Top 10 Best Football Academies In Nigeria And Their Fees (2023)

Nigeria is one of the African countries with a great sense of participation and association with the game, football. Nigerians love the sport and they always show this via their extreme passion and participation both at the national and international levels.

There are tons of football academies in Nigeria where you can learn how to become a professional footballer in Nigeria. If you are planning to learn football in Nigeria, it is a good thing. Besides, attending the best academies in Nigeria will help you a lot in speeding up the rate at which you build a sturdy career. 

Top Ten Best Football Academies In Nigeria And Their Fees

1. PEPSI Football Academy

PEPSI Football Academy was founded in November 2020 by Kashimawo Laloko. The football academy is situated in Agege, Lagos. PEPSI Football Academy is the most prominent football academy in Nigeria. The academy has a great reputation and has produced lots of players that have become international stars already. The academy is highly determined to keep assisting young, talented, and skilled players to develop their careers and become international professionals.

The PEPSI Company in Nigeria is the main sponsor of the academy. PEPSI Football Academy claims that it trains over three thousand young players between the ages of six and eighteen.  Some of the players that graduated from PEPSI Academy and have become exceptionally successful now are Mikel Obi, Sunday Mba, Joseph Akpala, Osaze Odemwingie, Isaac Promise, and Elderson Echiejile.

PEPSI Football Academy also offers scholarship programmes for its players to further their academics and sports in the United Kingdom. Currently, the academy has about 54 coaches. The registration form for ages 5-14 costs six thousand naira only. For players age 15 and above, the registration form costs twelve thousand naira only. There are certain documents that you will need if you want to get into the PEPSI Football Academy. These documents include the original birth certificate, applicant passports, and medical reports. 

2. KWARA State Football Academy

Kwara State Football Academy is one of the best football academies in Nigeria, it is located in Ilorin, Kwara State. The academy was mainly created in 2005 by the Kwara state government to empower its youths. Kwara State Football Academy trains players from all over the country. Currently, the academy has seven coaches that were once international footballers.

At Kwara State Football Academy, talented and committed young players are allowed to acquire a formal education free while training as professional footballers. The exams that players of Kwara State Football Academy can write are West African School Certificate Examinations (WAEC), International General Certificate of Secondary School Education (IGCSE), National Examination Certificate(NECO), Test Of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL), and International Baccalaureate(IB). Students are exposed to areas of studies such as Humanities and Social Sciences, Technical and Vocational Studies, General And Applied Mathematics, and Natural Sciences at Kwara Football Academy.

Also, the training school offers a full on-campus boarding experience to its students so that they can concentrate more and have time to engage in more activities. Kwara State Football Academy claims that its facilities accommodate about 200 students. KWARA State Football academy admits youngsters between the ages of 13-21 years. The registration form fee for new players at the academy is seven thousand five hundred naira only. 

3. Abuja Football College

Abuja Football College was established in January 2012 by Gabriele Volpi. The main aim of creating this academy is to discover and nurture football talents in Nigeria. Abuja Football College is committed to developing young kids, especially the ones from financially challenged backgrounds to become football experts. The main training centre for the training school is located at National stadium Abuja. Other training locations are in Owerri and Lagos. Abuja Football college trains about 120 students. 

4. Midas Soccer Academy (MSA)

Midas Soccer Academy (MSA) is another good Nigerian football academy. It was founded in December 2006 and is located in Ipaja, Lagos State. The main purpose of creating the training group is to keep discovering young talents and refining them into well-experienced and proficient players.

Midas Soccer Academy (MSA) is well-registered and supported by the Nigerian Football Federation and Lagos State Football Association. The vision of the training group is to produce top talents that will represent Nigeria in international competitions.

Many Midas Soccer Academy graduates are already playing for international clubs. The training group has the important and necessary facilities needed to build youngsters into professional footballers. As a Midas player, your profile will always be viewed by numerous football agents and scouts all over the world and also, will give you the chance to participate in trials and tours all around the world. The standard registration form fee to get into Midas Soccer Academy (MSA) is #77, 000 only. 

