100 Companies Where A Business Administrator Can Work In Nigeria?

A business administrator can work anywhere, yes, anywhere in Nigeria. A degree in business administration will enable you to become an expert in the world of business and to work effectively in any organization regardless of your job description. If you’re considering a degree in business administration, I listed companies where a business administrator can work in Nigeria. it will interest you to know that a lot of workplaces in Nigeria regularly contract the services of business administrators either temporarily or permanently.

As a business administrator, you can work in most departments in an organization such as human resources, accounting, project management, operations, production, customer relations, and product implementation.

Technically, you can also work in various industries across Nigeria, such as education, hospitality, finance, retail, health care, marketing, sales, logistics, supply chain management, telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, security services, and food production.

In Nigeria, business administrators are highly sought and paid. This is a no-brainer because every business, start-up, company, organization, non-governmental agency, and government parastatals require the services of a general administrator who will tend to the affairs of the business. Virtual/online businesses too are not left out–as every business wants its affairs tidied and sorted.

Where Can a Business Administrator Work In Nigeria?

100 Companies where business administrators can work in Nigeria are:

  • Cedar Recruitment Limited
  • WorQulture Nigeria Limited
  • Latter-Day Saints
  • Multipro Consumer Products Limited
  • HR Aids Consult
  • Jobmag Nigeria
  • Deloitte Nigeria
  • Talentpool Nigeria
  • FHI 360 Nigeria
  • Woodridge and Scott Consulting
  • Crunch Hire Nigeria
  • SENCE Nigeria Limited
  •  The Education Partnership Center (TEP)
  • Citi Consults
  • Abott Nigeria Limited
  • Dangote Industries Limited
  • Precise Platform Nigeria
  • Erisco Inc
  • Ceepass Digital Limited
  • WatchLocker Nigeria
  • Elan and Enthral Management Company
  • Sigma Consulting Group
  • Phoenix Converge Solutions Limited
  • Crystgold Investment Group
  • Aldelia Nigeria
  • Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Center
  • Multitek Data Systems Limited
  • Glovo Nigeria
  • Adspace Nigeria
  • Population Services International
  • Whytecleon Limited
  • Papersoft Nigeria
  • OPL Academy
  • BOD Properties Nigeria Limited
  • Tech Stars 54 Nigeria
  • Softcom Limited
  • BrightHat Nigeria
  • DunnandBraxton Nigeria Limited
  • Elements Global Services
  • Seli Marketplace
  • Alexander Nelson HR
  • Guaranty Trust Holding Company
  • Jemi Neil Consulting
  • The Melan Company
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • HRonWheels Nigeria Limited
  • Zola Electric
  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc
  • Cubic Corporation
  • Customer Passion Point Limited
  • International Business & Technical Consultants Inc
  • Equinor Nigeria Limited
  • Tezza Business Solutions Limited
  • Sandworth Properties Limited
  • Mirabel Luxury Gifts
  • Ella & Black Associates Limited
  • iRecruiters Africa
  • Jumia Group
  • Firmenich Nigeria Limited
  • Old Mutual South Africa
  • EgenderHealth Nigeria Limited
  • Henkel Nigeria
  • F.N.B. Corporation
  • Ericsson Group
  • CrunchHire Nigeria
  • African Development Bank Group
  • The Global Fund
  • Erisco Food Limited
  • Babban Gona Nigeria
  • Netcom Africa Limited
  • Intrahealth International
  • ChangeRoom Nigeria Limited
  • Workaholic DCC Limited
  • FocalPoint Nigeria
  • Cordros Nigeria
  • Stafflon Nigeria Limited
  • Sinoria Corporation Limited
  • Pyramid Microfinance Bank Limited
  • Thiand Nigeria
  • Carnex Nigeria Incorporated
  • Emclingc Nigeria Limited
  • Olakleen Holdings Limited
  • Diversity Talent Management Limited
  • Exampaqs Nigeria
  • KPMG Nigeria
  • Trimble Incorporated
  • Adexen Nigeria
  • Blattner Energy Nigeria Limited
  • Aggreko Nigeria
  • Power Design Incorporated
  • Kedi Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited
  • Jeotech Logistics
  • Hinge Consults
  • Mrytle Management Consultants
  • Activa Foods Limited
  • Top Tiers Consult
  • Roadlamp Limited
  • Altara Credit Limited
  • Tataplus Properties Nigeria Limited
  • Oxford Pacific Phoenix Nigeria

What Is The Work of a Business Administrator?

On a typical day, a business administrator oversees the general operations of a company or department–they are like the general overseer or a “party mum” that ensures everyone, works, eats, contributes, and gets home safely.

  1. Their numerous roles include supporting and overseeing teams, problem-solving, team planning & dissolution, developing and implementing plans, meeting goals, assigning tasks, collation weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually reports.

They can also recommend, and implement changes in organizational policies and procedures so that the company’s goals can be refined, and completed with ease.

How Many Years Does It Take To Study Business Administration In Nigeria?

Business administration degrees are among the most popular university programs in Nigeria, with a yearly intake of about 3,000,000 students.

You don’t need any scientific abilities to study business administration in Nigeria, and it only takes between three and four years to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree programs and MBAs generally require one to two years to complete.

How Much Are Business Administrators Paid In Nigeria?

The level of experience is the most important determining factor in choosing the salary scale of business administrators. Basically, it follows the law of the “higher you go, the cooler it becomes ” as workers with more years of experience get higher wages, benefits, and severance packages.

A business administrator with less than two years of work experience earns about  252,000 Naira monthly. This figure may vary according to the hiring company, the gender of the business administrator, and credible certifications.

An experience level between two and five years will earn about 348,000 Naira per month,(again this value may vary depending on other factors).

An experience level between five and ten years lands is expected to earn, (drumroll pause for effect), a whopping 500,000 naira per month as salary.

Is Business Administration Lucrative In Nigeria?

If you want to know if business administration is indeed lucrative in Nigeria, the answer is yes.

A degree in business administration will equip you with the knowledge and ability to effectively manage a business. It will also provide a complete understanding of organizational work-life, expectations, and the ability to work effectively towards achieving organizational goals. The knowledge gained will play a crucial role in securing mouth-watering job offers, and business opportunities.

The mouth-watering job offers will give you a sustainable means of income, monetary security, freedom, and elevated levels of career advancement. If you’re a lover of traveling and culture, a degree in business administration will open up paths to do business or offer business-related advice in other countries. So basically, you can earn in the country’s country while also earning in foreign currencies.


With a degree in business administration, you can successfully begin a career in any industry, from music to manufacturing, construction to consulting, production to arts, anywhere in the world.

It is also possible to venture into entrepreneurship in the business. It may require a lot of monetary investments, physical structures, and adhering to government policies, but it will reel in a lot of money in the long run. That’s all on the list of companies where business administrators can work in Nigeria.