List of Job Sites in Nigeria (2022)

Ditch that newspaper. You’re not going to need it, job ads are no longer displayed in newspaper columns.

These days, you can access a list of job sites in Nigeria, and send out job applications, while sitting at your desk and sipping a cup of coffee.

The internet has overthrown the old way of searching for jobs, by providing a platform where you can easily access job sites in Nigeria. Now you don’t have to walk for hours; under the blistering sun, trying to submit your CV.

And because we know that sorting through the available job postings for genuine jobs is hard, we have compiled a list of job sites in Nigeria.

The list isn’t exhaustive but comprehensive. So sit back, grab a hot cup of coffee and continue reading this article.

List of Job Sites in Nigeria

1.  MyJobMag

This job listing site is an indigenous company that boasts about 1 million users and over 10,000 hiring companies. It is popularly referred to as the largest job site in Africa. With a click of a button, you can subscribe for the daily updates that will serve you new job postings every day.

2. Nairaland

Nairaland is a pool of knowledge, resources, how-tos and most importantly, job postings. You can easily apply for jobs when you register on the site, or you could navigate the website via a Google search (here,”OK, Google” really comes in handy). It is a people-oriented platform where job seekers can also confirm the authenticity of job ads and location on the website.

3.  JobGurus

JobGurus is an online Job portal with a head office located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, that connects employers to employees, and the right job to a worker.

It is currently ranked 200 according to the Alexa ranking. They regularly update job listings so you should check into the website often, or save yourself a little time and subscribe for daily notifications.

4. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn has grown from more than just a conservative job site to a website where you can make new connections freely. They also provide job seekers, students, employers, and entrepreneurs with free and paid courses, resources, skills certification, podcasts, and books. So you get to make new connections, improve your skills, get a free certification and also land your dream job; all on the same platform.

5. Jobberman

Are you ready to skill-up and follow to find the right employers? Then you should consider signing up for an account on Jobberman. They take the stress out of job seeking and provide you with authentic jobs according to your career and skill level. All you have to do is fill the required personal form, upload your CV, apply for jobs, and watch as the magic happens.

6. Jobzilla

Has job hunting ever made you feel like you found a thousand spoons when all you really want is a knife? Then Jobzilla will put that knife right in your palms. The site is easy to navigate so you can search for jobs with just a few clicks.

It is one of the most comprehensive job sites in Nigeria.

7. HotNigerianJobs

It is a popular website that has a high number of entry-level and student jobs, so regardless of the stage you are in your chosen career field, there is a job waiting to be owned by you on the website. You also get access to webinars and resources to direct and provide you with inspiration.

8. Glassdoor

They are a leading job search site that provides curated lists of both local and international jobs. The user interface is minimalistic and pleasing to the eye; you are not bombarded by a lot of screen activity while navigating the site.

9. Indeed

It is the biggest job website in the world and definitely gained a top spot in the list of job sites in Nigeria.

They have a site tailored for Nigerian job seekers and employers.

10. Recruitment Trust

They have a huge base of employers and job listings, so it is a website that you should definitely check out.

11. JobsInNigeria

A fast-risen website that has become a toast among job seekers and hiring companies alike. It leverages the latest technology to make it possible to search for jobs by location, career field, experience level, salary. You can also choose the working environment, for example remote, freelance or part-time jobs.

12. NGCareers

It swiftly connects over 2.5 million job seekers and hiring companies. NGCareers aim is to bridge the gaping hole between employable persons and the available jobs in Nigeria.

13. NGR Jobs

They provide a platform where job seekers can easily make connections and find jobs. They also provide premium CV reviews, writing, and rewriting.

14. Joblist Nigeria

Users are free to access premium jobs listings, free resources, scholarship, and internship information.

15. Naija Hot Jobs

They are in the business of ensuring that all job seekers are duly connected with their chosen job.

16. Naira Career

More than 5,000 recruiters make use of the site to post job listings all year round. Specialist jobs are also posted regularly.

17. Delon Jobs

It is a fairly new website that came into the job listing industry with a bang. They regularly upload new jobs, and for a small fee, you can have access to premium jobs. It is a hit among students, entry-level candidates and NYSC members because it offers free live webinars on career choices and development.

18. Just Jobs NG

You can search for and save jobs you wish to apply for with ease.

The giant of Africa has a large landmass, a teeming population, massive layoffs, and a gross level of unemployment.


Due to the dwindling number of industries and production factories, the search for jobs has increased; in fact, trying to get a job in modern-day Nigeria is almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but I hope this article has provided you with a list of job sites in Nigeria, that will be useful in searching for job listings, make new work connections and eventually land your dream job.