Nigerian Passport Renewal In Houston Texas (2024)

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Washington DC serves Nigerian citizens in the United States of America in several ways. Prominent are issues that concern the Nigerian Passport. Here in the USA, you can have stuff that has to do with your Nigerian passport sorted out without any issues.

In this article, we will discuss how you can have your Nigerian passport renewal in Houston TX. By simply engaging in some procedures, you will get things done with ease.

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Houston Tx

All you need do is to follow these simple procedures, and you will get your stuff done.

Launch the official website of the Nigeria Immigration website via from an internet-enabled device.

Check the passport menu, and choose the E-passport application form right there. Simply pick STANDARD e-passport and avoid the other one. 

Since you are applying for your Nigerian passport renewal in Houston TX which is in the United States of America, simply select the US when you get to Processing Country. 

It is necessary to add here that you should ensure you fully read and digest guidelines that has to do with payment on the start application page, before proceeding.

Click on Start Application, and you will see different options – Google, Yahoo, Open ID, or Facebook. Log in with the one you are more comfortable with. If you don’t have an account with any of these platforms before now (Google, Yahoo, Open ID, or Facebook), you can still create an account before proceeding. 

Proceed to fill the form, and select WASHINGTON DC as your Processing Office/Processing Embassy

After filling the form, you can print it, before selecting the submit button. As soon as your application has been successfully submitted, you will get a Reference number and  Application ID. These details are essential

With the Application ID and Reference number, you can go ahead to make payment. It is easy to pay for your passport with a credit or debit card. 

Nevertheless, for folks who don’t have either of the duos, they can purchase a money order and associate the money order to the Application ID and Reference number.

H: With the association completed, you can now print out the page that shows the tracking number. Please note that the money order should be addressed to Innovate Service. You are to then attach the money order to the page that shows the tracking number and mail it to this address:


30 Avon Meadow,

Lane Avon,

CT 06001.


I: After sorting out the above, you can then schedule an appointment for a Biometric/Interview.

It should be noted that the Embassy also provides out-of-state services for processing, but the fees attract $100.00 (money order only) per application. The money is payable to the Embassy of Nigeria, Washington, D.C.

Requirements For Replacement Of Lost Passport

What if you should lose your passport? Can you still easily get another one with ease from Houston Texas? If you should find yourself in such a situation, here are the things you have to put in place and do:

  1. Get a Police Report
  2. Pay the $350 penalty fee either via cashier check or money order. Please note that this is only payable to the Embassy of Nigeria.
  3. Submission of the completed online e-passport application form. This has been explored above
  4. Two recent passport-size photographs of yours. It is preferable that you take them on white background.
  5. If you can, you should provide the Passport Number of the lost Passport 
  6. A certified self-addressed certified prepaid envelope from FedEx,  USPS, or UPS.

It should be noted that you are to come in person to the Embassy for biometric and image acquisition.

Finally, this article is basically about renewing one’s Passport. It is a kind of different procedure if you want to get a new standard passport (that is, making a fresh application). Renewing an expired passport is different from trying to get a new one after missing it.

How To Contact The Nigeria Embassy In Washington

The Nigerian Embassy in the USA is like a home away from home for Nigerian citizens, as they offer different services to ensure the well-being of the Nigerian people in America. You can always visit the Embassy physically anytime you want to, or simply get across to them via phone or email.

EMAIL Address:, 

Telephone Number: (202) 800 7201


The Different Types Of Nigerian Passports

Every Nigerian really has a right to the Nigerian Passport – which is utilized for identification purposes and to travel to anywhere in the world. The Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) is the agency in Nigeria backed by the law to issue the Passport. For Nigerians in the USA, they can go to the Nigerian Embassy to get stuff related to the Nigerian Passport done. It’s one of the cogent responsibilities the Embassy is serving.

There are two types of Nigerian passports – the official passport and the standard passport. While the latter is for the average Nigerian person, the former is only preserved for some government officials in the country. Only some selected few can get the Official Passport – it actually serves special purposes, and is usually taken back when the person leaves office.  But the rest of the populace gets the common standard passport.

The average Nigerian living in the USA will apply for the standard passport. Though you are going to get it sorted via the Nigerian Embassy in the United States, you still have to apply at NIS. This can be done easily online. You can always connect your device to the internet anytime you want to, and do the necessary registrations – including making payments for the Passport.


In conclusion, you can apply for your Nigerian passport renewal In Houston Tx, and for a new passport from where you reside in Houston Texas and you will get your Nigerian Passport with ease via the Nigerian Embassy in the USA. You can also renew your passport whenever you have to, and as you should have seen already, the process is quite simple and straightforward.