If you’ve got a natural inclination towards protecting the interest of your country and representing your country around the world, then you are making the best move by pursuing your career as a diplomat. It is important you know that diplomats are officially appointed by the government of their country to represent the country with international organizations. 

How To Become A Diplomat In Nigeria

There are four ranks of diplomats that are determined by international laws, and the ranks include ambassadors, envoys, ministers, and charge d’affaires. There are several other subdivisions within these diplomatic ranks which represent seniority. The modern ranking system follows an almost similar pattern, it includes:

  • Ambassador
  • Minister
  • Minister-counselor
  • Counselor
  • First Secretary
  • Second Secretary
  • Third Secretary
  • Attache
  • Assistant Attache

 Requirements And Qualities Expected Of A Nigerian Diplomat 

Although, it is not a gender-biased career, (he) will be used to fill in for the pronouns in the context. Now let’s get down to the requirements and qualities necessary towards being a Nigerian diplomat.

  1. He must have attained the minimum required age which is 21 and must not be older than 59. 
  2. He must be free from any sort of criminal record
  3. He must possess a medical record
  4. He must be very sure he is fit for the job and has the ability to represent his country
  5. He should possess effective negotiation skills
  6. He should have unwavering faith in Nigeria
  7. He should be honest in his dealings 
  8. He must be able to travel to any part of the world and survive in areas with limited access to health care services
  9. He must be financially responsible
  10. He should be free from any sort of drug and alcohol addiction record

Official Steps On How To Become A Diplomat In Nigeria

You will need to take the following steps to have an edge in your quest of becoming a diplomat.

  • Possessing A University Degree 

In order to be placed ahead of other applicants, you have to possess a university degree in some disciplines. A Bachelor’s degree in political science, history, or other social sciences is often preferable.

  • Attending The Foreign Service Academy 

The foreign service academy functions in training applicants with the required skills and knowledge needed to execute their tasks excellently. The academy is located in Lagos and also in Abuja. Students of the foreign service academy are taught all the necessary training that covers the theoretical and practical aspects of diplomacy.

  • Successfully Completing The Necessary Tests 

It is required that every student of the foreign service academy undergo a series of tests that must be passed before they are finally qualified to be sent to other countries to represent Nigeria. 


Though there are different ranks for diplomats, they work together for a similar goal. 

  • Building Cordial Relationship Between Countries 

One of the very important functions a diplomat carries out is establishing a cordial relationship with the foreign country.  Towards resolving conflicts between the host country and his own country, and discussing the possible solutions to social and political differences. This function is successfully executed only with the inclusion of leaders from both countries.

  • Rendering Consular Services 

A diplomat performs the function of a consul in the host country whilst representing his home country. Diplomats functioning as consuls provide general and emergency support to citizens living abroad, citizens traveling, foreign nationals that are interested in taking a tour around their country, and foreign nationals interested in visiting or migrating to their country.
The general services a diplomat offers include: providing relocation information and help, providing notarial documents, rendering assistance for tax filing, and citizen voting-in-absentia. The emergency support includes: providing assistance for citizen’s evacuation, rendering financial assistance, re-issuing travel documents to citizens, resolving cases of missing and dead persons.  
 He also promotes the best interest of his country by discussing with the foreign and domestic media entities. 



  • You travel around the world extensively
  • You are entitled to relocating every 1-3 years
  • Your mobility allows you to build relationships that will help your career grow
  • You get a mouthwatering salary
  • You are opportune to associate with high ranking personalities


  • Homesickness
  • You are always away from family and friends
  • Difficulty in following laid down rules and policies that are superfluous
  • The comfort of the transfer region may be limited
  • The problem of re-learning different communities often