Elepaq Generator Offices In Lagos

Elepaq generators had a modest beginning, but have now become one of the most popular brands of petrol generators in Nigeria. Elepaq generators are well-known for their low cost, durability, and user-friendliness, and they are manufactured in China. Here is Elepaq Generator Offices In Lagos and all you need to know.

Elepaq Generator Offices In Lagos

Businesses in Lagos that specialize in importing and maintaining Elepaq generators include:

Olatech Electronics – 386 Coates Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria

Estendo Power Products Co. Ltd – 300 Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria

Denyo Generator – 13, Ogunnusi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

More About Elepaq Generator

The Elepaq generators and other items are made in China by Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. Established in July of 2000, the company currently manufactures and exports over 1 million units of gasoline generators annually under a number of different brand names.

It employs about 700 people, including 150 engineers and technicians, and is located in the JiuLi Industrial Commercial zone of Shaoxing City.

Among the many machines that the company produces and sells is the ubiquitous general engine and generator set. Welding equipment, motorcycles, gas and oil generators, kerosene generators, gas and oil engines, and digital inverter generators are all examples.

Elepaq Power Generators Cost in Nigeria.

The price of an Elepaq gasoline generator varies depending on its dimensions, construction materials, and power output. The power outputs start at 1.3 KVA and go up to 10 KVA.

The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a wide range of price fluctuations across a variety of commodities and services, including Elepaq generators.

The following are the list costs for various capacity Elepaq generators in Nigeria in the year 2022:

Capacity Product Price Range (in Naira)
1.4 KVA Elepaq Generator ECO 1990 36,000 – 45,000
1.8 KVA Elepaq Generator ECO 1990 50,000 –   90,000
2.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV 3500 E2 98,000 – 120,000
2.8 KVA Elepaq Generator EC 3800 CX 75,000 – 130,000
3.5 KVA Elepaq Generator EC 3800 CX 90,000 – 150,000
3.5 KVA Elepaq Key Start Generator SV 5200 E2 130,000 – 150,000
3.5 KVA Elepaq Generator EC 3500 115,000 – 150,000
4.5 KVA Elepaq Key Start Generator SV 6500 E2 240,000 – 400,000
2.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV4800 105,000 – 110,000
3.0 KVA Elepaq Generator SV4800 66,700 – 75, 990
1.3 KVA Elepaq Generator SV 2200 30,000 – 60,000
7.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV 2200 190,000 – 210,000
3.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV3800 E2 78,000 – 90,000
1.8 KVA Elepaq Generator SPG 2200 54,000 – 62,000
3.2 KVA Elepaq Generator ECO 4990 ES 76,000 – 85,000
3.0 KVA Elepaq Generator EC 5200 CX 80,000 – 95,000
2.2 KVA Elepaq Generator EC 5200 CX 59,000 – 70,000
7.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV20000 E2 165,000 – 172,000
10.0 KVA Elepaq Generator SV20000 E2 170,000 – 197,000
6.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV15000 E2 178,000 – 185,000
7.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV15000 E2 180,000 – 215,000
10.0 KVA Elepaq Generator SV18000 E2 215,000 – 250,000
4.5 KVA Elepaq Generator SV 7200 E2 93,000 – 100,000
5.0 KVA Elepaq Generator SV 7200 E2 99,000 – 110,000
5.0 KVA Elepaq Generator DG 6LE 107,000 – 111,000
5.0 KVA Elepaq Generator DG 4LE 97,000 – 104,000

Keep in mind that inflation and currency exchange rate fluctuations may cause actual prices to differ from those displayed.

The Elepaq Generator User Guide: Where Can I Find It?

The manual for your Elepaq generator can be found in the box it came in.

Review Of Typical Elepaq Generators

Elepaq Generator SV6800

The Elepaq SV6800 is a manually operated generator that features a 15-liter tank and a coil made of 100% copper wire. Ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, pumping machines, and deep freezers are all within its initial power range.

