How Much Is Us Visa Fee In Nigeria? (2022)

The most prevalent nonimmigrant visa options have a charge of US$160. Tourist, student, business, and exchange visas all fall under this category. The majority of petition-based visas, particularly employment and religious visas, cost US$190.

Additional visa fees may be fully paid to the National Visa Center, the US Embassy, or the Department of Homeland Security in specific situations.

How Much Is Us Visa Fee In Nigeria?

So, how much is us visa fee in Nigeria Nigerians applying for a student, tourist, or business visa would have to pay N59, 200 in fees and an additional $110 (N40, 700) when the visa is granted, totaling N99, 900.

Following the approval of their application, applicants from certain countries may be asked to pay a visa issuance fee. These costs are calculated on the basis of “reciprocity” (what another country charges a U.S. citizen for a similar type of visa).

When a foreign government imposes visa issuance fees on U.S. residents for specific categories of visas, the US will charge a “reciprocal” price on nationals of that country for similar types of visas.

More information regarding visa issuance fees can be found on the Department of State’s website, which can also assist you in determining whether an issuance charge applies to your nationality.

Fees Charged By SEVIS

SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) is an Internet-based system that follows F, M, and J visa participants (and their families) from the time they obtain their initial documents (either an I-20 or a DS-2019) until they graduate/leave school or complete/leave program.

The following are the main applicants for the F, M, and J visas: Verify that your information has been entered into SEVIS with your U.S. institution. An additional SEVIS cost must be paid in addition to the visa application fee. The SEVIS charge is $200.00 for nonimmigrant students with Form I-20.

The SEVIS charge is US$180.00 for most exchange visitors using Form DS-2019. Before your student or exchange visitor visa may be approved, you must provide proof of payment. Please bring your I-901 SEVIS fee receipt to your Embassy/Consulate General interview.

The Embassy/Consulate General does not accept payments. The payment instructions for the SEVIS charge can be found here.

Fee Waiver For SEVIS

Applicants who are enrolled in a US government-sponsored program (programs with codes starting with G-1, G-2, G-3, or G-7) are exempt from paying the SEVIS fee.

Fees For Fraud Prevention And Detection (Blanket L-1)

We would not have fully answered the question of how much is us visa fee in Nigeria if we do not include this section. A Fraud Prevention and Detection cost of US$500.00, US$2,000.00, or US$2,250.00 must be paid by the principal applicant of a blanket L petition, depending on the size of the company.

When an individual L, H-1B, or H-2B petition is filed with USCIS, the petitioner pays the Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee.

General Criteria For Nigerians Seeking To Obtain A Visa To Enter The United States.

If you’re seeking for a non-immigrant or immigrant visa, you’ll need to complete certain standards in order for your application to be granted.

For both an immigrant and non-immigrant visa application, you must submit the following documents:

A non-immigrant visa application form (DS-160).

A passport that is valid for travel to the United States and has a validity date of at least six months beyond the time you want to be in the country.

Demonstrate that you can support yourself financially.

a well acknowledged I-20 form. (If you’re looking for a student visa.)

A receipt indicating that you have paid the visa application fee.

The letter confirming your interview appointment.

One photograph, 2′′x2′′ (5cmx5cm).

Your school grades, transcripts, and degrees/diplomas are all available. (For individuals seeking a student visa.)

Your itinerary is set. (If you’re in need of a tourist visa.)

An arrest or conviction is documented in criminal/court records.

In order to interview for a US visa in Nigeria, you must meet certain requirements.

For your US Visa to be issued, you will have to go through an interview. However, there are some prerequisites you must bring to the interview.

Visa For Business Or Tourist

These visas are for persons who desire to visit the United States or go on a business trip there.

For the interview, you will need the following documents:

Valid proof of income, ownership of real estate or a business, tax payments, and other assets. Your travel itinerary as well as other details regarding your upcoming vacation.

A letter from your employer detailing your compensation. Terms of your job and vacation, as well as your position and the business goals of your visit.

Any criminal/court information connected to any arrest or sentencing, regardless of whether you served your sentence or were later forgiven.

You will need the following documents depending on your travel purpose:

Students must bring their most recent school results, as well as their degrees or diplomas. Furthermore, bring proof of financial endorsements, such as fixed deposits, bank applications, or other verifications.

Working people should bring a letter from their boss confirming that they have been employed and on payroll for the past three months.

People in business and company heads should bring proof of their job and remuneration.

When visiting a relative, bring copies of the relative’s status certificate (Green Card, valid Visa, certificate of naturalization, etc.).

Prior visits to the United States include: If you have previously visited the United States, bring any documentation that confirm your immigration or visa status.

Applicants must meet certain standards in order to obtain a visa in the United States. In search of medical assistance.

If you want to visit the United States for medical treatment, you’ll need to add the following information to the paperwork mentioned above:

A doctor’s medical diagnostic detailing your disease and why you want to be treated in the United States.

A letter from a doctor in the United States saying that he or she is willing and able to treat this ailment.

They must also contain information on the anticipated treatment costs and charges (including all medical expenses, doctor’s fees, and hospitalization fees).

Include funding for medical treatment in the United States as well.

You or someone else may be responsible for this. Use the sponsor’s proof of financial capability. People guaranteeing payment of these charges must have documentation of their ability to do so, such as a bank statement or other income statements.

The Work Visa In The United States

This is a visa for persons who wish to work in the United States for a limited period of time. The type of Visa chosen is determined on the sort of job to be performed. You must provide the following documents to obtain this sort of visa:

Any university degrees/diplomas can be used as proof of your employment qualifications.

Bring authentic letters from present and previous employers attesting to your employment and initiatives. If you are currently employed and seeking an H-1B visa, please bring your current year’s receipts as well as your federal tax revenues (IRS Form 1040 and W-2) for all of the years you have worked in the United States.

Payments from your current or previous employer. Names and phone numbers of personnel supervisors at your present and previous employers.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Us Visa?

Nonimmigrant visa candidates should apply at least three (3) months before their anticipated travel date. Remember to apply as soon as possible! Although visa processing takes three working days on average, processing times for individual cases may vary according to unique circumstances and other requirements.

Is It Possible To Obtain A Visa To The United States Without Having To Go Through An Interview?

Because of your age or because you are renewing a previous U.S. visa, you may be qualified to apply for a U.S. visa without an interview. Non-immigrant visa applications are being accepted without an interview at the Consular Section.



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