10 Top Insurance Brokers In Nigeria (2023)

Who is an Insurance broker? Actually, this can be an individual or a business that is registered to give insurance-related advice and also purchase insurance cover from an insurer on behalf of clients. Hence, an Insurance broker, who can be a person or an organization, is a professional in the industry

It should be noted that there are numerous insurance brokers in Nigeria as things stand now. In fact, it was made known that there are currently over 300 registered insurance brokers in the country now (they have to register with the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers). Therefore, as a patronizer, it is wisdom to patronize only an insurance broker you are sure is registered with NCRIB. In fact, any insurance broker who isn’t registered won’t be licensed by NAICOM – the National Insurance Commission

As stated earlier, there are so many insurance brokers around. Nevertheless, some are ahead of others, in different important regards. Let’s see ten prominent of such we have in the country. 

Top 10 Insurance Brokers In Nigeria

Insurance Brokers Of Nigeria (IBN)

This is a top insurance broking and risk advisory company in the country, with a reputation for being the very first of its kind in Nigeria. They have been around even before Nigeria’s independence – they came up as far back as 1955. The company used to be known as C.T Bowring and Company, and ever since, they have been doing a lot in regards to delivering innovative risk as well as insurance management solutions to folks here.

Insurance Brokers Of Nigeria (IBN) offers services like;

  • Insurance broking services
  • Industrial risk protection
  • Wholesale reinsurance services
  • Energy and Power
  • Aviation, Marine, Hull and Cargo Insurance

Northlink Insurance Brokers

Licensed by National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), this is another top insurance broker in the country, that has been rendering insurance brokerage services since as far back as 1989.

Northlink Insurance Brokers Plc offers services to people and they strive to ensure nothing but quality. They can assist you when it comes to the filing, presentation as well as prosecution of claims. Their competent workers can also help provide analysis and reports at no additional cost to you.

The firm’s core services include;

  •  Fire and special perils
  • Money insurance
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Workmen compensation

Carrier Insurance Brokers

Carrier Insurance Brokers is another superb one that can be recommended. The company is licensed by the National Insurance Commission and has been registered as far back as 1994. They offer all manner of insurance services and have been serving different clients since inception.

Carrier Insurance Brokers also provides tailor-made professional services to public organizations as well as the private sector.

Let’s highlight their major services;

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance

Hogg Robinson Nigeria

Here is another top insurance broker in Nigeria that transacts all classes of the insurance business in the country. They have been around since 1974 when they were registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission. One thing you should also know about Hogg Robinson Nigeria is that they have international partners, and they bank on that to draw knowledge and expertise used to enhance their services here.

Their major services include;

  • Oil and gas, marine, and Aviation Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Industrial and commercial reinsurance

Glanvills Enthoven

The company started as one of the incorporated insurance and reinsurance brokers licensed and is regarded as one of the best around. Glanvills Enthoven is a member of NCRIB and is licensed by NAICOM too. It should also be added that the company is also part of Odua’s group of companies.

The company’s core services include;

  • Motor insurance
  • Annuity insurance
  • Bonds, claims consulting 

Union Commercial Insurance Brokers

Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Limited is an Insurance broker that also transacts all classes of insurance business in Nigeria. It used to be known as Rock Insurance Brokers Unlimited (as it began operations as a Private Limited Liability Company).

Let’s highlight some of the core services offered by Union Commercial Insurance Brokers:

  • Motor insurance Life
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Travel and Health insurance

Nigerian Life And Provident Company Limited

Here is another insurance broker in Nigeria that has been around for over 50 years now. They actually started operation in the country as a pension management and consultancy firm and have grown reasonably well. Right now, they are one of the leading financial service providers around, and they are in the category of the best insurance brokers here.

Nigerian Life And Provident Company Limited are pretty innovative and know their onions when it comes to stuff like employee fund management, training, insurance broking, etc.

Risk Analyst Insurance Brokers

Though they aren’t as “old” as some of those other insurance brokers up there, Risk Analyst Insurance Brokers has been able to climb to an enviable height, becoming one of the best around. The firm provides its services to suit the needs of its clients. If you do business with them, they give you premium professional services that serve your needs. 

Also, with Risk Analyst Insurance Brokers, you can enjoy quick premium payment as well as competitive premiums.

Hilltop Insurance Brokers

The firm is also an impressive insurance broker in the country. They started operation as a private Limited Liability Company. They offer Risk Management and Consultancy services and have deep knowledge in what they do.

Colenson Insurance Brokers

Colenson Insurance Brokers was founded as far back as 1983, and they have been offering professional services ever since. You can do business with them, knowing you are dealing with people with a wealth of experience in the field, who have been able to serve many clients before now.


In conclusion, wisdom demands that one do business with only an insurance broker that is duly registered to carry out brokerage services by the law of the land. It is appropriate to first demand their NCRIB and NAICOM registration certificates before any other thing.