Nigerian Passport Renewal In Ukraine (2023)

If you are a Nigerian living in Ukraine, you can renew your Nigerian Passport through the Nigeria Immigration Service online passport application portal, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the country. Using your PC with a good internet connection,  applicants can simply complete and submit their passport application form online and will end up getting their Passport at the Embassy of Nigeria in Kiev. 

The Nigerian Embassy in Kiev offers several consular services to Nigerians living in Ukraine, and a lot of citizens have utilized their passport processing services before now. They are usually of help as regards the renewal of the Nigerian Passport in the country.

Now let’s see how Nigerians in Ukraine could renew their passport without much stress. Here is a step by step guide that helps:

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Ukraine

1. Open the Nigerian Immigration Service application portal on your PC or any other adequate device. Do so through this link

 2. Create a new account or log in to an existing account if you have one beforehand

3. Select the “Apply For Passport Renewal” column

4. Select the Standard Passport or E-passport option, and ignore the Official Passport column

5. Your Processing Country is Ukraine

6. Select Start Application and go ahead to fill the form that you will see

7. Go through the instructions for payment on the start application page and then make payment using your credit or debit card 

8. Submit your application online and also print the application documents.

9. Book an appointment with the Nigerian Embassy in Kiev for the interview as well as capturing. Simply click on this link to get started >> Kindly note that as far as submission of application for the passport is coming, you can only visit the Embassy from Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 2 pm.

10. Go to the Nigeria Embassy in Kiev with a copy of your booking on the day of your appointment.  

Kindly note that the Embassy doesn’t help to process nor issue Diplomatic and Service Passport. Additionally, before you can proceed to the Embassy for an appointment, you must have completed your application on the NIS portal. The procedures are pretty simple and straight to the point once you understand the structure.

Requirements For Renewal Of Passport For Nigerian Adults In Ukraine

  1. A written application directed to the Head of Mission in Kiev. 
  2. 2 copies of the data page of your expired Nigerian Passport
  3. Acknowledgment slip
  4. Payment receipt for Passport
  5. Completed Passport Application form
  6. Two passport-size photographs belonging to you

Requirements For Renewal Of Passport For Nigerian Minors In Ukraine

  1. An application letter directed to the Head of Mission in Kiev by the parents of the minor, requesting Passport issuance
  2. Completed Passport Application form
  3. 2 passport-size photographs. There must be a Guarantor whose consent should be seen at the back of the photographs
  4. Completed guarantors’ form
  5. Marriage certificate of parents
  6. Birth certificate of the minor, or Age Declaration that is duly endorsed by a Commissioner for Oaths

*It should be noted that for birth certificates that weren’t issued in Nigeria, they have to be legalized either in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Nigeria Mission in the country of the parents

  1. Acknowledgment slip
  2. Payment proof

It is important to add that the Embassy already stated that children should be physically present at the Embassy for issuance of Passport on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – between 10 am to 2 pm.

By putting in place all that’s required by the Embassy, you won’t pass through difficulties in getting your new passport. Don’t forget that even in Ukraine, all applications should still be through the Nigeria immigration website as far as Passport is concerned. To get a  32-page booklet as an adult, you have to pay $106, and $137 for the 64-page booklet. Minors must pay $77 for the 32-page booklet and then $137 for the 64-page booklet.


Categories Of Change Of Data On Passport

If you are an applicant applying for a change of data, you should fall into any of these categories:

– Applicants who want to change due to marriage/divorce

– Applicants who want to change as a result of family resolution/faith

– Applicants who want to change as a result of Date of Birth

– Applicants who have damaged their Passport

– Applicants who lost their passport

– Etc

You should know that these categories require unique procedures and requirements. Hence, you are to visit the Embassy’s official website for more information on that which concerned you.

Address And Contact Details Of The Nigerian Embassy In Kiev

Nigeria’s foreign representation in Ukraine is located in Kiev. This is the only official representation of the country in Ukraine. Here is the address and the contact details of their office:

Provulok Vasylkivskyi 12

Kyiv 03118


You can call them on: (+380)442597767, and (+380)442581854

You can also send an email: [email protected] 

You can read more about the Embassy on their official website >>


Kindly note that the Embassy may be closed on Nigerian and Ukrainian public holidays. Additionally, the Embassy is not just accredited to Ukraine, but also Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, and Lithuania. Nigerians living in these places can also utilize the Embassy in Kiev to sort out their Nigerian passport issues, including renewing it when it’s expired, or getting a new one should it be missing or damaged.


In Conclusion

Finally, your Nigerian Passport renewal in Ukraine is a simple affair and not tough to get done. You don’t even have to wait for a third party before sorting out the process. If you are going to renew your passport, apply via NIS portal and also keep the requirements in mind, as the Embassy won’t take the steps further if you won’t first fulfill the necessary requirements on your own part. Ensure you book an appointment with the Embassy before going there, as you might be turned back without an appointment. As seen earlier, you can always book an appointment on their official website