6 Easiest Ways To Migrate To Australia From Nigeria (2023)

Australia is a beautiful country with a great economy, which is why the country continues to be attractive to Nigerians. The easiest ways to migrate to Australia from Nigeria include obtaining a work visa and an Australian Partner Visa.  A work visa would usually involve being highly skilled; which would cause a business establishment in Australia to need your services. On the other hand, an Australian partner visa can be yours when you are in a relationship with a qualified Australian citizen.

Although Nigerians have not always traveled to Australia as a choice destination for migration, Nigerians have certainly started to recognize the potential offered by Australia. Having also seen how hard-working and dedicated Nigerians are, the Australian authorities have also made it easier for Nigerians to gain entry into the country.

There are several ways to travel to Australia, as the article will show; one must now decide upon which avenue best suits his particular circumstances.

Easiest Ways To Migrate To Australia From Nigeria

Australia Employer Sponsored Visas

The Australia Employer Sponsored Visas are a provision of the Australian government to bring in skilled workers to meet the labor demands of the Australian economy by bringing workers from other countries including Nigeria.

Employer-Sponsored Visas come in different categories and require you to get an employment offer from a business in Australia, and then have the employer sponsor your application to help you get into the country. There are two main types of this kind of visa.

The Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa:

The Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa is a visa for skilled people to come over into Australia. However, this kind of visa is usually for short to medium term periods, and those do not usually guarantee a long stay. The visas are usually for one or two years, although sometimes they can be extended to up to four years.

Employer Nomination Scheme:

This is another way via which businesses can bring in workers from other countries including Nigeria into Australia. There are 3 main branches of this particular program, and you can find one that is best suited to you.

Temporary Residence Transition Stream:

This particular visa type is for workers who have already worked with their employers for at least two years. This visa type is only open to Nigerians who are already living in Australia at the moment. The program requires the employer to sponsor the application on behalf of the recipient.

The Direct Entry Stream:

The Direct Entry Stream is a program open to Nigerians who have never been to Australia, or who have briefly been to Australia. Of course, an interview will be held at the embassy, and you will have to show that you have some very valuable skills in order to qualify for this type of visa.

The Agreement Stream:

This kind of visa is for people who have been sponsored by a particular employer through maybe a regional or migration agreement. This visa type may require the visa holder to return to his country of origin at the end of the employment tenure.

Australian Partner Visa Applications

Many Nigerians have found themselves in Australia today because they have built romantic relationships with Australian citizens. Of course, this can be one of the easiest ways of migrating to Australia as a Nigerian, but it does not always work for everybody. Interestingly though, these are some of the most popular types of visas, and it does not always need to be Australian citizens; citizens of New Zealand are also eligible.

There are two major types of Australian Partner Visas.

Temporary Partner Visas:

The temporary partner visa will get you into Australia from Nigeria; although as the name suggests, it is a temporary visa, and will only last for a period of two years, during when your relationship will be evaluated.  If your relationship is still going strong at the end of the two years, then you can apply for a permanent partner visa.

Permanent Partner Visa:

The Permanent Partner Visa is actually valid for five years, although at the expiration of the tenure if the relationship is still going strong, you can apply for citizenship. You do not have to first get a Temporary Partner Visa before you can get a Permanent one; please consult with the Australian High Commission in your country to determine which one is most suitable for you.

Important things to note about Australian Partner visas:

If you have been engaged to marry an Australian Citizen, then you can apply for a prospective marriage visa. This will usually require the Australian citizen to file an application on your behalf from Australia.

The prospective marriage visa is designed to help you get into Australia to get married. You can then ensure that you get married to your partner, and then apply for a permanent visa as soon as possible.

Australian Parent Visa

Australian Parent Visas are provisions made to enable parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents to come into the country in order to meet up with their children. This scheme is very broad and has helped many Nigerians get into Australia.

Even if your child has recently traveled to Australia, perhaps with an Australian partner visa, you can still apply for a parent visa, and join them. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

About Australian Parent Visa:

This type of visa can only be applied for from within Australia. That means it is your child who will make the first move by approaching the immigration authorities and filing the application on your behalf.

Your Child must have at least half of his children living in Australia. If he has more children in Nigeria or any other country, it may be an indication that he is not really a devoted family person, and your application may have economic undertones.

It does not matter whether the child is your biological or adopted child, as long as he is settled in Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand, you are eligible for this type of visa.



While these are not the only ways to migrate to Australia from Nigeria, they are arguably the easiest. You can still enter into Australia through a student visa or through the investment visa route; those options are quite expensive and can be out of reach of most Nigerians. With careful planning and dedication, it is possible to find your way into Australia using any of the avenues presented in this article.