List Of Official Adidas Stores In Lagos

List of Adidas stores in Lagos state. Adidas is one of the most reputed and renowned sports brands in the world. Adidas was founded in August 1949. This company has branches in virtually all countries in the world including Nigeria. The best Adidas brand stores in Nigeria are located in Lagos and Abuja. Moreover, in this article, only the official Adidas stores in Lagos will be listed. Check the below list to view the official Adidas stores in Lagos.

List Of Official Adidas Stores In Lagos

  • Adidas store

Lagos, Alausa,  L 68/59 Ikeja City Mall

  • JerseyGramm and Brandings

Lagos, Alausa, No 13 Ashabi Cole

  • HeyZed Fashion Nig. Ltd.

Lagos, Lagos Island Mandillas, Back of Bristol , Number 27, Taiwo street

  • PEP Lagos

Lagos, Surulere, Bode Thomas, No 60

  • SPAR

Lagos, No 31, Ilupeju Mall, 33 Town Planning Way, Ilupeju 100252,

  • Sports World

Lagos, Oregun, Ikeja, Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Obafemi Awolowo Way

  • M. Lewin

Lagos, Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Leisure Mall Surulere,

  • Lacoste

Lagos, Ibeju Lekki, The palms Shopping Mall Store 21

Tips For You To Get A Good Adidas Product In Lagos

There are loads of Adidas products and stores in Lagos. You can find various Adidas sporting accessories in the city. Besides, quality and standard is an important thing to keep in mind when you want to purchase Adidas products. It seems quite appalling and direful to put on fake or defective sporting material. When you want to purchase sport products, why not go for the original and good one?  In this article, the tips and techniques you can utilize to get a fantastic Adidas product will be explained. Read the below piece to get yourself ready for great products!

  • Do Your Research Well

This is a major flaw most people make which leads them into purchasing a less standard Adidas product. You should always endeavour to carry out deep research on the products you are about to buy online before going to the store. If you carry out good research, you would know how the product actually looks like its texture and original colour. By checking online reviews and making research on the product, you would know whether to go for the product or try another. You should also make research because of some Adidas stores in Lagos stock their warehouse with replica and fake products. By making good research, surely, you won’t fall a victim to fake products. You can use online sports websites such as Google Shopping.

  • Decide What You Really Want

After carrying out a good research on the product, you should decide and know what you want. Go for the particular product you searched for and stick to it. On getting to the store, checking other products might later change your mind and you might be forced to leave the one you planned for.  If the new one that you just chose at the store isn’t original, you might start to blame yourself. You have to stick to the product you have researched and go for it in particular.

  • Try Out Different Stores

If you need nice and high-quality Adidas products in Lagos, you should not stop only at a store. Try out different stores, analyze the prices and choose the best for you. Well, this step is a form of research too which you can carry out before setting out for an Adidas quality product adventure. You can carry out this technique easily by checking the reviews of various Adidas sports stores in Lagos on Google, compare and then, select the best ones with the most fantastic quality materials.

  • If Possible, Consult An Athlete

Another technique you can use to get high-quality Adidas materials in Lagos is by consulting an athlete. Adidas products are mostly used by athletes and sportspersons. If you have an athlete close to you, it is better to ask him/her about the best Adidas product you should select. This would also boost your chance of getting a good Adidas product in Lagos.


Adidas stores in Lagos state and their products are great and amazing. They can be used not only for sports activities but also, for fashion. Kids, teenagers, and adults all look perfect wearing Adidas. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting an Adidas product in Nigeria as there are a lot of Adidas stores with updated products in Lagos. The names of these stores have been provided above. Check them out!