LEKKI PHASE 1 – Interesting Facts {Pictures & Video}

Lekki Phase 1 is the premier and the first on the basis of which the entire Lekki-Ajah area and all the estates within have their popularity. Lekki phase 1 represents a marketing success like non-other, surely in Nigeria, and quite possibly in the whole of Africa.

LEKKI PHASE 1 – Interesting Facts {Pictures & Video}

The area now known as Lekki Phase 1 was formerly called Maroko, ‘a slum’ before it was destroyed by the Raji Rasaki led Lagos State military Government. The legality of displacing people from their homes has sometimes been contested, but such claims can very easily be dismissed due to the kind of money involved, and the kind of commercial interests at stake.
According to sources, Soldiers just stormed the area one early morning, while the people were still on their beds, and started beating people into submission. The pulled women from their husband’s arms and girls from their mothers. Their houses were pulled down and the land was taken from them. That land was then transformed into a beautiful city. The beautiful city of Lekki Phase 1.
The success of marketing is that this City, sited just about on sea level, is that it has now become (arguably) the most expensive place to live in the whole of Nigeria. Normally, the prime property is sited on a hill, far above water level, not prone to flooding. Lekki Phase 1 is evidence that with a good marketing strategy you can sell anything!

Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge
Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge

But history aside, Lekki Phase 1 is a successful place. Probably the hottest property hub in Nigeria, and the hub for some of the big shots in business and the corporate world in Lagos. In Lekki Phase 1 you will find business executives, expatriates and such people who probably work in Victoria Island, and need somewhere close, so as to reduce time wasted on the road.
Although Lekki phase 1 was originally intended to be a residential area, some parts of the city are rapidly changing look. Many buildings are now been converted into commercial buildings to house offices, show-rooms, beauty shops, massage parlours, gym houses, and so on.
Lekki Phase 1 also has very many spots for relaxation and leisure. If you count the shopping malls/plazas, boutiques, hotels, etc. in Lekki Phase 1 you can have no dull moments.
Lekki Phase 1
Let us now go into the details of the place. Let us break down of the sub-areas that make up this place, and what makes them tick.

  • Admiralty Way

Admiralty Way starts from the entrance of the City. The very spot is known as Lekki bus stop, which is located at the 1st roundabout at the left-hand side when going along The Lekki to Epe Expressway. Apart from being the most popular road in Lekki, Admiralty way hosts some of the biggest investments including Banks, schools, hospitals, churches, restaurants/eateries, pharmacies, shopping malls, and fitness centers. Admiralty Way also hosts necessary utilities such as a Police post, a fire station, and postal service.

  • Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1

Freedom way is located just off-Admiralty Way and leads to the 3rd roundabout of the Lekki – Epe Expressway (making it a major thoroughfare). It plays host to a residential area that is gradually turning commercial, at a pace that is faster than most of Lekki Phase 1

  • Adewunmi Adebimpe Drive, Lekki Phase 1

Adewunmi Adebimpe Drive is located at Maruwa Bus stop which is the second roundabout along the Lekki- Epe. A major attraction to this part is the Lekki Central Mosque. Because the rounds on this side are well linked to major areas within Lekki Phase 1, a lot of people use this route to manoeuver around traffic on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. On this part of Lekki, there is the Mobolaji Johnson Place which used to be an estate which served as a military guesthouse during the 90s.
Those are the main areas that comprise the city of Lekki Phase 1. Now, let us look at the collective: let us examine the City called Lekki Phase 1, its characteristics and what makes it tick.

Traffic  Situation

The road is quite wide and spacious, and so there is not much traffic to speak of if actually, you are heading to Victoria Island or Ikoyi. Although those tollgates can sometimes be a nuisance, it does not always account for a serious delay or cause of lateness. It usually takes about 8 to 10 minutes to reach Victoria Island or Ikoyi from Lekki Phase 1 (that is on the straight road, passing through the toll gates). Opting not to pay the toll fee would mean going through Oniru, which typically means passing through hectic traffic. With the commissioning of the Ikoyi Link Bridge, commuting to and from Ikoyi from Lekki Phase 1 has become even easier.

Condition of the Roads and Drainages

The roads in Lekki Phase 1  are usually tarred or interlocked and are all built with a standard width. All the roads also have drainage channels on both sides, and we must also praise the maintenance culture shown over there by the Lagos State Government. The drainage system along the roads and even in the streets of Lekki Phase 1 is designed to channel all the rainwater into the Lagoon. The intention is good but in truth, there are some problems with the execution of the plan.  As stated earlier in this post-Lekki Phase 1 is just about on sea level, and the fact that the city is close to the ocean almost guarantees that there will be flooding due to ocean surges. Even without that, on occasions where there are heavy rains, most of Lekki Phase 1 has been known to experience some severe flooding. The drainage system is in place, but it just gets overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water, and so gives way to floods.

Security In Lekki Phase 1

Lekki Phase 1 is a gated community, but there are no security men operating as an outfit of the Lekki Phase 1 themselves. The gate is usually mounted by uniformed policemen, but they basically serve as a police presence in the area, as a coordinated network of security operatives mounted to police the entire area, and to respond to distress calls in case of emergencies. There are no security checks for pedestrians or motorists entering or leaving Lekki Phase 1.

Property Price Appreciation

Perhaps the biggest reason for getting property in Lekki Phase 1 is the fact that there has been a steady increase in the valuation of property within the City. This is because Lekki Phase 1 is located in an in prime position, which is close to V.I and Ikoyi; and so there has been a gradual but steady spillover of people and businesses from Victoria Island and Ikoyi, into Lekki Phase 1.
This is what the property market in Lekki Phase 1 looks like. Please be guided, consult your solicitor, or investment adviser before investing your money.

  • Land goes for around ₦170,000 per square meter, which means that a plot of land with about 600 square meters should sell for about 60 million naira.
  • You should be able to get a  3 bedroom flat for about  ₦50 million to ₦70 million
  • A 4 bedroom flat should typically cost about ₦60 million to  ₦100 million, while a 4 bedroom terraced duplex should go for about  ₦60 million to ₦120 million.
  • You should be able to get a  4 bedroom semi-detached duplex for ₦100 million to ₦170 million, depending on your tastes, and location within the city.
  • A  5 bedroom fully detached duplex could cost you around  ₦170 million to ₦300 million.


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