Dstv Offices In Surulere

DStv is owned and operated by MultiChoice, a South African firm headquartered in the city of Randburg. Since its inception in 1995, when it first began providing services to the general public, the firm has gathered a total of 18.9 million customers.

The DStv Now app allows you to watch recorded content and use DStv’s video-on-demand services from any iOS, Android, or PC computer. DStv Self Service makes it simple to rectify error warnings, update account details, and handle billing all from your mobile device, desktop computer, or laptop computer.

Dstv Offices In Surulere

Address: F9W6+PGJ, Razak Balogun St, Surulere 101241, Lagos

Address: 60 Ogunlana Dr, Ikate 101241, Lagos

Phone: 0814 986 0333

Address: 105 Bode Thomas St, Alaka 101241, Lagos

History of DSTV Nigeria

MultiChoice Africa delivers DSTV, a digital satellite service with several channels. When it had been running for a while, Adewunmi Ogunsanya of Adewunmi Ogunsanya and MultiChoice Africa of Nigeria created a partnership to provide the service to the country.

Since then, MultiChoice Nigeria has been serving Nigerians, and DSTV customers have benefited from the company’s top-notch customer service and administration. MultiChoice Nigeria has approximately 12 locations throughout Nigeria.

DSTV Nigeria Website

The DSTV Nigeria website is a reliable source for news and information. To learn more, check out www.dstvafrica.com/en-ng.

How can I access DSTV Self Service?

You may manage your subscription and other DSTV-related tasks without having to physically visit a DSTV office every time. You can simply handle payments, clear error messages, and update information with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Besides the aforementioned, the following are some additional uses for this self-service option:

Receipts and settlements are accessible.

Check both the total money owed and the subscription’s expiration date.

Altering your email address is as simple as clicking a button.

Look around your neighborhood for subscription payment options.

Your first step should be to choose a local DSTV provider.

Instantaneous gain access to answers to frequently asked questions and other helpful resources.

Please click here to access DSTV’s self-service options. alternatively, www.self-service.dstv.com.

Sign up now for DSTV’s online programming guide. Just enter the email address or phone number you used to sign up with and away you go.

How can I contact the DSTV Customer Care in Nigeria?

Easy enough. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call DSTV’s customer service at the following numbers:

– MTN: 08149860333

– Airtel: 07080630333

– GLO: 08113630333

– Etisalat: 09090630333

National Telesales Number: 08039043788.

You may find MultiChoice’s headquarters down here:

Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

P.O.Box74291 Victoria Island, Lagos State.

In what ways may you contact them through social media?

DSTV’s customer service can be reached swiftly via social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here’s how you can get in touch with them on any of these sites:

Twitter Hashtag: #DStvNgCares.

WhatsApp: 09082368533

Facebook: Reach customer care here: @Dstvng.

Official Twitter: @DStvNg.

Promotional Material for DSTV in Nigeria, How soon does it begin, and what exactly does it entail?

DSTV is now Africa’s dominant satellite TV provider. There is no doubt about that.

What’s more, the Nigerian minds behind this idea are continually dishing out exciting new deals to their loyal clientele.

In order to attract more customers, DSTV is improving and expanding its advertising. Prior to the DSTV Upgrade, there was a “DSTV Thanks” advertisement.

The two promotions are open to whoever qualifies. Both current and lapsed subscribers can take advantage of these specials.

Promotions are available to those who subscribe to DSTV Access, DSTV Family, DSTV Compact, or DSTV Compact Plus.

Current customers as of August 31, 2019 are the only ones eligible for these discounts.

If you want to use these deals with your Xtraview or PVR, you’ll have to pay for it on top of the subscription fee.

How Can I Make DSTV Payment in Nigeria

Customers in Nigeria can now enjoy DSTV with a simple online payment. Subscribers can choose from a variety of options.

Payarena is one of the quickest ways to make an online payment.

To begin using Payarena, please do as follows:

Please go to www.payarena.com.

If you see the DSTV logo when the page loads, that means you should click on it.

Here, pick a bouquet that best suits your taste. The next step is to key in the smart card number, followed by your email address, and a final submit button.

In the end, choose a payment method and enter your card details, whether Visa or MasterCard.

You may top off your DSTV with eTranzact as well.

While you’re on the site, choose the eTranzact payment option.

When you’re ready, hit the “BankIT” button. Submit the number associated with your bank account. Identify which financial institution you’re using by clicking the corresponding button. In response, you’ll get a One-Time Password (One Time Password).

Now please enter the generated six-digit code.

Dial *389*00# on your mobile device when you are finished.

DSTV Decoder Price in Nigeria

Access to a DSTV decoder can be had for between #9,900 and #65,000 at the outset. The price of the decoder, cables, and dish for receiving satellite signals. You may also add a one-month membership to this.

Pricing for DSTV’s Explora Package in Nigeria

Some Nigerians may be interested in learning how much the brand-new DSTV Explora costs. Without installation, the retail price at any MultiChoice office in Lagos is 60,000. It can cost as much as 72,000 including installation if you require it.

Easy DSTV, Nigeria, What are they about?

MultiChoice’s latest invention, dubbed “Easy DSTV,” enables online account management for DSTV subscribers. This tool facilitates the removal of error messages. Your Easy DSTV dashboard is continuously upgradable.

Plus, what’s the deal? The new DSTV Africa dashboard enhances the already convenient feature of Easy DSTV, which lets you to check your balance and make payments with the click of a button.

Android Application Package for DSTV in Nigeria

The DSTV Nigeria App has several useful features. You may use this app to watch live TV, as well as catch up on the latest movie releases or sports highlights. You can stream them online immediately or save them to your device for offline viewing at a later time.


In Nigeria, as well as the rest of Africa, Multichoice is the market leader in direct-to-home pay cable TV. Multichoice’s brands DSTV, GOTV, and Showmax supply millions of households with movies, TV series, news, documentaries, and reality television. Multichoice addresses any issues that arise for DSTV and GOTV subscribers at its offices and through its network of authorized dealers. One of the many services these stores provide is the selling of add-ons, as well as installation, repair, and subscription plan renewal.

So, we have provided you with DSTV offices in Lagos and all you need to know.