Top 7 Transport Companies In Abuja (2023)

The Public system in Abuja and Nigeria generally is almost non-existent. And the Public transport system in Abuja is not in the best situation at the moment.

Road transport is the most common means of transportation and the private companies in the transportation industry are road transport companies. The logistics involved in having a transport company are a lot because of the security and road situations in the country. It is important for companies to provide comfortable and secure enough transport experiences for their customers.

The functions of top transport companies in Abuja can be totally unique. The major function of transports companies is to commute people and goods from one location to another. Some clients employ the services of transport companies for logistics purposes just to pick up and deliver their goods to their desired location. There is a general misconception about the employees of transport companies in Abuja being “Thugs” and this is one of the challenges the transport industry faces.

Transport Companies In Abuja

1. Chisco Transport Nigerian Limited

Chisco Transport is one of the oldest indigenous top transport companies in Abuja. They offer first-class bus services and everything in between. The company was established in the year 1981 and has been offering first-class services ever since. The company offers its inter-state travel service to over 28 of the 36 Nigerian states in mini and luxury buses depending on the choice of the customers.

They also have transit services to West African countries like Ghana, Togo, offering night travel, tours to different attractions across the country, and advertisement and billboard services on its Bus Terminals. The Abuja office is located at Ekukinam Street, Utako, Abuja. Chisco Transport is one of the most popular and common choices among the Abuja people.

2. God is Good Motors

Established in 1998 and one of Africa’s biggest transport companies, God is Good motors now has over 34 bus terminals with transit routes around the whole country and West Africa.

The company majorly provides inter-state travel services but after a rebranding of the whole company in the year 2010, the company has branched into other services like Intra-city transportation, Vehicle hire, Pick-up service, Mobility Platform. The company has also employed the use of modern technology by offering the service of online booking and a company-owned mobile application available on Android and ios which makes it easier for customers to make contact. The Abuja office is located at Gado Nasko Way Kubwa, Abuja.

3. GUO Transport

The company is a division of the business company Okeke and Sons. It was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading transport companies in Abuja. A big player in inter-state travel with over 200 routes across Nigeria and parts of West Africa.

The company operates 24/7 and offers other services such as Charter Service which involves traveling to clients’ preferred destination in comfort and at affordable prices, Hotel/Airport Pickup picking up or dropping off customers at Airports, Round Trip Service, and Haulage service with over 80 vehicles dedicated to this effort.

4. Autostar Executive Shuttle

Autostar Executive offers a luxurious but affordable service to its customers and makes them experience bus travel like never before. Autostar services leave its customers wanting more as it offers an excellent alternative to air travel in routes where people would normally travel by air, Autostar Executive makes the bus travel experience one to savor for life.

It offers a wide range of services which includes Inter-state travel, special chatter services like dropping clients off at clubs, parties, and private events, luxurious cars available for rent to its amiable customers with adequate and professional drivers behind the steering wheels with a limited speed meter and vehicle tracking from the offices to ensure the safety of its clients. The Abuja office is located at Awolowo Way, Opposite Kia Motors, Utako, Abuja.

5. Cross Country Nigeria Limited

Incorporated in the year 2001, Cross Country Nigeria has routes in over 26 states in Nigeria and some neighbouring West African countries. The company is headquartered in Yaba, Lagos, and has over 1000 active vehicles.

The services the company renders include; inter-state transportation services, hospitality services for their customers, Haulage services for individuals and offices, and courier services as part of their logistics division. the Abuja branch of the company is located at, Dan Suleiman Cresent, Off Okotie Eboh Street, Utako District, Abuja.

6. Delta Line Transport Services

Nicknamed “The Pride of the South”, Delta Line was birthed over 40 years ago in Edo State where it was initially called the Bendel Line transport service until its rebranding in the year 1991 where it was changed to Delta Line Transport Service. The company has a multi-cultural identity and cuts across all regions of the country.

It is the only company on this list that is co-owned by the government as the Delta State Government entered into a partial partnership with the company in the year 2018.

Some of the services the company offers include Inter-state travel where the customers can book the bus online before their travel, pick a convenient date and also have the luxury of picking a convenient seat. They also offer a vehicle hire service where clients can select the kind of vehicle they want for hire. The Abuja branch is located at shop 50, Ultra Modern Market, Utako, Abuja.

7. Edegbe Line Motors

A very indigenous transport company, they are designed and tailor-made to acclimate to the Nigerian weather conditions. The company is majorly influential in the inter-state transit business. They also offer other services such as Vehicle sales, vehicle hire services, Passenger Transport, After-sales service.

The company is a two-way company involved in the sales of vehicles and transport business. If you are looking for a good mix of the two disciplines, Edegbe Line Motors is your plug. The Abuja office is located at 18 Tunde Idiagbon Way, Utako District, Abuja.


Transportation in Abuja

The then General Muhammed Buhari military regime created the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company Limited as an umbrella body for the Abuja Bus Service (ABS) in 1984. The platform was created to provide cheap, efficient, and safe means of public transportation for the Abuja people but over the years, due to poor management, deteriorating states of buses, and so on, the ABS was mismanaged and the total sum of 1.3 billion naira which the government used to create the public transit system have been carted away by corrupt leaders. The attempt by the FCT to create a system that was later replicated by Babatunde Fashola in Lagos with the emergence of BRT buses failed in Abuja due to mismanagement.


The importance of the best transport companies in Abuja has been very evident. The public transport system can’t offer the quality of life needed and these companies have indeed been a lifesaver. These different companies offer their services in unique ways and give Abujans the luxury of choice to pick the services that best suit them