Top 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria (2023)

It will surprise you to know that Nigeria is a wonderful country blessed with beauty and glamor. With exotic, mouthwatering locations in every state of the country, you can bask in the beauty of your nation.

Each state has a unique attribute associated with its beauty, I listed some of the beautiful states in Nigeria, while some are blessed with highlands and mountains, some are blessed with valleys and beautiful land rich in agriculture while others have water bodies to cement their beauty.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

1. Abuja State

The city of Abuja was founded with the aim of moving the nation’s capital to a much less populous state.

Top-notch city planning with an excellent quality of infrastructure has cemented the capital to the number one spot.

The state has had the honor of having its biggest recreational park opened by the United Kingdom’s Elizabeth II in December 2003. Designed by the architect Manfredi Nicoletti, Millennium park has grown tremendously over the years becoming a hotspot for tourists and families just looking to have a good time.

A park located in Gwarinpa, near the residence of the minister of the Federal Capital Territory houses a badminton and basketball court with a wide variety of sports equipment and facilities, making it the perfect park for the average sports enthusiast.

While Gwarinpa has sports facilities, Wuse 2 has a 4D cinema, paintball arena, astroturf, lawn tennis court, and a variety of exotic restaurants.

The beauty of the state can be majorly attributed to its beautiful green lands, but not restricted to. ECOWAS building, the National Stadium, and many more landmarks can be found in the Nation’s Capital.

2. Lagos State

Ikeja being the state’s capital is the first beautiful place you would want to visit, although it’s not the most beautiful as Lekki comes after it with Victoria Island popularly referred to as VI takes all the glory. Lagos is often referred to as London because of the beauty of these places.

Known for its exotic buildings, exquisite hotels, and colorful ambience it has risen to be the most popular city in West Africa.

A holiday in Lagos without a visit to Victoria Island is a wasted one.

3. Enugu

Home to the beautiful and popular Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu. The coal city, as it is commonly referred to as, has its beauty attributed to the wonderful topography of the land, and its alluring landscapes. Enugu State is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria.

New Haven, Enugu GRA, Independence layout, and Archara Layout are some of the most beautiful places to live in the state.

4. Rivers State 

Known for its amazing water bodies and aqua life, Port Harcourt, the capital of the state has a wonderful night view, as the city is known for its bubbly nightlife.

On the southern edge of the Atlantic Ocean, you would come across Bonny Island, one of the most beautiful places in the state. Bonny nature park and the Finima beach are among the popular attractions and have become hotspots for tourists.

With increased security and a very active nightlife, exquisite hotels have made their base in the state.

5. Delta State

An oil-rich state like Delta has no business below the top 5 most beautiful states in Nigeria. Warri is a very beautiful city in Delta despite not being the state capital.

Good road network and well-constructed modern buildings, the organization has produced a masterpiece.

Home of the football club Warri Wolves, Warri township stadium has a capacity of 20000. Uwie Modern Market and Delta Shopping Mall stand as the top two modern markets.

From the palace of the Olu of Warri, Chief Nana’s Palace, Effurun Garden park, Abraka river resort, and the motel to the Golden Tulip Hotels, Delta is not found to be lacking in tourist attractions.

6. Kaduna State

Tourist attractions in this state include; The Kaduna Museum, Lugard Foot Bridge, Kajuru Castle, Kamuku National Park, the Nok Village, the Matsirga Waterfall, amongst others.

From Museum’s to Castle, Village, and Waterfall. You can hardly run out of places to visit when you go to the beautiful state that is Kaduna.

7. Cross River State

Cross River is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria, famous in the state include the Obudu cattle ranch and Tinapa resort, Calabar, the capital of the state is arguably the most beautiful city in Cross River.

Acclaimed to be the neatest and greenest state in Nigeria, it has a variety of tourist attractions which include; Cross River National Park, National Museum, Slave Museum, and many more.

As one of the previous capital of the Nation, Cross River is home to a number of historical landmarks like the Tomb of Mary Slessor, the Statue of Mary Slessor, and Mary Slessor’s house.

8. Akwa Ibom State

Coming just behind Cross River, Akwa Ibom has seen its fair share of tourists due to its beauty which comes from its urbanization. The very popular Godswill Akpabio Stadium can be found in the state.

With a good road network and beautifully designed buildings, the tourist attractions in the state, Ibom plaza Uyo, Ibeno Beach, National Museum Uyo, Lord Lugard’s Residence, and many more.

It would be a thing of pity if the state had all these but lacked 5-star Hotels to accommodate the travelers. The state doesn’t disappoint, Le Meridian Uyo happens to be the most popular Hotel in Uyo.

9. Ondo State

A Southwestern state with a rich landscape for agriculture and beautiful topography. Ondo state may not be the most beautiful state but it has certainly earned its mark.

Part of the beauty of the state is seen in its redevelopment and its food markets, as the state thrives to be the food basket of the Nation. Tourists are drawn to this state by the richness in the variety of food.

10. Imo State

Owerri the state capital is said to be the glory of the East. Alluring structures and a colorful nightlife painted with good lighting on the canvas of a beautiful landscape, you can almost imagine how beautiful the city is.

One of the biggest oil Palm Plantations in West Africa, the Ada Palm Plantation is the pride of the state.

The presence of the popular Oguta Lake, Ada Palm Plantation, Mbari Cultural, and Art Center. Imo state arguably has one of the most beautiful capital cities in Nigeria.