In the past, everybody was just looking for office jobs. The fact that those jobs have not been available, and even when available, the tough competition for the few slots has resulted in people who get them receiving less than pay packages than their qualifications should command.

This has brought about a situation in which many young people have chosen to be on their own, rather than be trampled by bosses for a pay package that can be described as uninspiring.

Being on their own can mean setting up a big business venture, but in this context, we are talking about small-scale businesses, ranging from one-man businesses to businesses that can employ about 2 to 5 people. 

List Of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria
List Of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria

If you a Nigerian reading this post then you are probably looking for information about what businesses to invest. Business is life to Nigerians and Nigerians are some of the most business-oriented people in the world.

We wanted to title this post ‘List of Easy Businesses to do in Nigeria,’ but we realize that such a title would be misleading. There is no ‘easy business’ and business is not for the lazy or faint of heart. If you are looking for an easy business then you may stop reading here, but if you are serious and have the heart to work until your dreams turn to reality then keep reading down to the end. 

List of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria

In this post, we put together a list of business types that you can venture into. You can start small, and then who knows, the sky is the limit.

  • 1. Agriculture

 Nigeria as a country, as a matter of national policy, is eager to attain food sufficiency. There is an ongoing agricultural revolution in Nigeria, and this revolution means opportunities for everyone who is willing to cash in. Nigerians both home and abroad are beginning to wake up to the huge potential of the Agricultural sector in Nigeria. But Agriculture is a broad and spacious field of endeavor, we are going to have to be specific and detailed about what we mean about Agriculture. We break it down further in the paragraphs below.

  • 2. Cassava Farming

 Do you eat Garri, fufu or starch? If yes, then you are one of the several million Nigerians, and other West African citizens, who consume as a staple food, one or more of the products of the Cassava plant. Someone once said that Nigeria became serious about food sufficiency the day they started developing improved Cassava varieties. People are beginning to turn their attention to this field of Agriculture in Nigeria, not just because they like to eat the food that comes from the Cassava plant, but because they like the money that comes from the business. Yes, Cassava farming can be a very lucrative business indeed.

You need firm land in an area that receives average rainfall. Swampy land or waterlogged land will spoil the harvest, as Cassava tubers tend to rot when exposed to water for long periods of time.  Cultivating between 20 to 50 Acres in a fertile area can set you up to become a big farmer. 

  • 3. Poultry Farming

 Because the market for poultry products such as chicken meat and eggs in Nigeria is huge, this is a consistently lucrative business to venture into. However, poultry farming is not for the lazy! There are no holidays in this business. The birds must be fed as at when due, and the poultry farmer must administer medicines and supplements on time. It is also important to ensure that the poultry is clean at all times.

  •  4. Snail Farming

 Snail farming is not very popular in Nigeria. But it is one of the animal farming ventures that comes with so many advantages. The animals make no noise, have no smell, produce little or no waste, need very little maintenance, and best of all this business does not require a huge capital investment.

 If you have a little free space in your compound where you live, you can just build an enclose covered with wire gauze (Americans call this chicken wire) allow natural rainwater to come in, and then purchase your snails at the market. Feed them with vegetation and corn waste. They will reproduce exponentially, and you can contact the same people who sold snails to you to buy from you.

There are few people currently doing this on a larger scale, but there is a doubt that it is a profitable venture indeed.

  • 5. Sale of Furniture

 You may say “I am not a carpenter!” But in truth, you really don’t need to be a carpenter or to know anything about carpentry to do this business. But you do need to be a good salesman; you need to know how to convince a potential buyer. Buying and selling Locally made furniture items such as tables, chairs, and wardrobes are lucrative businesses. You need a showroom in a good location, selling skills and a good supplier to work with.

  • 6. Online Advertising Agency

 Instead of wasting your time doing nothing meaningful online, you can spend that time and presence online making money. You can register as an affiliate in with an agency, (in which case you will only need to post on your social media about products and services which they will tell you to post about) or you can register as an online advertising agency (in which case you will need to recruit other people to make posts on their social media.)

There are money and fame to be made from this venture, but it does take some patience, dedication, and internet savvy to pull this off.

  • 7. Fast Food Eatery

 Nigerians, particularly the younger generation love to eat out. That creates an opportunity for the savvy businessman. Just create your own fast food restaurant venture that looks like Mc Donalds, and you are in business! But this business demands very good management if it is to succeed, and it is best done by someone with some experience in the field. It is quite capital intensive because you need a building that you may then need to customize, and then you need to invest in kitchen appliances such as deep fryers, freezers, and so on. You also need to pay staff, and foot other bills, but if you have a good location and an inviting concept, you will make money.

  •  8. Fashion Business

 Nigerians love fashion. Especially Nigerian women who are probably some of the trendiest people in the world. This love for clothing and assorted fabrics is making Fashion designers into millionaires on a daily basis. Would you like to key into the revolution in the Nigerian fashion industry? You can do so even without being a designer! You need a good location to show off your collection, and then some publicity in the form of flyers and banners to tell people about your business.

  • 9. Professional Car Wash

 Why do they add ‘professional’ to it? Well, you don’t need any certifications or schooling to set up a car wash. You just need a good location, a good personality to relate with customers, and a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy your customers.

  • 10. Professional Dry Cleaning

 They also call this ‘Professional dry cleaners’ for reasons we can only speculate. To be honest, all you need is to be good at laundry, and you are quite on your way. An added advantage is courtesy- knowing how to relate with customers and also making sure that you do not disappoint your customers. Equally important is the location you choose to set up shop, and also your pricing should be reasonable.

