renewal.’ That is exactly what you want to do, so go ahead and click on it.

The page may take a few seconds to load, and after that, it will display a page with the header “Select Passport Type.” That page is designed to help you select the exact type of passport that you want, although in truth, there is only one option available. In that page, you will see two boxes; one is located on top of the other.

On the top box it says “Passport Type,” and in that box, you will select ‘Standard Passport.’ You will now turn your attention to the box below it which says “Processing country.” In this second box, you will select ‘Germany,’ because that is where you want to receive the Nigerian passport after it has been renewed.

After that, you will need to go to the bottom of the page in order to click the button that says ‘Start Application.’  It is advised that you do not use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to scroll down the page; this could cause you to select another country by mistake.

The system could take a few seconds to load, after which it will display a page on which there are familiar icons such as Google, Open ID, and Yahoo. You are now to click on the icon of whichever of those services you use. Once you click, you will be prompted to log in to the service. As soon as you log in, the system will retrieve your personal information and put it on the application form. However, they know that some information might have become outdated, and so you can still update anything you want by clicking on it and making the necessary changes.

It is very important that you take a minute to go through the information that you have provided. When you are sure that the information is accurate, please click on the button that says ‘Submit Application.’ When you do, an Acknowledgement Page will come up on your screen. Please print it out, along with a copy of your application form.

The next thing that you need to do is make the payment for your Nigerian passport renewal. The payment will be done via credit card. After making the payment, a payment receipt will be issued to you. Please ensure that you print out a copy of the receipt as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew Nigerian Passport In Germany?

Figures quoted for Nigerian passport renewal in Germany are as low as €37.50 and as high as €59.00. Despite the seeming discrepancies, those figures are correct. The Nigerian authorizes have made considerations for citizens who want to renew their passports; as long as they meet some age requirements.

Furthermore, there are two types of standard passports; one contains 32 pages, and the other contains 64 pages. Both passport types have different rates.

To find out the exact fees applicable to you, please use the table below:

Applicants’ Age                               32 page                  64 page Passport

0 – 17 years old                $77.00                     $137.00

18 – 59 years old                $106.00                    $137.00

60 and above                    $77.00                    $137.00

Deferred Payments For Nigerian Passport Renewal

Sometimes it occurs that applicants are not ready to make the payments for the passports immediately they apply. If that is the case, you simply close the page. Whenever you are ready you just go to, and log in with your email details. Please note that your details will only be retained for the period of one year. If that time expires, you will need to register again.

Important Notice From The Nigerian Authorities

In order to fight corruption, the Nigerian government has instituted new rules which state that you can only pay with credit cards that carry the exact names that appear on your application form. That is why we encouraged you at the beginning to first get a credit card before starting the process at all.

If you need to make bulk payments for your family members, please note that you can only do so if you all have the same last name as that which appears on your credit card. Furthermore, you can only make payments for 5 people at a time, excluding the cardholder who must be applying at the same time.

Appearing At The Nigerian Embassy

To finalize the process you have to appear at the Nigerian Embassy in Germany. Of course, you have to first book an appointment. You can book an appointment at the Nigerian Embassy by sending an email to:

The Nigerian Embassy in Germany is located at Neue Jakobstrasse 4, 10179 Berlin – Germany. You can reach them on Telephone: +49 30 212 30 280 or Fax: +49 30 212 30 212.



Please note that you must not go to the Embassy without first booking an appointment. Nigerian passport renewal in Germany is not necessarily difficult; the problem is that people just refuse to follow instructions. Please follow all the instructions in this post, and when you get to the Embassy, please be respectful to the members of staff of the Embassy. The authorities warn that there are no cash transactions at the Embassy; please report anyone who attempts to coerce you into giving him money for any reason.