Requirements To Travel To Dubai From Nigeria (2023)

The requirements to travel to Dubai from Nigeria having been designed for ease of travel. Dubai; the shining pearl of the Emirates, is widely regarded as the gateway to the Middle East, and that makes it the most attractive destination in the region for Nigerians, and for other people from developing countries who go to the Middle East for tourism, business, or to work.

The requirements for travel to Dubai are an electronic petition, which is another way of saying you have to apply online. As long as you have not been flagged for some criminal activity for which you are wanted; you will most likely get your e-Visa; and will get to work or do business in the country. This ease of visa acquisition is not only for Nigerians; the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates has made this provision for foreign visitors from over 70 countries.

The process is convenient; Nigerians can submit their form from the comfort of their homes or office, or even from pubic computers. They no longer need to schedule an appointment at an embassy or consular office for most trips to the UAE. It shows that there are benefits of bilateral relations, and that trade between the UAE and other countries is highly valued.

Requirements To Travel To Dubai From Nigeria

Of course there are certain requirements that must be met before one is issued with the UAE e visa, which is the major requirement for traveling to Dubai from Nigeria. It is important to understand the visa process before applying, so that you increase your chances of getting it approved, and also so that you do not run into any trouble even after traveling.

These are following things required before you start to apply:

You are required to have a passport issued by the Nigerian government and valid for 180 days on their arrival date in the UAE

You are required to have an electronic image of their passport’s information page

You will need to provide a personal photograph of yourself in color

You need to have a debit or credit card with which you will pay the eVisa processing fee

You will need to have an email account that you frequently access; so that you do not miss the important information that will be sent to you.

You need to have a Nigerian passport with at least 6 months of validity after the date on which you plan to arrive in Nigeria. If you do not have this, then it is a better idea to first renew your Nigerian international passport before applying to the UAE visa. If a passport is invalid; a person can be deported even with a visa that has not elapsed.

The whole process is done online; and is very fast and convenient. However, it is important that you double check all the documents including the pictures that you will upload online to ensure they are clear and readable. The documents must the legible, and the pictures must be of good quality. This is because the images and documents will be vetted manually by the backroom staff of the Dubai Ministry of Interior.

Application Process For The UAE E-Visa For Nigerians

Of course, the first step is to get your Nigerian passport. After getting the Nigerian international passports; Nigerians can then apply to or request for the Dubai (Emirati Visa) by filling an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will require that you answer specific questions about yourself. The questionnaire is simple and can be answered in 30 minutes.

Some of the simple details that you will be required to answer include:

Full name

Citizenship (Nationality)

Arrival date

Emirate selected for their trip (You should select Dubai)

Emirates flight details (you should enter the details of your flight)

Email address (Please check regularly)

Gender (Please select)

Date of birth

Country of birth

Religion (only for records)

Job title


Purpose of visit (Give specific details)

The Authorities in Dubai will need to have the following passport details:

Applicants Passport number

Passport issue date

Passport expiration date

Passport issuing country (That is if your Nigerian Passport was obtained from a Nigerian Embassy in another country)

It is very important to double check the details you have provided; any mistakes or omitted details could nullify an application. It may be a good idea to write out the details you are going to provide to the system online, so that you do not make any wrong entries.

The next step is to pay the eVisa application processing fee. As mentioned earlier you will need to make the payment online with your debit or credit card, via the online payment portal. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in the card you are using to execute the payment.

Interestingly, a single e visa can be used by applicants and their families; that applies to the spouse, children, or relatives over 60. Of course you will need to provide additional information, including additional documentation such as their marriage and birth certificates.

As you may have noticed; this e visa should be applied for only after making the travel plans, including booking the flight.

Evaluation Of The Dubai Evisa Requests From Nigerians

The Ministry of Interior of the UAE has the responsibility of evaluating all the e visa petitions submitted by Nigerians, and all other nationalities. This process is very fast; but sometimes it can take between 24 to 72 hours. If it takes longer than 72 hours, then it will most likely be declined. If the e visa application has been made correctly with all the correct information then the applicant should receive the approved eVisa through a link sent in a confirmation email to the nominated email address.

You would then need to follow the link, and then download the approved eVisa, print it out, and put it into your passport.

It is important to note that the application evaluation process may take longer during times of high demand; like during the trade fairs and F1 Grand Prix. In that case one should apply for the visa well ahead of time; such as 5 days before your intended day of travel.

Visiting Dubai With The Approved E-visa For Nigerian Citizens

Nigerian passport holders can depart for the United Arab Emirates with the approved electronic visa. They should remember to enter the country by the international airport they selected during their application form.

As mentioned above one only has to put the approved e visa on his passport; and then board the flight on the approved date. Upon landing in Dubai, just go to the arrivals queues for eVisa arrivals. Border officials will require that applicants submit their passport and approved eVisa. After doing that they will be granted entry into the country.

The Dubai E-visa For Travelers From Nigeria Has The Following Features

The visa policy for the United Arab Emirates allows you to enjoy certain benefits as a tourist from a friendly country.

The e-visa is for tourism and leisure in Dubai only

The e-visa allows you to get a single entry in the country

The e-visa only lasts for a month, in which you can stay in Dubai.

The e-visas are only valid if applicants will reach the United Arab Emirates by air only.

Applicants must apply for the visa within 2 months of the date of entry.



Requirements to travel to Dubai from Nigeria are an e visa affixed to a valid passport. The e-visa will then be sent to the applicant via email. It must then be printed out; and then the applicant can board the flight. Upon entering into Dubai, one must then present himself at the arrivals queue at the airport. As one may have noticed; this e visa arrangement is for short visits only. If one wishes to travel to Dubai in order to work then one must visit the UAE Embassy in Abuja.