  • 11. Haulage Services

For many years this business has been the domain of the rich class in Nigeria, but now the business has been declassified. Haulage is big money, as it costs from 20,000 to 500,000 or more to hire a truck to move goods within Nigeria. Some haulage companies also have delivery vans if they decide that a particular consignment does not require a heavy truck. People haul everything: from agricultural produce to imported goods, to petroleum products.

  • 12. Transport Business

Transport business is like printing your own money. But we must advise that it is most suitable for those people who have a background in auto engineering or mechanics. The maintenance culture in Nigeria is generally bad, but a person who is a mechanic would surely know better than letting his buses drive without oil checks and other vital vehicle maintenance routines.

  • 13. Petty  Trading

 Petty trading can have many branches. From raw food items to fast-moving consumer goods, even to electronics. The keyword, however, is that it is small. Even now, in the very area where you live, if you look around you may already find many people already in this business. However, sales can only be badly affected if you are all selling the same thing. Think wide, venture out, package your business differently.

  • 14. Bead Making

 This is tied to the fashion industry and is just one of the numerous skills you can acquire to earn a living and even build a business. Many people started this as a hobby and have now grown it into a venture that employs people, and even takes in students who are eager to learn the trade. According to reports, there are jewelry pieces that cost as high as 20,000.

  •  15. Sports Viewing  Centre

 That is what they call it, but perhaps a better name for this business should be ‘football viewing center.’ The vast majority of people who patronize these ventures do not go just to watch any sport, they go to watch football. The English Premier League, The Spanish LaLiga, UEFA Champions League, and the African Nations and World Cups are firm favorites, there is also a growing number of interest in Italian Serie A as well. If you have a lot of young people in the area where you live, you may want to consider this venture.

  •  16. Barbing/Hair Salon

 If a man does not take a hair cut in a month he starts to look like he has lost his mind. If a woman does not attend to her hair for a similar period of time she looks like something has happened to her. That is what makes this business so lucrative. You first need to acquire the skills to venture into this business because a lack of skills can produce terrible results. You also need to have a good and accessible location, and also some basic equipment including a dependable power generator because the business cannot function without electricity.

  • 17. Phone  Repairs

 The proliferation of mobile phones in Nigeria provides a wonderful opportunity for us to make money because phones, like almost all other electronic devices, need periodic maintenance. You need to first learn this trade, however, as it is not something you can just delve into. As a matter of fact, jumping into this trade without knowing what you are doing will put you into debt. You also need a good location, and the ability to relate to people.

  • 18. Game  Centre

 If you have a high density of teenagers in your area, and a good location, you just need a television set, a generator, and a playstaion game console to start this business. Young ones love to game, and that love can mean money to you.

  • 19. Photography

 This is more of a talent than a skill though, but yes it can be developed with training. You will need a  camera, sometimes a studio, and the knowledge of how to market yourself.

  • 17. Catering  Services

 There are many facets to the catering business: some caterers bake cakes,  chin-chin,meat-pies, doughnuts and so on for sale in their own shops, while others make these products for distribution to supermarkets and shops. More interesting also is the fact that many of them specialize in cooking at parties and such events.

  • 18. Blogging

 Ten years ago if you told people that you wear a blogger they would look at you as if something was wrong with you. But these days there are many who have become major major media personalities just by blogging. Who can be a blogger? Anybody can. You just need to be passionate about something and also have a flair for writing or storytelling. You may need to invest in raising awareness about yourself though. WE CAN HELP YOU IN THIS REGARD.

  • 19. Rental  Services

 Nigerians love to party, and when the crowd turns up, chairs and canopies are never enough. That creates an opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur. You can rent out canopies, chairs, tables, and such items for a fee. If you have a vehicle that you can use as a delivery van you have an added advantage. Just do some publicity so people know you are into the business.

  • 20. Computer  Repairs

 Same as phone repairs which we have highlighted above, this is also a potentially rewarding venture. People have little idea about the technical aspect of the computers they use every day, and that is something you can turn into an advantage.

  • 21. Daycare  Centres

 If you love kids then there is nothing stopping you from starting your own daycare centre.  Every working mother is at the mercy of the daycare, and they will pay you to take care of their kids. Some people even do this business right from their homes.

  •  22. Photocopy/Computer Centres

 While the cybercafe business may be on a decline (which is why we did not list it here) photocopy and computer centres remain strong. This can still be integrated with a cyber café or can stand alone, depending on your choice. You just need the basic items to make the business function and a well accessible location in a busy area.

  • 23. Event Management/Decoration

 This is another business that depends on Nigerians’ love for parties and merriment. Do you have a good taste for decorations and designs? You may still need to learn more so as to develop your skills. After that, it just remains the process of marketing yourself to potential customers.

  • 25. Bags and Shoe Making

 This is also closely related to the fashion industry, although the major difference here is that you deal with bags and shoes which you can sell by yourself, or supply to boutiques. Here also, all you need to do is learn the skills so that you know what you are doing. 

  • Article Writing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Digital Media Strategist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Wholesales
  • Bottled Water and Pure Water Production/Sales
  • Used Cars Sales/Marketing
  • Frozen Foods
  • Exportation
  • Mini Importation
  • Nylon Making
  • Creche/Day Care Centre
  • High Purchase Business
  • Waste Disposal and Management
  • Travel Agency
  • Weigh Lost Management and Consultancy
  • Gym Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Tester
  • Internet Radio Station
  • Vlogging – Video Blogging
  • Social Media Blogging
  • Wall Block Builder
  • Web Developer
  • Mobile App Developer

That’s all on the examples of small-scale businesses in Nigeria.