The Elepaq SV6800 is a gasoline-powered manual generator with a number of features that make it both efficient and long-lasting. These features include a separate oil compartment to ensure the generator operates smoothly and a system to eliminate engine knock. The price range for the generator is N110,000-N140,000.

Elepaq Generator SV2200

The Elepaq SV2200 is a powerful and long-lasting generator that requires a manual start and has a storage capacity of six liters. This portable generator has an operating time of up to 8 hours on a single tank of gas.

The generator’s coils are made entirely of copper wire, and they can run electronics like televisions, fans, minifridges, and even some office gadgets. This generator is ideal for low power applications due to its dedicated oil storage area and low oil shutoff mechanism.

Elepaq Generator EC5800CX

The Elepaq 3.5 KVA generator features a complete copper coil and is ideal for use in residential and commercial settings to power electronics and appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, pumping machines, freezers, and televisions.

The Elepaq EC5800CX is a reliable and fuel-efficient generator that shuts itself off when oil levels get too low. The price of the generator ranges from 100,000 to 140,000 Naira.

How good are Elepaq generators?

In Nigeria, many people choose to use Elepaq generators for their home and small business needs. One common theme is that they are low-priced, long-lasting, and simple to care for and repair. They have an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) built in to prevent the generator from being overloaded.

What can 2.5 kVA generator carry?

Normal generators incorporate a power factor. Power output from a 2.5 KVA generator is 2,125 watts with a power factor of 0.85. Therefore, a 2.5 KVA generator should be able to power a 100-150-watt flat-screen TV, a 300-watt refrigerator, two 160-watt electric fans, and various other electronic devices.

How many kVA is Elepaq generator?

Electrical output (measured in kilowatt-volt-amperes, or KVA) from Elepaq generators starts at 1.3 KVA and goes up to 10 KVA.

How do I know if my Elepaq constant generator is original?

The original Elepaq generator’s coil is constructed of copper wire, not aluminum or brass. Some manufacturers of fake generators spray paint various types of wires to seem like copper because copper wire coils are naturally a reddish brown color. Uneven coloring and peeling are telltale signs of this.

If the name of the generator is not “Elepaq” or “Elepaq Constant,” then it is likely a hoax.

In the event that the Elepaq anti-counterfeiting label has been altered, the product is likely to be counterfeit.

It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified technician if you need assistance determining whether or not a generator is an original.

What is the difference between Elepaq generator and Elepaq Constant generator?

One could compare Elepaq Constant generators to the “younger brother” of Elepaq generators. They are less expensive than Elepaq generators but are slightly less reliable.

What can a 3.5 KVA generator power?

Normal generators incorporate a power factor. If the power factor is 0.85, a 3.5 KVA generator will produce 2,975 watts.

As a result, a 3.5 KVA may run a wide variety of heavy appliances, including a large-sized freezer, refrigerator, television, fan, pressing iron, sound system, and many more, in a home, workplace, or religious center, so long as the overall load doesn’t exceed 2900 watts.

What can 4.5 KVA Elepaq generator carry?

‎ A 4.5 KVA generator can run a number of common household and office electronics, including a large freezer, air conditioner, television, home theater system, and water pump. Assuming a power ratio of 0.85 for a normal generator, a 2.5 KVA generator is equivalent to 3,825 watts. This means that the combined power consumption of all the gadgets can’t exceed 3,825 watts.

Who is the manufacturer of the Elepaq generator?

The Chinese company Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. Each year, they produce and ship out more than a million electric generators.

Which appliances can be run by a 1.5 KVA generator?

Assuming a power ratio of 0.8, a 1.5 KVA generator can power about 1200 watts. to provide a safe 1200 watt load operation. Among these are a refrigerator (100 watts), an LED television (100 watts), two electric fans (160 watts each), and nine 9-watt LED lamps (300 watts).