How To Join Barcelona Football Academy In Lagos, Nigeria And Fees

Barcelona FC is a spectacular football team that has more than 50 football academies in five continents. Barcelona trains up to 45 thousand kids throughout the world and has over 180 football campuses. You would find Barcelona football academy in about 57 countries in the world. Countries with Barcelona football academy include the USA, China, Canada, and Nigeria.

FBEscola football team is quite easy and simple to join. In a few paragraphs, I listed the fees and ways to join the Nigerian Barcelona Football Team.

How To Join Barcelona Football Academy In Lagos, Nigeria, And FBEscola Fees

To join the Barcelona football academy in Nigeria (Nigerian FBEscola), you would have to meet certain criteria. The first requirement is your age. You have to be between the age of 5 and 18 before you would be allowed to join the training team. After you have met the age requirement, you would have to pay a token of 13,500 naira (thirteen thousand five hundred only) to the training team management. You can do this by paying by cash or with POS. After you have paid the fees, the management would ensure that you are of Nigerian nationality and in good health condition. After all, these have been confirmed and verified, you are good to go!

Moreover, paying FBEscola fees doesn’t guarantee you direct admission, it is just a qualification to participate in the trial session. At the trial session, the best youngsters would be chosen to be a member of the training team. With this, you should know that the football academy is standard and classic as only the young people who are passionate and skilled in football will have a chance to train. FBEscola football players between 6-18 years of age will undertake two training sessions per week while players aged between 14-16 years will have three. FBEscola is an amazing football academy all Nigerian football youngsters should try out. The academy is fantastic, the fee is less and the process to join is simple! Come on and give it a go. You might be the next Lionel Messi!

How Much Is Barcelona Academy In Lagos?

Registration Fee: 13,500 Naira

Barcelona Academy in lagos, Nigeria cost $600 a year

Where is Barcelona Football Academy in Lagos?

The Barca academy is located at Cherilyn’s Place, no.3 Swisstrade drive, Ikota Lekki, 101222, Lagos, Nigeria

Also, FCBESCOLA is temporarily located at Teslim Balogun Stadium.


About FC Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most heard and renowned football clubs in the world. Barcelona FC shortly referred to as Barca has won many sports awards ever since it has been founded. Barcelona has successfully bagged 20 European and worldwide titles, 4 UEFA Cup titles, 5 UEFA super cup titles, and many more. Barcelona has always been able to secure its place in the top football team list because of its high standard and of course, the recruitment of the world’s greatest players.

About Barcelona Football Academy In Nigeria

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa- the most populous and richest black nation. Establishing a Barcelona academy in Nigeria first is quite reasonable and a perfect choice because the country is one of the most renowned in Africa. Barcelona FC has its Nigerian academy located in Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.  The academy was created exclusively to assist young Nigerian football players to achieve their dreams of becoming great and popular stars.

The Barcelona Academy in Nigeria is popularly known as FBESCOLA. This football academy is strictly following and utilizing the Barcelona football team’s strategies, techniques, and ethics. FBEscola also serves as a means of empowerment for Nigerian youth. It is an institute initiated to get Nigerian youth interested in football up and working.

The Nigerian Barcelona Football Academy is also resolute in developing young players to understand the impact of solidarity, commitment, and fair play on the pitch. They train young players and ensure they display a sense of dedication when on and off the pitch. FBEscola strongly believes that dedication and integration would always keep the team triumphant and successful. This football academy has all the required standard facilities that would quickly shape the youngsters’ performance and ability.

Besides, most football academies in Nigeria train young players without bothering to build and improve their formal education and other hidden talents. FBEscola is ready to assist these young players to improve their formal education by creating an easy process for them to write major examinations. FBEscola provides participation forms for students willing to write West African School Certificate Examinations ( WASC),  National Examination Certificate(NECO), TOEFL, and many others. As a student at FBEscola academy, you also stand a chance to learn different languages such as English, Spanish, and French.