Survival Fund Registration (2023)

President Buhari’s administration created the N60 billion ($ 156.446 million) MSMEs Survival Fund and the N15 billion ($ 39.111 million) Guaranteed Offtake Schemes to encourage Nigerians following the cholera crisis. Getting this assistance is the big question on everyone’s mind right now.

As he did last year, President Buhari has presented another 75 billion Naira plan to help those suffering from the cholera epidemic.

MSME Survival Fund Form Registration Portal: Latest Information.

The Payroll Support Scheme has helped a total of 238,868 people employed by 41,726 MSMEs across the country. The scheme’s payment is still pending.

Application Form for the Guaranteed Offtake Stimulus Fund Program in 2021

We are pleased to notify you that the Registration Form Portal for the Federal Government’s 2021 MSME Guaranteed Offtake Stimulus Scheme is now open for submissions.

MSME Fund information can be source from

Survival fund portal

The MSME Survival Fund was created to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the fight against unemployment by providing payroll assistance and other innovative approaches to keep their businesses afloat.

More than 500,000 Nigerians would profit from the effort, and the government has already given salaries to more than 1,000,000,000 Nigerian firms, most of which are businesses. A total of 2,283,032 workers in 24 states support 2,000,000,000 handicrafts.

The federal government is actively assisting the country in regaining its economic viability through forward-looking and innovative measures that have proven beneficial in combating the global epidemic. According to available data, the land has been transferred to the company’s owners, ensuring that the country will continue to grow.

In an interview with Reuters, MSMES Survival Fund Applications Minister of State Maryam Katagam urged MSMEs that they should not pay anyone to influence government payments.

Additionally, she stated that grants sanctioned under the Financial Sustainability Planning Scheme will support and manage the livelihoods of insecure MSMEs and self-employed individuals, primarily affected by the Covid19 outbreak, in addition to Survival Funds and Guaranteed Confidence Schemes, which cover five different avenues.

Beneficiaries are spread across the country as follows: Total number of people who will profit from MSMES: 27,085. N30,000.00 was distributed to 146,266 different recipients.

Contact information can be found at:

Complete the application at the following website:

Fund for the Survival of Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises

As a result of the global outbreak of Covid-19 (Epidemic Disease), the federal government introduced the Survival Fund Scheme as a grant to provide emergency relief to MSMEs from severe financial effects.

The 2021 Surviving Fund Application Form is now available. Nigeria There is no application form for the Survival Fund available right now. The registration portal for the Survival Fund is now available, and interested parties can submit an application online.

Interested parties can now submit an application for the Survival Fund via the site that has just opened (

Applications for the Survivalfund can be submitted via a smartphone’s internet browser. As a result, potential debtors will be able to request for credit from any location at any time. Without the need to visit the office.

The application for the Survival Fund can be completed in a couple of minutes.

Survival Fund Application Requirements. 

Application guide for

You must be a small or medium-sized business with employees or be self-employed.

Women will make up 45% of the recipients, with special needs accounting for 5% of the total.

If it’s a corporation, it needs to be registered with the Nigerian Companies Registration Authority, have at least three employees, and have a Nigerian as the CEO and BVN number in his bank account.

Transport operators like bus and taxi drivers as well as drivers for Uber, Bolt, and Kaninakawa are being targeted by the government as part of the private sector.

Plumbers, bricklayers, electricians, and other small business proprietors, for example, are all qualified.

No other portal should be used; only the Survival Fund Portal or the Survival Fund Application should be used

The only option to apply for the Survival Fund is to use the Survivalfund Portal Login page. Because the application for the Survival Fund is only available online, it is critical that all applicants are aware of this.

Those who find it difficult to fill out online forms and rely on others for assistance: how do you apply for the Survival Fund’s online application? This page will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Online applications require the use of a computer or smart mobile device, as well as a good internet connection for filling out the application form.

The Federal Government has also established an entry site for this initiative’s registration. To complete their registration, potential recipients should visit the Survival Fund Portal at

How to apply for SURVIVAL FUNDS – step-by-step instructions.

To get started, go to and click on ‘Register.’ Then, proceed as follows:

Registration on one’s own behalf

Start the support application by registering your personal information. The information at the top of the form will direct you to the early entry application’s mandatory fields.

Open a bank account for yourself

The activation code will be sent to the phone number and email address you provided during registration. To activate your account, you’ll need this phone number. To complete your initial registration, please ensure you have access to the phone number or email address you intend to use.

Registration Form for a Surviving Fund

Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll need to sign in and sign in to your company. You’ll need your CAC number, SMEDAN number, tax number (if applicable), and bank account details to complete this level.

Submit an application for financial assistance

In order to complete the application, you’ll need to have access to an email account with the specified address. These contain points for employee benefits (no more than ten employees), evidence of previous salary for the beneficiary, and all other supporting documents.

However, before that, make sure that the CEO / Proprietor who is the registered business owner and follows all requirements is more appropriate to fill out an application and add at least three and at least ten members of its workforce to the minimum requirements.

To register for a survival fund, go to, which is the government’s online registration platform.

After you’ve opened the application, you’ll need to provide the essential information.

Application Website for a Life-Sustaining Fund

Send in the last bit of paperwork.

Now that you’ve printed it, make a copy and store it somewhere secure.

Fraud on the emergency savings fund


There are substantial barriers in numerous aspects of society such as religion, trade, and traffic because of the worldwide ban on the spread of the coronavirus since the emergence of the covid pandemic in 2020. As with the rest of the world, Nigeria has imposed curfews and restricted movement in certain sections of the country, leading to a recession in the economy. As a result, Nigeria has devised its own system. The Survival Fund will help small and medium-sized businesses by providing financial support.

However, there are some bad guys who take advantage of this opportunity to deceive people by opening websites, therefore the Survival Fund cautions the public to be wary, according to the social media page.