Nigerian Passport Renewal In Italy (2023)

Nigerians in Italy can actually renew their Nigerian passport with ease, via the Nigeria Immigration Service online passport application portal, with any good internet-enabled device. It doesn’t matter which part of Italy you are located. You simply have to complete and submit your passport application form online and get it sorted out at the Embassy of Nigeria in Rome.

The Nigerian Embassy in Rome offers several important services to Nigerians living in Italy, and this is where you can pick up your new passport in the country. The Embassy also issues new E-passport to first-time applicants, and they can also help in the re-issuance of lost Passport. But we are concerned about renewing of expired passport here 

Now let’s see how anyone could renew their passport in Italy.

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Italy

There are procedures you have to follow to be able to easily renew your Nigerian Passport in Italy. Here they are:

Step 1 – Launch the NIS application portal through

Step 2 – Either create a new account or log in to an existing account

Step 3 – Click on “Apply For Passport Renewal”

Step 4 – Choose the Standard Passport or E-passport. 

Step 5 – Your Processing Country is Italy

Step 6 – Click Start Application and proceed to fill the form 

Step 7 – Read the guidelines of payement on the start application page and proceed to make payment using your credit or debit card 

Step 8 – You can then submit your application online. Ensure you also print the application documents too.

Step 9 – Book an appointment with the Nigerian Embassy in Rome for an interview and capturing. To do this, fill a form following this link You can choose any date you are cool with, and you will get an email to confirm the appointment after you are done with your form submission. 

Step 10 –  Go to the Nigeria Embassy in Rome with the Application Documents, alongside your Old Passport with Two Passport email confirmation on the day of your data capturing

It should also be noted that there are certain important requirements you have to satisfy if you want to be attended to at the Nigerian Embassy for your passport renewal. Here are the things you need to have:

  1. Your residence permit in Italy
  2. Your expired Nigerian Passport
  3. Completed online registration form
  4. Payment receipt for Passport
  5. Completed Guarantor’s form
  6. Copy of E-passport data page belonging to your Guarantor
  7. One passport-size photograph belonging to your Guarantor
  8. Two passport-size photographs belonging to you

Indeed, once you do the right things, it won’t take too much time before placing your hands on your new Nigerian Passport. Be made aware that all applications have to be through the Nigeria immigration website. As an adult, you have to pay $106 to get a 32-page booklet, while the 64-page Passport costs $137. Additionally, minors are to pay $77 for the 32-page booklet and then $137 for the 64-page booklet (same with seniors)

Requirements For Lost Passport Or Replacement

It is painful losing one’s Passport, as the Passport serves very important purposes. Nevertheless, when it happens, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. You can always carry out the procedures up there to apply for a replacement. Then visit the Embassy of Nigeria in Rome, ensuring you satisfy these requirements:

  1. Get and submit a court affidavit
  2. Get and submit a police report. It must be noted that you are required to submit a copy of both the English and Italian versions – which means you have to translate it to the English language.
  3. Data page of your lost Passport
  4. Payment receipt
  5. Two recent passport-size photographs belonging to you
  6. A handwritten letter addressed to the Comptroller-General of NIS in Abuja

Address And Contact Details Of The Nigerian Embassy In Italy

Nigeria has a foreign representation in Italy – located in Rome. Here is the address as well the contact details of the Embassy of Nigeria in Italy:

 Via Orazio, 14 – 18

00193 Rome


You can call them on: +39(06)683931

You can also send an email: 

Kindly note that you are to indicate the delivery method you preferred to receive your documents – which should be done before leaving the Embassy. It must also be added that the Embassy already made it known that the collection and delivery of applicants’ Passports is based on the availability of passport booklets granted by NIS headquarters in Nigeria. But you are expected to get your passport in a matter of days. 

You can decide to come back to the Embassy to pick up your passport when it is ready. If you should opt for this option, the Embassy will alert you with a text message which attracts no fee. You can also get your passport via a proxy, who must submit a handwritten authority letter by you. Finally, you can also decide to get your passport through a private express service. If you want DHL to deliver your passport to your address, you will have to pay from 25 Euros to 35 Euros, depending on your location. So, see the option that is more appropriate for you and go with that.

Finally, the Embassy of Nigeria in Rome is posited to do all that can be done to make these things easily sorted out for you as a Nigerian. They offer several important services for Nigerians living in Italy – including the processing of Passport applications, processing of visa applications, replacing lost or damaged Passports, legalization of documents, and so on.


In Conclusion

As seen already in this article, it is not a complicated affair when it comes to renewing one’s Nigerian Passport in Italy. You can easily get it sorted out by yourself without waiting for a third party to be involved. By having those requirements in place as applies to you, and by following the procedures highlighted up there, you will easily get your passport some days after you started the application.