11 Cheapest Universities In UK for Nigerian Students

Even though it would be a dream to study at prestigious UK universities like Cambridge and Oxford, that is sadly out of the reach of most aspiring students from Nigeria. But rather than embrace mediocrity, or settle for the educational system in Nigeria because of being overwhelmed by the expected costs of your studies abroad, one can still take advantage of the comparatively cheapest universities in UK for Nigerian students.

Yes, there are some UK universities that offer relatively affordable tuition fees to students from Nigeria and other countries. Not only are the tuition fees inexpensive; but these institutions are located in places where the student will also spend less on living expenses, which will also mean a reduced overall cost of studying in the UK. 

Cheapest Universities In UK for Nigerian Students 

1. University of Cumbria

Annual Tuition Fees: £10,500

The University of Cumbria was established in the year 2007, making it another one of the new generation universities. With its tuition fees which average about £10,500 per year, the University of Cumbria is one of the most attractive UK universities for Nigerian students. Many students already go to this university to study such courses as Medicine and Health Management, Education, Business, Forestry, Engineering, as well as Visual and Performing Arts.

The university is primarily based in Carlisle, but there are also campuses in Lancaster, Ambleside, and London.

2. Staffordshire University

Annual Tuition Fees: £10,500

Staffordshire University is an innovative place of learning located in Staffordshire, England. One major talking point of Staffordshire University is that accelerates the pace of the learning so that students can quickly complete their modules, and spend the rest of their time practicing the skills they have learned. Staffordshire University is the only university in the United Kingdom to offer Cartoon and Comic Arts as a Bachelor’s degree-awarding course of study. You can get a BA (Hons) in this course, or study Business, Arts and Culture, Tourism Development, Hotel Management, and so many other courses.   

3. Bucks New University

 Annual Tuition Fees: $11,000

The Bucks New University is a place where learning is put before profits. The school has invested over 100 million pounds within the last ten years but still ranks as one of the universities with the lowest tuition fees in the United Kingdom. Here you can study a wide range of courses including Medicine, Economics, Engineering, Business, Nursing, and Arts.

The university has three campuses, including High Wycombe, Uxbridge, and Aylesbury.

4. Harper Adams University College

Annual Tuition Fees: £11,000

Harper Adams University College was founded as far back as 1901. This is one of the cheapest universities in UK for Nigerian students because the tuition costs an average of £11,500 per year. This university has a major talking point: there is a very high rate of its graduates being employed in positions where their knowledge is relevant. Harper Adams University is a great place to study courses like Agriculture, Plant Science, Ecology, Agricultural Economics, and Animal Science.  

5. York St. John University

Annual Tuition Fees: $12,000

York St. John University is located in the historic city of York, just close to the York Minster. Of course, most Nigerian students don’t know about the history of York; they are just attracted by the relatively cheap tuition fees offered by York St. John University. Here you can study a diverse range of courses including Business, Art, Economics, and Medical Courses.

6. University of Bedfordshire

Annual Tuition Fees: $12,870

The University of Bedfordshire is a public university located in the exciting towns of Luton and Bedford which are very close to each other. At the Luton campus, you can study courses like Business, Multimedia, Arts and Designs, Psychology and Social Sciences, as well as Computer Science, Engineering, and Law. At the Bedford Campus, you will find the Comprehensive education center where you can study courses like Primary Education, Secondary and Post Compulsory Education, Education Studies, Physical Education, Sports Studies, Tourism and Leisure, as well as Exercise Sciences.   

You are not the first to discover the University of Bedfordshire; the institution already plays host to over 24,000 international students, coming from over 100 countries.

7. University of Chester

Annual Tuition Fee: $13,000

The University of Chester was established as far back as 1839, making it the older generation of Universities in the United Kingdom. It has one of the oldest and most well-stocked libraries in the United Kingdom, with over 350,000 bound books, as well as 19000 ebooks and lots of e-journals. This is surely one of the greatest places to gain knowledge, as well as to study man’s development to the present level of knowledge. The University of Chester offers courses like Law, Business, History, Economics, Literature, Education, Arts, and Cultural Studies, and so many more.

The University of Chester now spans across eight campuses, five of which are within Chester itself, and the others being in Warrington, Shrewsbury, and Reaseheath.

8. Royal Agricultural University

Annual Tuition fees: $13,200

The Royal Agricultural University was established in 1845 and has since maintained its penchant for academic excellence, which is why it was awarded full university status in 2013. This institution was born out of the need to create a better understanding of food development so as to create better crop culture, and better methods of animal farming so as to ensure better food security, which is as important today as it was when the University was founded. 

This is a great place to study the history of agriculture, as well as the modern ways of practicing crop cultivation and animal farming. The focus of your studies will not just be to maximize yield, but also to practice agriculture in ways that will have minimal impact on the environment.

9. University of Suffolk

Annual Tuition Fees: $13,000

The University of Suffolk was founded in the year 2007, and so it can be described as a new generation institution of learning in the UK. However, that does not take anything away from this university that is already successful: the University of Suffolk has over 6000 students currently enrolled. One attraction of the University of Suffolk apart from being one of the cheapest UK universities in UK for Nigerian students, is that you will have the opportunity to study at a place that offers a more personalized structure of learning. You will have more access to your professors, and receive guidance from the university counselors to help you become successful in your career of choice. You will also have the chance to partake in political debates on campus.

10. Leeds Beckett University 

Annual Tuition Fees: $15,000

Leeds Beckett University is an institution that is growing in profile as a favoured institute of learning in the UK for international studies. Leeds is also a top center of finance and sports. Many international students come to the University of Leeds to study Medicine, Business, Engineering, Art and Culture, and many other courses. One good thing about Leeds is that when you study here you can potentially find a job that allows you to put your acquired knowledge to good use.



As we mentioned earlier in this article the word ‘cheap’ is a relative statement; what is an affordable place of study to one person can be a very expensive place for another person, depending on his tastes and personal spending habits, the overall costs of the education can vary quite widely from one person to another. Furthermore, the tuition fees quoted in this post are just for the classroom-based courses, other courses which are taught in laboratories and clinical areas may cost more.