Steps on how to become an air hostess in India. An air hostess, also regarded as a flight attendant, works for Airline to carry out the function of a customer care personnel.

How To Become An Air Hostess In Nigeria 

Requirement To Being An Air Hostess

Although academic qualifications are not usually required by all aviation schools, it gives an edge in the application process. This is not always important because aviation training schools offer training to admitted candidates.  
A person older than 18 can possibly apply too as the age limit can extend to 21 and above, but it is advisable for one to apply. 
Being an international air hostess is more demanding in comparison to the local one. The criteria to be met in order to qualify as an international air hostess includes:

  • Being fluent in two internationally recognized languages
  • Having a valid international passport
  • Being medically fit 
  • Acquiring survival training

Qualities Of Air Hostess Must Possess 

Majorly, a person aspiring to be a flight attendant must be jovial, friendly, and easy-going. Possessing the opposite of these qualities is in no way a good one when considering a career in the aviation industry. Zeal driven by money, an opportunity to cruise around the world, and other greedy reasons will only attract disappointment if expectations are not met. And more importantly, an air hostess must always be calm in times of danger. 

How To Become An Hostess In Nigeria
Flight Attendants

A natural inclination of being of service to people whilst wearing a smile always cannot be exempted as well. The importance of looking good always cannot also be overlooked and it is an important criterion that would be considered. Looking good in this context does not mean that one must have a stunning figure and look, it only simply means being appealing. Despite how trivial it may seem, it makes a difference in pursuing a career as a flight attendant.  

Roles Of An Air Hostess 

The job of an air hostess does not only involve carrying out the work of a customer care personnel, the other roles they perform include:

  • Monitoring activities of the aircraft cabin

Being a member of the cabin crew, an air hostess is obliged to direct the activities of the cabin, before, during, and after the flight, and they are also expected to guide the passengers. Hence, they must be capable of dealing with the passengers well.

  • Victual services

An air hostess is saddled with the responsibility of serving the passengers food and drink during the flight. Literally, they perform the function of a waiter during a flight.

  • Keeping index on all items

Flight Attendant Training Institutes 

The training course is required to be able to keep calm during emergencies and handle all adverse situations well for the sake of the others in the aircraft cabin. It is prerogative for you to know that some airlines do not require that you train before your application, in such case, the training comes after the application has been accepted. The schools providing this training are referred to as aviation training schools. There are numerous aviation training schools in Nigeria where prospective flight attendants can be trained. The list of aviation schools are:

  • Anis International School of Aviation and Transportation studies

Anis International School of Aviation And Transportation Studies, formerly known as Anis International school of Travel and Tourism is an aviation training centre authorized by IATA.  
Location: 5 Kunle Akinosi Street, Oshodi Express, Lagos.

  • Eagleair Flight Training Centre

The Eagleair Flight Training Centre was founded in March 2012 with the aim of providing excellent flight training for students. The training school offers students a full-time ground school course for frozen ATPL and Private Pilot’s License.
Location: Minna Airport

  • Nigeria College of Aviation Technology

The Nigeria College of Aviation Technology, formerly known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre was founded in 1964. The school ran four courses at its initial stage of establishment but now they offer over 65 standard and abridged courses.
Location: Zaria Aerodrome, Samaru Zaria, Kaduna State.

  • Universal School of Aviation

The Universal School of Aviation was established with the aim of meeting the need of the aviation industry by producing competent staffs for airlines. It is approved by the NCAA.
Location: Muritala Muhammed International Airport
136, Isolo-Ikotun Road, Cele-Egbe Bus Stop, Ikotun, Lagos

  • Yms Aviation School

Yms Aviation School trains students to qualify them for applications for cabin crew jobs. The aviation training school offers a variety of cabin crew training programmes.
Location: 82 Allen Avenue, Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria.