Ireland Visa Fees In Nigeria (2022)

Ireland is a splendid country with a strong economy and beautiful structures, and there are different reasons Nigerians are usually eager to travel to the country. However, as a Nigerian, you will need a visa before you can be allowed to get into the country.

Ireland visa fee is naira equivalent of €60 for a time entry visa or €100 for a multiple entry visa, to be paid in Naira. Kindly note that the money is non-refundable even if your application was rejected. Therefore, it is always advisable that applicants should faithfully play their own role to increase their chance of being accepted.

Ireland Visa Fees In Nigeria

Visa Types Visa Fees
Single Entry Visa €60
Multi-Entry Visa €100
Irish Study Visa – Visa Type D €60

Whether you are going for a tourist visa, student’s visa, or even a business visa, you are paying the same amount of money for your Ireland visa – which is 100.00 (USD)

You will have to pay the money in Naira though. So, what you have to do is to check the current exchange rate in our local currency and know what to pay.

Types of Ireland Visa And General Requirements

There are different types of Ireland visas Nigerians can apply for. Here are they:

  1. Tourist Visa – If you simply want to visit Ireland as a tourist, this visa is for you. The Ireland tourist visa will take around 6 – 8 weeks to be fully processed. Wisdom then demands that you should have start the application process many weeks before the time you intend traveling.

With a tourist visa, you are officially permitted to stay in Ireland for nothing more than 90 days (that is, 90 days or less).

2. Business Visa – This is for you if you intend traveling to Ireland for business purposes, and you must prove it that it is so. Like the Tourist Visa, the processing time for the business visa is also from the range of 6 – 8 weeks.

If you enter Ireland with a business visa, you should know that you are legally expected not to spend more than 90 days in the country.

3. Student Visa – If you intend schooling in Ireland, you should apply for a student visa. The processing time can take up to 8 weeks too. However, its duration of stay is longer than the above ones.

4. Work visa – If you have found employment in Ireland, you can apply for a work visa. You have to wait for up to 8 weeks before you may get the visa.

Now, to talk about the general requirements for Ireland Visa. It should be noted that every applicant must fulfill these requirements in order to successfully apply for an Irish Visa:

  1. Have a valid Nigerian international passport. Kindly note that the passport should have a validity of 6 months after your intended date of leaving. There should be at least two blank pages left in the passport during the time of submitting your Irish visa application
  2. A duly completed visa application form (you can fill it with black ink)
  3. 2 recent passport-size photographs of yours. Kindly note that your picture should be clearly captured in a white background.
  4. Proof that the applicant have sufficient funds, by submitting their bank statement, payslips, etc. This is one of the major factors that determines if or not you will get your visa approved. The Embassy want to be sure you won’t become a nuisance in Ireland, and they believe you will act responsible if you have sufficient funds that can be utilized to properly take good care of yourself when you are in the country.
  5. Valid travel insurance that should covers sufficient medical insurance all through your time in Ireland.
  6. Proof of accommodation in Ireland (hotel reservations, and so on).
  7. Copy of travel itinerary.
  8. Copy of return flight ticket where applicable.

Other Things You Should Know About Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is a unique and outstanding country in its own right, filled with exciting resorts, and popular for its coastline and towns by the shoreline. It is a popular tourist destination filled with cliffs where tourists can enjoy themselves.

As a Nigerian, it is easy getting a tourist visa, as far as you are really qualified. Once the Embassy can be confident that you are doing well in Nigeria, and that you won’t end up fleeing when you arrive Ireland, they won’t mind granting you your visa. In Ireland, there are many cities with numerous attractions for every tourist.

You can visit places like the Dublin Castle, The Hunt Museum, Saint Stephen’s Green Park, Adare, Croke Park, and so on.

This isn’t too hard to state, because the tourism industry in the country is one of the largest contributing sectors to their economy. The sector has provided thousands of jobs for people in the country, and millions of tourists all over the world are being granted access into the country. Hence, as a Nigerian with the desire to explore Ireland, you shouldn’t have problems getting a tourist visa if you qualify for it.

However, it should be noted that the government of Ireland frown at crime. For instance, there are usually mischievous folks that are usually eager to involve themselves in drug dealing, you should know that if you are caught, it will attract a wide prison sentence.

Also, as a foreigner in the country, you are not permitted to enter or leave with an amount in the region of €10,000 or its equivalent.

Ireland Study Visa

It is necessary to talk about this type of visa because it is one of the easiest ways to get to Ireland. If you are a student from Nigeria, you can move ahead by proceeding to study in Ireland.

The first step is to apply to be accepted by the University of your choice in Ireland. After that, you can start your application for the Irish Study Visa – Visa Type D.

Applicants here are usually advised to apply at least 3 months before the start of their university degree programme.

Have it in mind also that you are to attend a visa interview during the application process. Nevertheless, with all things being equal, you should not have much issues getting your visa. You should also note that you may be required to renew the visa annually, if you want to conveniently stay in the country during your entire degree programme.


Ireland Visa Application Centres & Embassies in Nigeria

You can either apply for your Ireland visa either in Lagos or in Abuja.

Here is the address of the Lagos office:

22A Lugard Avenue,



You can also call the office through any of these phone numbers: (+234) 1 903 6940,  (+234) 903 744 3553. Alternatively, you can send an email to either [email protected] or [email protected]

If you want to apply in Abuja, here is the address to go:

11 Negro Crescent,

Maitama District,


You can also contact them on phone via: +234 9 4621083



Ireland is a beautiful country, and it’s peaceful too. However, as a Nigerian, you will need a visa to enter the country. Nevertheless, you can easily get a tourist visa which will enable you tour the country for up to 90 days. If you are a student, you can also easily get a study visa.