5. Papilo Football Academy

Papilo Football Academy was founded in 2001 and is currently one of the best football academies in Nigeria. The academy was founded by a Nigerian popular, well-experienced, and retired player, Nwankwo Kanu. The founder played for top teams such as Ajax, Inter Milan, Arsenal, and Portsmouth during his career. Not alone did Nwankwo Kanu play with international and famous clubs, he also had lots of medals awarded to him. Moreover, his training team is a highly prominent and well-organized one.

Papilo Football Academy has successfully transferred over ten players to play abroad. Some of these players are Joel Obi, Kelechi Iheanacho, Chidiebere Nwakali, and Stanley Okoro.  The admission form for Papilo Football Academy costs #12,500 only.

6. Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria

Barcelona Football Academy is another popular and efficient training group among the best football academies in Nigeria. The group only allows young players between the age of 5 and 18. Barcelona Football Academy is situated in Lagos and is immensely interested in developing talented youngsters, improving their capabilities, and placing them on an international level. The training group is commonly known as FCBEscola. FCBEscola majorly utilizes the FC Barcelona methods and training styles for its players. Barcelona Football Academy has about 400 players from all around the country. The registration form fee for FCBEscola is #13,500. 

7. Chelsea Football Academy Nigeria

Do you intend to pursue a professional soccer career? Then, you should look forward to attending the prestigious Chelsea School. It is, however, located in London (the UK). In 2012, there was news that Chelsea was planning to open its soccer academy in the country. People from all over the 36 states were overjoyed hearing that information. However, it sounded more like a temporary camp. And it appears that if you want to join the official Chelsea soccer school for girls or boys, you’ll have to travel to London.

8. The International Sports Academy 

The International Sports Academy is also known as Edusko football academy. The training group was founded by Chief Segun Odegbami in 2007. The founder is a popular retired Nigerian footballer. The International Sports Academy combines academic and sports learning for its players. The student of the group can get a secondary school certificate in addition to their football training. Apart from football, the international sports academy also allows its students to learn other sports such as basketball, tennis, and athletics. 

9. Lagos Tigers FC

Lagos Tigers FC was established in 2012 and is based in Lekki, Lagos State. The academy trains young players between the age of 3-15 years. Lagos Tigers consistently fosters and encourages good sportsmanship, discipline, and build confidence and integrity. The group ensures that it studies and understands each player’s strengths and how to improve them with its technical training. Lagos Tigers FC works with the values, KICK- kingship, Integrity, Confidence, and Knowledge. Currently, the training group has about 200 players. 

10. SIAONE Soccer Academy

SIAONE Soccer Academy was founded by Super Eagles Legend and coach, Samson Siasia. The training club is located in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital territory. SIAONE Soccer Academy is presently the best football training school in Nigeria.  The main mission of the training club is to provide excellent basic and advanced instruction, in a peaceful and safe environment, where players can have an enjoyable learning experience that will prepare them for the challenges they face in life and also as professional footballers. SIAONE Soccer Academy always tries to gather the best available football talents and wholly develop them as individuals and subsequently, as professional players. 



If you have a passion for football and you are looking forward to becoming a professional and efficient player, then you must give good attention to football academies. Football academies help to build your teamwork ability, place you on a wider level, ensure discipline, and make your journey towards greatness, as a player, easier. There are many top football academies in Nigeria, moreover, it is best to go for the best ones. Attending a good and reputable football academy will help you a lot.

Football is the greatest sport throughout the globe. There are many reasons behind the high value and importance associated with football.  Looking at the fun side of the game, it is top-notch, both for the players and the people watching. The intense energy and passion to get crowned the champions are what majorly fuels players; moreover, viewers relish supporting teams, watch matches with their loved ones, share the love of the game, and feel happy.

Also, looking at the monetary part of football, it is exceptionally massive. Revenues are derived from sponsorships, selling kits, tickets, and so on. Football is a sport that isn’t just interesting, but also, lucrative.