Vitafoam Price List (2022)

Vita cosmic system bedding is a top vita foam item [High thickness mattress] which is made of ORTHOPEDIC froth shrouded in excellent, finely planned knitted material and solidness to address muscular issues. Ideal for grown-ups from 30 years upwards. It is likewise appropriate for all bodyweight classifications

Wellbeing they say is abundant, This item is prescribed by specialists to matured and couples who experience spinal pain or body torment without a doubt. It is an unquestionable requirement to have items in each home as it additionally aids back fixing

It is really hard and for the most part utilized by families, lodgings, and emergency clinics because of the restrictive capacities it performs and the greatest fulfillment it gives.

The item is intended to give solace.

The size is 75 inches long, 54 inches wide, and 8 inches high starting from the earliest stage.

  • Made of reconstituted froth
  • Very hard
  • Suitable for muscular necessities
  • Can convey any bodyweight
  • Comes with sewed damask texture

Vitafoam Mattress Price List 2022

The following are the current costs and sizes of Vitafoam Mattresses in Nigeria.

Vita Galaxy (Classic Mattress)

6ft X 3ft X 8 – ₦48,535.59

6ft x 3.5ft x 8 – ‎₦56,385.97

6ft x 4ft x 8 – ₦63,749.10

6ft x 4.5ft x 8 – ₦71,717.74

6ft x 6ft x 8 – ₦94,505.32

6ft x 7ft x 8 – ₦109,733.66

Vita Galaxy (Orthopedic Mattress) VITA GALAXY (Orthopedic MATTRESS)

6ft x 3ft x 8 – ₦55,919.04

6ft x 3.5ft x 8 – ₦63,541.81

6ft x 4ft x 8 – ‎₦71,098.53

6ft x 4.5ft x 8 – ₦79,092.27

6ft x 5ft x 8 – ₦87,889.41

6ft x 6ft x 8 – ₦108,609.79

6ft x 7ft x 8 – ₦126,450.59

7ft x 7ft x 8 – ‎₦143,508.90

Vita Sizzler Size and Prices

6ft x 3.5ft x 10 inches – ₦96,723.17

6ft x 4.5ft x 10inches – ‎₦123,759.16

6ft x 5ft x 10inches – ‎₦137,647.68

6ft x 6ft x 10inches – ₦164,244.57

6ft x 7ft x 10inches – ₦190,930.44

Vita Standard Hospital Mattress


Vita Spring Firm

79 x 72 x 10″ – ‎₦124,247.96

79 x 71 x 10″ – ₦132,383.41

75 x 36 x 10″ – ₦69,372.25

6ft x 3.5ft x 10inches – ₦78,594.35

6ft x 4ft x 10 inches – ‎₦87,313.95

6ft x 4.5ft x 10 inches – ₦95,960.51

6ft x 5ft x 10 inches – ₦106,529.59

6ft x 6ft x 10 inches – ₦125,680.46

6ft x 7ft x 10 inches – ‎₦148,382.88

Vita Twill Double Mattress

6ft x 3.5ft x 10 inches – ‎₦108,813.17

6ft x 4.5ft x 10 inches – ₦137,595.23

6ft x 5ft x 10inches – ₦151,952.47

6ft x 6ft x 10 inches – ₦181,966.27

6ft x 7ft x 10 inches – ₦211,226.79

The historical backdrop of Vitafoam in Nigeria traces all the way back to the year 1962 when an organization was set up between British Vita and Unilever. That very year, Vita items were imported and disseminated in the country. In any case, it wasn’t until 1966 when a polyether plant was set up in Ikeja, that Vitafoam turned out to be truly acclimated with the Nigerian market. The organization immediately developed to become one of Nigeria’s driving makers of froth items: furniture, polyether, upholstery items, and so on As the organization developed, it kept on building up deliberately found plants across Nigeria.

Trustfund Pensions Limited

By 1978, it’s anything but traded on an open market organization on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange. By 1995, its income base was ₦1.02 billion. Throughout the long term, it has won numerous nearby and global honors, including the International Quality Award which it won in the year 2000.

What Mattresses Mean for Your Sleep

The nature of your rest influences your presentation during the day.

Have you at any point woken up with a neck, shoulder, or spinal pain, which you didn’t have prior to setting off the lights? On the off chance that you at any point encountered this, it was doubtlessly brought about by how you dozed.

Advantages of dozing on a decent sleeping cushion

Coming up next are the advantages of having a decent sleeping cushion:

  • A decent sleeping cushion serves to direct your internal heat level around evening time: Your body chills off to direct your temperature as you lie in the bed to rest. Sleeping cushions with regular materials (like cotton and fleece) keep up with your internal heat level’s. Notwithstanding, a material like Polyester will ingest warmth and delivery it back. This regularly brings about perspiring as the night progressed.
  • It keeps your body outline in the right position: Having appropriately organized bedding is needed to keep your body on the right edge. How your body is adjusted and set on our sleeping cushions likewise influences your stance during the day.
  • It works on Your Body’s Performance: You are more headed to vanquish your day following a respectable and great night’s rest which to a decent degree will depend on “a decent bed”. Factors like your memory, cogitative capacities, and homeostasis are occurrences on your resting propensities. This thus is firmly pivoted to the nature of your bedding.

In Nigeria today, there are two principle brands of sleeping cushions that are vying for market pre-distinction – Vitafoam and Mouka Foam beddings. The opposition between these two brands is firm to the point that it’s practically difficult to choose which one is better than the other. In any case, this is a brand war circumstance and just one brand will win or not. In this way, to discover which one of them really rules the portion of the overall industry, we did some exploration.