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The Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) Recruitment 2022 is for Nigerians. If you’ve wanted to join the Nigerian Correctional Service but haven’t figured out how to do so, don’t worry because we’ll walk you through the process of applying for the NPS Recruitment 2022. However, before we do that, there are a few requirements you must meet in order to be considered for the Nigerian Correctional Service Recruitment. Those requirements will be discussed in the next section.

Today, we’ll address some important questions that have been sent to us via email. Because we’d like to answer them publicly, we’ve included them below so that anyone interested in the Nigerian Prison Service recruiting process can learn more and obtain answers to their queries.

NPS recruitment form 2022 is now available if you’ve been waiting to apply for positions with the Nigerian Prison Service in 2022/2023.

This is to inform potential applicants that the application form for the Nigerian Prison Service recruitment for the years 2022-2023 is now open and accepting applications.

Nigerian jail service recruitment 2022/2023 application forms are free and just have to be filled once.

Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment Portal for 2022

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Need for NPS Recruitment in 2022/2023 on a General Basis

You must be a Nigerian citizen to apply for the Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment Program.

People with health issues should not apply for the Nigerian Prison Service recruiting; if they do, they risk being fired after being hired.

Be Educated – When applying for a job with the Department of State Services DSS, all applicants should bring their credentials with them, including their WAEC/NECO Certificate and a higher educational degree. NOTE: this is not an optional step; it is critical.

How to Apply for a Job in the Nigerian Prison Service in 2022/2023

CDFIPB uses only online methods of recruitment. As a result, recruiting for the Nigerian Prison Service takes place over the internet. Learn more at The recruitment page may be discovered by going to You will need to fill out the reference form after you have submitted your application. Do not apply for the same CDFIPB recruitment post more than once.

Nigeria Prisons Service quick overview

The Nigerian Correctional Service (previously the Nigerian Prison Service) is a Nigerian government body in charge of the country’s correctional (prison) facilities until August 2019.

The Nigerian Correctional Services Act of 2019 and the 2004 CAP P29 legislation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria give the National Prison Service complete authority to care for persons lawfully detained, define their conduct triggers, and retrain them.

The Nigerian Prison Service is situated in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja and is overseen by Ja’afaru Ahmed, the Controller-General of Prison Service. President Muhammadu Buhari appointed him in 2016 and he reports to the Minister of Interior, as well as the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, and Prison Services Board.

The Nigerian Prison Service, which was founded in 1968 following the abolishment of the previous Native Authority Prisons, now includes a total of 14 farm centers, 240 prisons, including 138 main prisons (for convicts), 85 satellite facilities, and three Borstal Institutions.

Nigeria’s Jail Service (Nigeria’s Correctional Service) has only one goal: to build a trustworthy prison system. Effective penal procedures that lead to long-term changes in convicts’ attitudes, habits, and beliefs can achieve this. This is to make the return of these ex-convicts to society as easy as possible.

What are the Duties of the Nigerian Prison Service?

The CAP P29 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 provide the Nigerian Prisons Service complete operational authority. The following is a list of duties entrusted to the Nigerian Prison Service as a result of this act.

Place all those who have been deemed fit by courts of competent jurisdiction under legal custody.

To appear in court with defendants when they are scheduled to do so.

It’s important to figure out what causes antisocial behavior in prisoners.

To set up systems for the care and training of prisoners in preparation for their eventual release and reintegration into society as law-abiding citizens.

To create and administer prison farms and industries to help rehabilitate inmates while also bringing in money for the federal government.

How strong is Nigeria’s prison system?

The Nigerian Prison Service wields its authority in the same way every other government agency does: through its employees. Over the past few years, the Nigerian Prison Service has grown to include more than 28,500 personnel, with thousands more undergoing training.

What are the primary responsibilities of Nigeria’s prison system?

“To enhance public safety by supporting criminals in their reformation and rehabilitation under healthy, secure, and humane conditions, in compliance with internationally established standards,” states the Nigerian Prison Service’s mission statement. “To foster social reintegration into society.”

The Nigerian Prison Service performs the following duties in particular:

care for suspects or criminals who have been legally arrested.

To learn what motivates criminals to commit crimes.

It’s important to rehabilitate ex-convicts so they can contribute to society wherever they end up.

Nigerian Prisons Service 2022 Recruitment Update

All Nigerian job searchers should be aware that there are presently no recruitment updates on the start date of Nigerian prisons. As soon as the application is released, this page will be updated to reflect any changes.