Easiest Ways To Migrate To Canada From Nigeria (2023)

Over the past ten years, Canada has seen a steady rise in the number of New Comers coming from Nigeria. The easiest ways to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria seem to be obtaining work visas or going through the educational route. However, these are not the only ways to get to Canada. As there are thousands of jobs and other economic opportunities available in Canada, and as the economy is on the rise, it is only natural that the Canadian authorities institute favorable policies to allow suitable people to come in to take advantage of them.

Nigerians are easily accepted into Canada because they are good English speakers, and have the communication edge over many other applicants. Furthermore, Nigerians have gained a reputation for being very hard-working. They are able to thrive in very difficult conditions and are able to spot opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

There are several ways to migrate to Canada from Nigeria; we will highlight them here while leaving you to determine the easiest way for yourself; because what may be easy for one person may be unsuitable for another.

Easiest Ways To Migrate To Canada From Nigeria

Get An Invitation To Apply (ITA) Through Express Entry

Most skilled Nigerian workers find this the easiest way of moving to Canada. The Express Entry system is designed to get skilled workers from other countries into Canada to participate in building the economy. The Express Entry system will require that you show yourself to be a skilled worker who can contribute meaningfully to Canada’s economy. Subsequently, you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency through Express Entry. This system uses a points-based grid known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

How Can You Get an ITA?

Express Entry applicants are given scores with such criteria as their age, level of education, years of work experience, and language proficiency. When all those points are considered, your entry will still need to pass through a draw; if you pass the draw, you are set to find yourself working in Canada.

Your chances can be greatly increased if you have a job offer in Canada.

Migrate to Canada Through A Provincial Nomination (PN)

There are 13 provinces and territories in Canada, and they all have different needs as regards skills and manpower. Therefore, these provinces and territories have Provincial Nominee Programs to enable them to meet their particular manpower needs.

If you already have a particular province where you would like to live in Canada, then you have to apply to a Nominee Program that is specific to that place. Otherwise, you can just apply to any of the Provincial Nominee Programs, and then get to work and live there.

How Does Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program Work?

The Provincial Nominee Programs are designed to bring in skilled hands to meet the industry needs of that province. For example, the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program is currently bringing in skilled and intermediate skilled foreign workers such as financial services workers and truck drivers.

Remember that there are 13 provinces and territories; that means there are lots of options to choose from. When applying for a Provincial Nominee Program, please ensure that you read the fine print: some PNPs require applicants to have work experience, education, or valid job offers in the provinces.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a program designed to match highly skilled workers with companies or other establishments that are in need of workers. This program is designed to help meet the needs of these Atlantic Provinces including Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The program requires you to get a job offer from an employer in any of these provinces, then the program will fast-track your immigration process.

Apply To Study In Canada

Migrating to study in Canada is one very popular method via which many Nigerians have found themselves in Canada. While this is one of the easiest ways of migrating to Canada from Nigeria, it does not immediately lead to a permanent residency.

When you study in Canada, you may be required to return home after the completion of your studies. However, if you later apply for Canadian Express Entry Visa, or through any of the many Provincial Nominee Programs, the fact that you have previously spent time in Canada will count in your favor. The fact that you have studied in Canada will also count in your favor, thereby greatly increasing your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

There are so many colleges and universities in Canada, and some of them offer very affordable tuition fees, meaning that studying in Canada is not out of reach, if you truly want to study in Canada.

Migrate To Canada As A Farm-worker Or Caregiver

Canada is a self-sufficient country when it comes to food. There are so many farms in the country, and these farms need workers to keep running and to provide the much-needed food for the country. Caregivers are also in high demand across the cities in Canada. Therefore, migrating to Canada from Nigeria as a Farm-worker, or as a caregiver is a very workable option.

You will need to have some experience, however; the program requires you have worked at least one year as a farmworker, or as a caregiver.

You can apply at the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot or the Home Care Provider Pilot; depending on which of these you choose.

Canada Investor Immigration Program

The Canada Investor Immigration Program is a sure way of getting yourself into Canada. This program is designed for investors; people who will establish businesses in Canada. To get into this program and immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, the primary requirement is that you have proof of having about $1 million dollars.

This option is obviously out of the reach of most Nigerians, but it is quite easy and straightforward as long as you have the funds.



Depending on your individual circumstances these are the easiest ways of migrating to Canada from Nigeria. As we mentioned earlier, Nigerians have been steadily increasing in population in Canada; attracted by the great economic prospects.

Canada continues to welcome Nigerians because they are hard-working and proficient with English. This article arms you with the basic information about how to get in Canada legally from Nigeria; depending on your skill sets and net worth.