How To Become An Actress In Nigeria, In Nigeria, becoming an actress fully revolves around the movie industry. The Nigerian Movie Industry nicknamed Nollywood is rated one of the most valued film industry in the world according to it’s significance and the revenue it makes. Nollywood being one of the biggest movie industries in the world has produced so many actors and actresses belonging to the influential class in the country. The advantage that comes with dominating in movie scenes is the fame, wealth, and glamour to be enjoyed. 
However, in becoming an actress in Nigeria, submitting a resume is not part of the process as it involves participating in auditions as much as you can. Acting is more than just raw talent as luck also goes a long way in the breakthrough. But as a matter of fact, much work is needed from the aspiring actress to create opportunities needed to translate into luck. Supposedly, female actresses are in high demand in comparison to the male actors for unknown reasons. This opens chances for females aspiring to delve into the movie industry. Placing emphasis on the above mentioned requirements, being exceptionally talented can give an aspiring actress an edge but being well-connected earns one a movie role faster. Following the guidewords below would open doors into acting: 

How To Become An Actress In Nigeria

  • Build Up Your Discovered Skills
  • Involving A Registered Talent Agency
  • Create Awareness For Yourself
  • Attending Auditions
  • Go Through The List Of Nollywood Production Firms And Reach Out

Full Details On Ways To Become An Actress In Nigeria

Build Up Your Discovered Skills:

A career in acting requires dynamism plus numerous displayable skills. The need to develop discovered skills as an aspiring actress cannot be overlooked, and this should be done whilst following the established standards. As expected, a skill to be built up has to be discovered before development can set in, this brings us to a series of questions every aspiring actress should ask herself:

  • How good am I at creating speeches?
  • How well can I speak correct English?
  • Is my communication skill enough to award me a career as an actress?
  • How well do I crack jokes?
  • Do I have the physique an actress should have?
  • How well can I handle pressure?
  • Can I pretend to be what I am not without arousing suspicions that I am not?
  • How well can I easily imitate a person’s act?

Answering some or all of these questions will go a long way in self-evaluation and discovering one’s skills, afterwards, proper measures can be taken in developing those skills and acquiring the lacking skills. 

How To Become An Actress In Nigeria
How To Become An Actress In Nigeria

Involving A Registered Talent Agency

One very good way of building one’s confidence about one’s talent is going to a registered talent agency in Nigeria to get tested, although, it is one of the many options available for an actress. Most of the registered talent agency requires payment to assess one’s skill and being talented is one great opportunity they would not want to trade for anything.  

Create Awareness For Yourself

One fact that must never be forgotten is that entertainment is a showbusiness in itself, hence, an aspiring actress need to write off any element of shyness and must be ready to create awareness for herself. The best way around creating awareness is by: opening public profile on the social media, making short skits and uploading them, building a fan base, going for auditions, and mingling with noble people that are already part of the profession.

Attending Auditions

The movie industry has a functioning audition system. Audition is just a means of  demonstrating talent by aspiring performers. It is a very important process in the production of movies that a producer must consider in making movies in order to have the expected outcome. The producers of movies advertise auditions usually for supporting roles and every aspiring actress should always look out for auditions to participate in. The following guidewords should be followed:

  • Practice very well for the role you want to perform before going for the audition
  • Ensure you are properly dressed and smell nicely
  • Do not go late for the audition
  • Be confident and do not overdo things
  • Put your best into your acting and perform normally

Nollywood Production Firms:

  • Mainframe Productions

Founder: Tunde Kelani
Head Office Location: Lagos

  • Black Culture Concept

Head Office Location: Lagos

  • Zeb Ejiro Production

Founder: Zeb Ejiro
Head Office Location: Surulere, Lagos

  • Authentic School of Drama and Film Production

Founder: Muyiwa Ademola
Head Office Location: Ibadan

  • Golden Effects Pictures

Founder: Kunle Afolayan
Head Office Location: Ikeja, Lagos
Website: Golden Effects Pictures

  • Lloyd Weaver Production

Founder: Lloyd Weaver
Head Office Location: Ikoyi, Lagos

  • BOBTV-Amaka Igwe Production

Founder: Amaka Igwe
Head Office Location: Lagos
Website: Bob Tv

  • Afrikan Vogue

Founder: Femi Lasode
Head Office Location: Ikoyi, Lagos
Website: Afrikan Vogue

  • Jamal Mogaji Production

Founder: Jamal Mogaji
Head Office Location: Lagos

  • Seun Arowojolu Production

Founder: Arowojolu Seun
Head Office Location: Lagos
It is a well known fact that some Nigerian youths are aspiring to join the movie industry and would want to know how to become an actress in Nigeria, hence, some fraudsters who are aware of it are using that medium to exploit them. They are on the lookout for anyone who will fall a victim of their exploitation both online and offline. In the race of some innocent career seekers, they have been destroyed. In the quest of mingling with the elite actors and actresses by getting their numbers, some fraudsters capitalize on it by giving out fake numbers, defrauding, or having illicit sexual activities with them. Hence, it is important that every aspiring actress is aware of the dangers surrounding building a career in acting.  

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