Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Recruitment 2022

Using this website, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about applying for the NCAA Recruitment 2022, including the gateway to use and all other information you’ll need to be successful. So, don’t forget to keep reading to stay up to date! The information on this page should address many of your basic inquiries, such as: 

The information on this page should address many of your basic inquiries, such as: 

  • Where can I get an NCAA recruiting form?
  • When will the enrollment process begin?
  • How to keep up with the latest news about the recruitment
  • When is the deadline for applying?

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Recruitment 2022

Let us provide you with more information about this service so that we can better assist you. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority regulates all aspects of Nigerian aviation. In 2006 the National Assembly passed the Civil Aviation Act with the approval of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and it became independent. A new law established a new agency with authority to regulate aviation while also overseeing airports, airspace, meteorological services, and the economic controls of these organizations without intervention from politics.

There are currently 31 airports in the country, all of which are governed by NCAA rules. With the supervision of NCAA, Nigeria can now boast of better airlines and airports in the country, navigational help, contemporary weather forecasting technology, and to top it all, highly experienced staff to oversee everything.

Is the NCAA 2022 application available for recruitment?

We wrote this article because we wanted to help as many people as possible who were considering applying for this position. The NCAA application has yet to be released, and recruiting hasn’t even begun yet. 

When Will the NCAA begin and end recruiting?

Because the recruiting process has not yet commenced, there is no way to determine when the form will stop being sold or when the closing date and start date of the NCAA Recruitment will be revealed online.

NCAA Recruitment Portal: What is it and How Do I Use It

Typically, job seekers get defrauded because they go to the wrong site when looking for work. Do not go to the wrong site if you don’t want your money stolen. As a result of this, which NCAA recruitment portal should you use? is the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority’s (NCAA) online recruitment platform. Please take note of this gateway so that you don’t go to the wrong portal and have your hard-earned money swindled from you. That’ll be a real bummer. So be forewarned and guided at the same time.

Colleges and Universities’ Requirements for Hiring

Like every other job posting, we’ll make sure to include a list of the qualifications you’ll need in this one as well. You’ll see what I mean when you keep reading.

In order to avoid making a mistake during the recruitment process, consider the following points.

Please be aware that you can obtain the Nigerian Civil Aviation Form online.

The Recruitment Application will also be completed online.

Candidates will be shortlisted as soon as they apply.

The NCA portal requires all applicants to submit their credentials electronically.

To be eligible for the NCAA Recruitment, you must meet the following conditions.

Applicants applying for this position must have completed their first year of high school.

Candidates must have the required 5 SSCE, WAEC, or NCAA credits to be considered.

A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, such as a Higher National Diploma (HND), is required for applicants to be considered.

To be eligible, applicants must be between the NCAA’s specified age ranges.

It helps if you know your way around a computer.

The ability to push yourself above your relaxation or comfort zone is a plus as well as a necessity.

Only Nigerians who are currently residing in Nigeria will be considered for the position.

The applicant must be well-prepared for the required entrance tests.

A valid form of identification, such as a passport, voter’s card, or driver’s license, must be presented by the applicant.

The average age of those who should submit applications should be over 35.

Participants will be checked for illegal drugs, thus applicants must be drug-free.

A medical examination will be required of the candidate.

How to Apply for NCAA Recruitment 

How to Apply for NCAA Recruitment to apply, go to the NCAA portal at

How to be successful in the application.

To be successful in the recruitment process, follow the methods outlined below.

Registration should only be done once.

Please only use original copies of your identification documents.

Get your name on the list as soon as possible!

Keep your registration information private at all times.

To apply for the position, register with your with personal email account.

Prepare for the interview in a professional manner by wearing appropriate clothing.

Beards must be neatly trimmed.



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