Where Can A Microbiologist Work In Nigeria? (2023)

Are you a microbiologist and you have been wondering Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria after completing your education? Or at you, a graduate and you’ve been thinking of the best companies and industries to submit your application letter to?

I covered everything you need to know as a graduate of Microbiology. Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria, the kind of work you can do in an organization, and the amount of salary you should be earning averagely as a new graduate.

Microbiology is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria, since it is a paramedical course just like biochemistry, it is expected to be one of the hottest jobs in Nigeria, which it is.

As we all know, Microbiology is the scientific study of microorganisms, those being unicellular, multicellular, or acellular. Microbiology encompasses virology, bacteriology, protistology, mycology, immunology, and parasitology. 

So, Microbiology is a paramedical course, does it means that a Microbiologist must work only in the laboratory, analyzing blood and fluid samples? Are they only eligible to work in the medical field like hospitals, clinics, and other medical-related organizations?

No! Microbiology is more than that as a course. 

As a graduate of Microbiology, you can work in almost every companies ranging from a pharmaceutical company to a food company and other medical-related organizations.

Where Can A Microbiologist Work In Nigeria

As we mentioned earlier, a graduate of Microbiology can work in;

  • Food Industry e.g Golden Penny Industry
  • Beverage Industry e.g Heineken, Maltina
  • Medical Centre e.g Hospitals, Clinic, Medical organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Company e.g Unique Pharmaceutical Company
  • Medical Laboratory etc.

100 Companies Where A Microbiologist Can Work In Nigeria

Abod Success Investment Ltd.
Abod Success Limited
Abutex Group Nigeria Limited
Acreage Food Co. Ltd.
Adedaas Smallchops
Advances Beverages
Almas Company
Amajatoja Turkey Farm
Anibal International Nigeria Company
Ayoola Foods Ltd.
Balta Integrated Concepts Limited
Beloxxi Industries Ltd.
Bens Food And Agroallied Limited
Best Foods Global
Best Foods Global (Nigeria) Ltd
Blue Byte Foods And Events
Bobo Foods & Beverages Ltd.
Boliden W.A Ltd.
Boswoman Frozen Foods And Food Stuff
Botamark Nig. Ltd.
Buddy pop investment
Cakes And Krafts Empire
Chicken Plus
Choliarams Plc.
Christie’s Frozen Foods
City Mama Foods Company
Cocoa Food Ind. Ltd.
Consolidated Food & Beverages
Consolidated Food & Beverages Ltd
Cormart Nigeria Ltd.
Corneajohn’s Conglomerate
Cway Nig. Drinking Water Science Tech. Co. Ltd.
Damod Water
Dan Adejoh Ventures Limited
Dangote Fertilizer Ltd(Dangote Group)-Nigeria
Danmodi Food Processing Limited
Dansa Food Processing Ltd
Dantata Foods & Allied Products Limited
De-Baruchway Global Industries Limited
De-United Foods Industries
Deli food limited
Delifoods Nig. Ltd.
Delta-R (Nig) Ltd
Diamonds Foods
Diamonds Foods Nigeria Ltd
Dictachi Foods Nig. Ltd.
Digval Ventures
Dil/Maltex Nig. Plc.
Doyin Group of Companies
DUFIL Prima Foods Plc.
Ebony Aces restaurant & bar
Eden Foods Valley Limited
Ejir Granding Stores
Ekcel Farms Limited
Ellar Foods
Emerald Food & Beverage Company Limited
Emma Food Company
Emmaco Company
Enthra Concept
Erich Foods
Erisco Foods Limited (Erisco Bonpet Group)
Erivlah Products Company
Eunob Global Resources Limited
Euro Global Foods and Distilleries Ltd.
Fan Milk Plc
FFT Miracle Fish Shop
First Khalikan Global Limited
Fish Shop
Fofana Nigeria Limited
Fold Nigeria Ltd.
Food, Agro & Allied Industries Ltd.
Foods & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Foods & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co Ltd
Four Brothers Ind. Nig. Ltd.
Franvinck Integrated Services Nigeria Limited

Can A Microbiologist Work In NNPC or Oil Company

Just as we mentioned above, a Microbiologist can work in any raw material industry.

Since oil is an example of raw material (mineral) a research Microbiologist can work with petroleum products.

Their job in an oil company includes the monitoring and studying of oilfield microorganisms that can cause corrosion of oil/gas pipelines and production installations.

What is the work of a Microbiologist?

The work of a Microbiologist differs based on the kind of organizations you work for.

For example, if a Microbiologist should work in a pharmaceutical company, the kind of work he/she will be doing will be different from the work he or she will be doing when working in a food company or a medical organization.

Pharmaceutical Company

The role of a Microbiologist in a pharmaceutical company is to ensure that all equipment used in the production of drugs are well sterilized, to avoid contamination because microorganisms are not supposed to be found in sterile drugs.

Another role of a microbiologist in a pharmaceutical company is to ensure that all the surroundings where drug samples are being produced are well sterilized. 

Food And Beverage Company

Microbiologists also work in food and beverage companies.

The major function of a Microbiologist in a beverage company is to ensure adequate preparation of beverages using microorganisms.

Beverages like alcohols, wines, and beers are prepared by fermentation.

But, fermentation only occurs as a result of the action of microorganisms in the beverage, hence, the presence of a Microbiologist is essential.

Microbiologists ensure adequate fermentation of beverage products so that the products are up to standard.

The role of a Microbiologist in the food industry is to ensure that the food samples are not contaminated and to round it up, they also ensure that all the equipment used both in the beverage and food industry are well sterilized to avoid contamination.

A medical field like hospitals and clinics

Microbiologists who work in hospitals and clinics are usually based in the laboratory because they run several analysis on fluid and samples taken from sick patients.

Microbiologists analyses blood samples, stools, vomits, urine, and other body fluids to check if there is any trace of microbial infection in it, of which after confirmation, the results are then submitted to the doctor who then decides on the treatment to give the patient.

How Much Are Microbiologist Paid In Nigeria

According to the Nigerian salary scale, a new graduate usually earns around N425,000 per month while an intermediate with some years of experience earns around N754,000 and a one with over 15 years of experience earns around N1,000,000. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is Microbiologist lucrative in Nigeria?

Microbiologist no doubt is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria and if you see a company related to your field of study and ready to pay you well, then you would surely enjoy your discipline as a Microbiologist.

Is Microbiologist a good course in Nigeria

A microbiologist is one of the good courses to study in Nigeria because it is a paramedical course (related to medicine).



Microbiology is no doubt is one of the most lucrative courses that pay well in Nigeria. As said earlier, if you are a new graduate you can easily earn around N425,000 per month which I think is good pay to start with. 

There are different branches in Microbiology, and this is the reason why you see most Microbiologists working in almost all the companies in Nigeria.

Some area of specialization in Microbiology include Bacteriology (the study of bacteria), Mycology (the study of fungi), Protozoology (the study of protozoa), Phycology/algology (the study of algae), Parasitology (the study of parasites), Immunology (the study of the immune system), Virology (the study of viruses), and Nematology (the study of nematodes).

Due to the presence of microorganisms everywhere, microbiologists are eligible to work in any company of their choice. Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria? A microbiologist can work in the food industry to check for the contamination of food samples by microbes, Beverages industry where microorganisms are used to prepare beverages by fermentation, they can work in a pharmaceutical company where microorganisms are used to test and manufacture drugs, they can also work in any other Industries to maintain the sterilization of their equipment to avoid contamination.