Top 10 Car Tracking Companies In Lagos (2023)

Acquiring a car tracking device is very important for car owners, as this helps to serve as a form of security or insurance Incase of car theft. Whether you own just a car, or you own a fleet of cars, anyhow the case may be, the importance of having a car tracking device cannot be over-emphasized. The usefulness of a car tracking device is to put the owner of the car at ease whenever the car is stolen.

A car tracker would go a great deal in giving you facts about the amount of fuel that has been consumed and also the way or manner the driver conducts himself or herself. If you have been contemplating buying a car tracking device, it would be in your best interest to acquire the service of one of the top car tracking companies.

Top 10 Car Tracking Companies In Lagos

  • Car Tracker Nigeria
  • Fenix System
  • Otrac Telematics
  • Denso Track2track
  • Track Plus Nigeria
  • Philus International
  • V-dile Solutions Limited
  • Olive Track Limited
  • GPS Car Tracking Service
  • Abon Technology Limited

1. Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria is a car tracking company that takes the first place on our list of top car tracking companies in Lagos. Not only are they the best but very pocket-friendly and affordable. They provide tracking services for an individual car and even a number of cars which might be up to ten and above. There are also speed confines or boundaries which meet the standard of the Federal Road Safety Corporation. Apart from all the goodies, there will also be a map which shows where your car is at all times. The Car Tracker Nigeria is one of the best car tracking agencies you can ever go to.

2. Fenix System

Fenix System car tracking services is ranked the second-best in Lagos State in the area of car tracking. They are always patronized by big and reputable organizations due to their excellent services. They have other companies in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kaduna, and Abuja. They have packages of the single auto-tracking and fleet tracking plan. You can reach out to them today.

3. Otrac Telematics

Otrac Telematics has been ranked as the third-best in-car tracking agency in Lagos State. This company was established in 2009 and has been in operation till now. It has been said that they offer products and services of a very high standard and quality to their customers.

4. Denso Track2track

This company is ranked fourth as the best tracking agency. It is a quite popular company in Lagos State due to the excellent services they offer. Apart from Lagos,  they also have Companies in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Warri. Their packages are affordable for everyone with no irrelevant and extra charges.

5. Track Plus Nigeria

Track plus Nigeria can be your best plug for car tracking services. They are well versed in the services they offer. They have offices in Lagos, Abuja, Aba, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Enugu, and Onitsha. Their products stay strong in good condition over a long period of time and they are also trustworthy and reliable. You might want to consider patronizing them.

6. Philux International

This agency is popular, especially among corporate organizations. They have various plans in order to meet the needs, and also satisfy the demands of their customers. They hold customers’ feedback dear to their heart because it is through this that they are able to note what their customers think about them. Also, they use the feedback from customers to know areas that need improvement. Little wonder they are always loved by their customers. They make use of the global systems for mobile communications and also GPRS.

7. V-Dile Solutions Limited

This is a very prestigious car tracking agency also. It was established in the year 2008, and the office is established in Lekki, Nigeria. The company has workers and technicians who are always putting on their best to satisfy their customers. They are attributed to technical professionals and competent engineers that keep up the good work of the agency, and they also have a high customer review.

8. Olive Track Limited

This company makes use of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). They have this so as to make sure that the car owner receives information about his car promptly without any delay. Olive Track limited also has the latest car tracking feature named ‘Geo Fence Lock’. This feature helps to alert you when your car leaves your preferential location, isn’t that awesome.

9. GPS Car Tracking Service

This agency makes use of Global Positioning System (GPS) to tell you the exact location of your car, and you can either get this information from your computer or your mobile phone. This agency is renowned for the use of digital means to track cars. In terms of experience, they have spent a number of years in the field and so are on top of their game.

10. Abon Technology Limited

Abon Technology Limited is also in the list of top ten car agencies in Lagos State. They make the owner be aware about everywhere the car is on time. They are fully committed to reducing the risk of car theft for their customers through the use of Global Positioning System and all other digital features that can enhance the process.


If you are the person that has a whole lot of cars, it would be best if you had a car tracking device, especially when you own an organization or company and you need to monitor all of them, it can easily be done with the aid of a car tracking device. This device will help to tell where your car is at all points in time, so you don’t need to worry about your car when you are not the one driving.

To get your value for money, acquire the service of one of the top tracking companies in Lagos.