Top 10 Aluminium Companies In Lagos (2023)

In this article, I listed the best aluminium companies in Lagos. The aluminum market mostly comprises the manufacturers of primary aluminum and its compounds, which is referred to as a production within the production stream closer to the manufacturing process. It also includes the latter stages of a usually industrial process.

This upstream sector does not only involve the manufacturing of the most basic or important aluminum and most of its compounds, it also involves the raw materials that predate this process.

Top 10 Aluminium Companies In Lagos

1. Tower Aluminum Nigeria PLC

Tower Aluminum Nigeria PLC has been ranked as the best aluminium production company in Lagos, this is because they have good suppliers of raw materials needed for the production of aluminum and they have a good attitude towards their customers.

2. Alinco Steel and Metal construction Co. Limited

Alinco steel and metal Company is the second-best aluminium Company in Lagos. It is not only known locally but also internationally. Their services include industrial oil and gas engineering, structural fabrication, production of storage tanks, production of haulage bodies tanker, and lots more.

3. Omab Investment Concept Limited

Omab Investment Concept Limited is an aluminium Company located in Lagos and in other states and countries. Their services include aluminum products, doors, and windows, roofing, general contract, etc.

4. Tower Building Products

Tower building products is situated at 9 Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. They are also a reputable company in the aluminium industry producing high-quality roofing and aluminum products, pots and pans, roiled coins, high-quality billets, and so on.

5. Abumet Nigeria Limited

Abumet Nigeria Limited has been in the industry of aluminum production since the year 1991, and so due to the number of years that has been spent in the industry, they have a great level of expertise among their workers. It is not only one of the leading aluminum companies in Lagos but also in Nigeria.

6. Berliac Engineering Company Limited

Berliac Engineering is located at plot 5/7, Agege motor road Onipetesi Industrial Layout, Lagos. They are a prominent company in the industry that produces aluminum products that stay strong in good condition over a long period of time.

7. Nigeria Wire and Cables Limited

Nigeria Wire and cable limited produces and deals in the sales of telecommunication wires and cables, bare coppers, and aluminium conductors. They are famous in the industry for the production of durable products through the use of standard and quality raw materials for production.

8. Wale Aje Aluminum Company

It is located at 28, Ifelodun Street, Ikeja, Lagos State. Wale Aje Aluminum Company is among the best in the industry.

9. Gamji- Tec group of companies

Here is yet another company that deals in the production of quality aluminium products that are able to last long without any deterioration in quality.

10. Ola Tech Aluminium Construction Company

Located at No 3 Kudiirat Adenekan Canoe Way, Oke Afa, Lagos, this is one of the top firms in Lagos.

What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a member of the group III elements on the periodic table, it is a metal that can be gotten deep down in the earth’s crust, and it is the third most abundant element on Earth. The earth’s crust is made up of about  7% of aluminum in the form of mineral ores such as clay, bauxite, kaolin, mica, corundum, and cryolite. Aluminum does not exist on its own, it can be found in a combined state with other elements like Sulphur, silicon, and also oxygen. The unalloyed form of aluminum can be obtained from aluminum oxide ore.

Aluminum is very useful due to some special qualities and features it possesses which are;

  • Aluminum has a high melting point.
  • It has a high characteristic metallic luster, that is, it reflects light or shines when pure.
  • It is sonorous
  • It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • It is hard, strong, and has high tensile strength.
  • Aluminum is malleable
  • It is ductile.
  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • It can easily be recycled into new products.

Uses of Aluminum

  • In making utensils such as pots, pans, and so on, due to its lightweight, non-poisonous form and it being a good conductor of heat.
  • Aluminum is used in building vehicles, railway coaches, and roofing, being light in weight, strong, and corrosion-resistant.
  • In making furniture, being light strong, and attractive.
  • It is used in aviation. Most modern aircraft are made of aluminum, being light, strong, and corrosion-resistant.
  • It is used in producing high tension overhead electric cables because of its high electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
  • It is used in producing foil, used for wrapping foods, and as packaging materials, being malleable and non-poisonous.
  • It is used in alloys, such as duralumin and alnico.
  • Aluminum is used in the extraction of metals, such as iron, chromium, and manganese, in the thermite process, being a good reducing agent.
  • In the thermite process for welding metallic parts.
  • Powdered aluminum in oil, is used in high reflective paints, and as coatings for mirrors.


The largest producers of aluminum in the world have different parts which work together as a unit consisting of bauxite mines and refineries for aluminum. The essence of this incorporation that has been carried out by large producers of aluminum is their self-sufficiency from an increase in prices and many other factors that may arise over time because it makes sure that the

Mines and alumina refineries. The advantage of the vertical integration model for large companies is their independence from price fluctuations and many other external factors, as they can ensure the supply of raw materials in needed amounts for the continual production of aluminum manufacturing. However, small-scale producers of aluminum get their raw materials from external suppliers. The biggest bauxite reserves can mostly be found in the tropical and subtropical regions, therefore the major production of aluminum is in countries of Southeast Asia, Latin American, Africa, Australia. Infrastructural facilities to enhance the production of aluminum are concentrated in this region.