Nigeria Passport Renewal In Canada (2023)

Nigerians in Canada can easily renew their passport via the Nigerian Immigration Service online passport portal application. This can be done swiftly and completed in a day or two, depending on your choice. 

In this article, I explore and highlight step by step guide regarding Nigeria passport renewal in Canada. Let’s get started:

Nigeria Passport Renewal In Canada

  1. Open the NIS application portal on your device, using this link >>portal.Immigration.Gov.Ng
  2. Check The Passport menu part and select the Fresh/Passport Renewal column
  3. From the Passport Type options, you will be shown, simply select the “Standard E-Passport”.
  4. Choose Canada as your Processing Country 
  5. You will be directed to Innovate1 Pay Site to make payments for the Passport
  6. You should go through the instructions on the front page and ensure you fully understand what was stated there. Before moving to the next stage, you should have an Email Account (such as Gmail or Yahoo). But not to worry if you don’t have any yet – you can always create a new account with ease.
  7. After login with your email, proceed to fill the form and input the necessary details in the Fields Provided. Then, Accept Full Responsibility For The Information Provided before moving to the next stage.
  8. A unique application ID and Reference Number will be generated for you. You should ensure that you Print The Acknowledgment Form before you proceed with your application and also make payment online. 
  9. Applicant can now print all their Application Documents. You can now proceed to book an Appointment For An Interview.
  10. See to it that you take all relevant documents with you for the interview. You should attend your interview with your Covid-19 Vaccine compliance certificate, and also take your old passport with you.
  11. The interview will take place at the Nigerian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. Ensure you observe All Covid-19 Protocols over there. You might not be allowed in without being properly vaccinated and comes with a face mask.

Having explored the procedures to Nigerian Passport renewal in Canada, let’s now see the requirements attached to getting it done without issues. If you don’t want to expect delay, it is important that you take note of these requirements and satisfy them accordingly. Here are they:

  1. The completed Passport form which should  be filled online and printed out too
  2. Payment Slip
  3. Acknowledgment Slip 
  4. Copy of the data page of your former Passport.
  5. Two recent passport-size photographs of yours, preferable with white background

The above are the requirements for adults. For minors however, they should be aware of the requirements that concerns them too. Here they are:

  1. Completed online application 
  2. An Acknowledgment Slip
  3. Their payment proof
  4. A copy of their birth certificate
  5. Letter of Consent duly signed by the applicant’s parents – both of them. It is necessary to type the letter. 
  6. Photocopies of the passport data page belonging to the parents of the child. It should be noted that one of the parents must be a Nigerian, as one of the Passports should be a Nigerian.
  7. Single parents have to submit additional documents  (proof of custody of the minor)
  8. Two recent passport-size you belonging to the applicant, preferably with white background

It is necessary to add that you will have to be physically present on the allotted day given to you after completing your application on the NIS application portal. Take note of the date highlighted on the payment confirmation receipt. It should however be noted that if you won’t be able to come around on that particular day, you can reschedule another appointment (which can only be possible after the initial appointment day has passed).

Address And Phone Number Of The Nigeria High Commission In Ottawa 

The Nigeria High Commission in Ottawa is the foreign representation of the country in Canada. It offers crucial services to Nigerians living in Canada, and you don’t have to come over to Nigeria before getting certain important things sorted out. They can help you with your Nigerian Passport Renewal – although you have to make an application online via NIS application form portal. But you have to do your interview in the High Commission in Ottawa. 

Here is their address:





You can call them through this number: +1-613-236-0521-2, or send an email to: [email protected] 

Once you are done with your online application to renew your passport, simply book an appointment on the Nigeria High Commission website via Google calendar. You should note that the application of each applicant should carry their entire name as it is on their Nigerian passport. Also, when you get to the High Commission office, you are required to present printed copies of your passport interview confirmation.

For security purposes, you won’t be allowed to take your phones and bags into the building. If you are a minor who wants to attend your interview at the chancery, only one of your parents will be allowed to enter the office with you. It should also be noted that the time for passport renewals at the chancery are 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. This is when they can really attend to you. If you should come at any other time, you won’t be allowed to enter the office of the High Commission. Try to understand that the authorities are trying to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. Hence you must properly wear your face mask and come with your Covid-19 vaccine compliance certificate too. It is thus necessary that you show up with a printed invitation for an interview. Without this, you wouldn’t be attended to.



It is important to take heed to the requirements and procedures highlighted in this guide on your Nigerian passport renewal in Canada to easily get your new passport without delay. The general  Interview Guidelines we’ve also highlighted will be really helpful to you as you go to the High Commission office for your passport renewal interview.