CHEVY VIEW ESTATE, LEKKI – Interesting Facts {Pictures & Video}

Chevy View Estate Lekki Peninsula II, Lagos pictures, address, and important facts to know about the estate – This article is a review of Chevy View Estate, a highbrow residential estate in Lagos State, Nigeria. In this article we highlight the estate, giving you an overview of the environment, and what makes it tick. We are objective- we give a hint about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the estate.

Overview of Chevy View Estate Lekki

Chevy View estate is situated along Chevron drive, off Lekki – Epe expressway and is directly opposite the head- office of Chevron Nigeria Limited.  The Estate is about 30 min – 1-hour drive (depending on your driving skills or the traffic) to Victoria Island during rush hour traffic and about 20 minutes drive without traffic as you would experience typically during the weekend.
Though the estate is mostly a residential estate, Chevy View Estate is not exclusively residential. There are a number of businesses located within the estate; including schools, hotels and various types of offices. Non-residents can mostly enter the estate freely, although sometimes routine searches are carried out on cars entering and exiting the estate.
Most of the houses in the estate are duplexes (semi & fully detached; terraces) and most residents are upper-class families or high income earning workers, including expatriates. Many of the residents are socialites, so enjoy socializing and hosting big events.
A good number of the buildings in the estate were built by developers who buy lands, build houses and then sell.  The value of property within the estate is high and appreciation is constant because of its location, and proximity to the high-end commercial centers like Victoria Island, and Ikoyi. There is also a more favorable traffic situation when compared to places further down towards Ajah or Epe.

Chevy View Estate Picture 1
Chevy View Estate Picture 1

Typical property prices are:

3 Bedroom Flat: These often go for around ₦1.7 million – ₦2.5 million per annum, depending on the location within the estate, and also depending on the particular tastes of the would-be occupants. Some of the apartments come with more facilities than others.
3 Bedroom Duplex: These usually go for around ₦3 million per annum when put up for rent, and about ₦45 million when they are put up for an outright sale.
4 Bedroom Duplex:  A 3 bedroom Duplex in Chevy View Estate, Lekki usually cost about ₦3.5 million to rent, and about ₦45 million – ₦65 million for sale.
5 Bedroom duplex: These exclusive buildings cost about ₦4 million to rent, and about ₦65 million to ₦130 million on the property market.


Chevy View Estate is very safe and secure. There are 2 gates with security posts at the estate, and security checks are carried out by the security men attached to the estate. They routinely check all cars entering and leaving the estate.
Also, because the estate is located just opposite the headquarters of Chevron Nigeria, there are armed mobile police operatives in the area, and that adds to the security not only of the estate but of the entire vicinity.  There are currently no known cases of robberies or kidnapping in the estate.
Residents of the Chevy View Estate enjoy a feeling of peace and security and go about their daily activities without any unwarranted fear or trouble.

Chevy Estate Lekki Entrance Gate Security Check
Chevy Estate Lekki Entrance Gate Security Check


Thankfully Chevy View estate is favorably located near Chevron Roundabout on the Lekki- Epe Expressway and so residents of the estate do not typically suffer so much about traffic. The assurances may not be enough though, and so, let us go into details.
Morning rush hour traffic when heading towards Victoria Island starts at around 6:30 am and can stretch from Jakande down to Ikate. During rush hour periods (6:30 am – 8:30 am), it sometimes takes between 30 minutes – 1 h to reach Victoria island from Chevy View estate, but without the rush hour traffic, it usually takes only about 20 minutes to complete the same journey.
If Victoria Island is not the destination, however, there is a road within the estate that links directly to Agungi and Jakande estates. You should rather use it because it significantly reduces the time you can spend in traffic during the rush hour when the Lekki – Epe expressway is jam-packed.

Intra Streets
Intra Streets


The estate has a good road network which is made with interlocked stones. However, even though there is a drainage system to go with it, we must state that there is a major problem with the drainage network. It is just not efficient throughout the Estate because in some places the gutters are quite shallow.
During periods of heavy rainfall, the central road right from the main entrance of the estate gets flooded; as well as some streets inside the estate. This is not the kind of life-threatening flood that makes the news, however. The water makes reach ankle to knee length from place to place. It usually sorts itself out after a few days or weeks after the rains abated. To be honest and blunt most of Lagos state suffers the same fate, and the whole of Lagos Island (Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and environs) in particular share in the problem of flooding.
Residents seem not to be deterred by this, it appears that even the expatriates, particularly those from Asia are quite used to the water.
The roads and drainage channels within the estate are currently undergoing reconstruction work so it’s expected that most if not all issues relating to the road and particularly drainage will be resolved in the near future.

More Pictures
More Pictures

HOME VALUE APPRECIATION (Buying as an Investment)

Property appreciation in Chevy View is quite high. As a matter of fact, property prices within Lekki, Victoria Island and Ikoyi areas of Lagos are expected to continue to rise because property there is in high demand, largely because of expatriates and multinational companies who continue to troop into the area.  There is constant development within Chevy View estate and property prices are always going high. Based on this trend we can say that Property prices are fully expected to continue to rise, and so investing in real estate in Chevy View estate is a wise choice.
As a matter of fact, if you were to buy a piece of property in Chevy View Estate, you would be in good company indeed. Chevy View Estate, in Lekki, Lagos State is a hotbed for property investment both by individuals and corporate bodies. Later in the article, we give you a small highlight of some of the kinds of properties within Chevy View Estate, Lekki.

Flooding At Chevy View Estate
Flooding At Chevy View Estate


The estate is connected to the national power grid provided by PHCN which is generally unreliable all over the country. Even without businesses being in the estate, the residents living in Chevy View estate, would not survive on the National Supply of electricity alone. However,  most residents and the few businesses within the Estate use Power generators of different sizes, and also battery inverters as alternative power sources to keep the Estate illuminated and businesses going.


Most residents in the estate get their water from boreholes dug by individuals in their compounds. The water from the boreholes are generally channeled into tanks that are situated in elevated positions, sometimes in special compartments built on top of the houses.
Channels Tv did a piece on the estate, watch the video below

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