US Green Card Lottery 2022/23 | DV Lottery Registration – How To Apply

The United States Diversity Visa lottery is one of the prominent ways of immigrating to the country. A lot of people are already looking for how to apply and register in 2022/2023, as they are determined to enter America to achieve their aims and objectives.

How to Apply For The DV-Lottery Program 

First, you have to be sure entries are still being admitted, and that you are from a country that is qualified. When all points to green, then you can go ahead to make your submission electronically.  Here is the official website to apply for the visa lottery

Kindly note that applying is free of charge. Hence, you should be wary of folks who are asking you to pay an amount of money to get this done.

It has been made known that starting from May 2022 to September 2022, the coordinators of the program are going to start a random selection of individual applications via computer. This will be only for qualified submissions. You can easily check your status on the official E-DV website and then open the ‘entrant status webpage’.

Then, if you are one of those selected, you should start applying for a green card, which will make you a lawful permanent resident of the United States of America.

U.S Green Card And Visa Application

Applying for your green card and visa is not too tough and complicated. Folks that were selected for the visa lottery and are living outside the United States of America can get this done at a local U.S. embassy or consulate in their own country. The visa interview can be conducted in a U.S embassy or consulate in their home country before traveling to the States.

How To Apply For US Green Card Lottery Visa

– First, applicants must fill out the electronic immigrant visa application. This is known as Form DS-260. Kindly note that you are expected to fill a form for everyone in your family that is traveling and should also get a green card.

– After the application has been successfully processed, the applicant gets certain information from the Kentucky Consular Center. You will be asked to send scanned copies of certain documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and so on.

– After this, the officers at Kentucky Consular Center will conduct necessary checks and, still utilizing the E-DV, send information that contains a date and time for your scheduled interview.

– Ensure you attend the Visa interview on the scheduled date and time. This is where you will be interviewed in person and your file reviewed to ensure you are really qualified for a visa.

Kindly note that you will pay the necessary visa application fees at the consular interview. Fees have to be paid at the U.S embassy or consulate prior to your interview. Nevertheless, it is a wise thing to do to first confirm that you are still eligible before making payments. This is because, visa application fees are not refundable, and you may end up wasting your money if you eventually discovered you are not eligible again.

Usually, you should be good if you meet the educational requirements of the visa and you don’t have criminal convictions too. These checks are taken very seriously to ensure only worthy people will be integrated into American society.  Another prominent factor that can bring up disqualification is due to errors in a DV registration. Hence, it is always necessary to register with care and cross-check the information you supplied during the course of registration before proceeding.

Filing A Green Card Application While Living In The USA Currently

There are folks currently living currently in the United States who will be also applying for green cards. Such can simply attend their interview overseas or just adjust their status in the U.S. If they go through the latter route, they won’t have to leave where they are in the USA before getting their green card.

The reason this is possible is that one can send their application to a USCIS Service Center and then engage their interview at a local USCIS office. Nevertheless, let’s say the individual is in America on a student visa or work visa, they can explore other easier options other than this.

It should also be added that there are always limitations on folks that can adjust status. In other words, not everyone can be permitted to utilize this route. Individuals that can be allowed are those who are already in the country legally – on a valid, unexpired visa (as well as other forms of permission). But folks living in the USA currently with no legal status (even those that came in legally without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program) won’t be allowed to file their green card application inside the country but will have to travel overseas (except in certain cases).

Also, people who are to settle their application in the US will submit their applications electronically too – but they will have to file adjustment of status paperwork. This option seems cool, right? It is however important to add that due to some reasons, there can be long waits for adjustment of status interviews, and the individual can actually miss out on their chance for a green card. Hence, before you decide on if you want to adjust your status, you should first see if it’s a good idea based on the current circumstances.


In conclusion, as far as this is concerned, irrespective of what you have chosen to do, ensure you act fast and meet all necessary documentary requirements as soon as you discovered you have been selected for the program. It should be noted that there are usually tons of people being selected and attended to, and there is usually a timeframe for these things. If you don’t want to lose the chance of a green card, you should therefore ensure you take your steps as swiftly as possible. You may have to wait a long time before you can get such an opportunity again.