Spain Visa Fees In Nigeria (2022) Requirements

Spain is a popular destination for Nigerians, as there are different things that could be done in the country. The beautiful European country is filled with interesting cities as well as natural attractions. Nigerians interested in getting into Spain must submit their application to BLS International in Lagos, before it would be processed at the Consulate General of Spain in Lagos too. This can be easily done as far as you have your international passport to proof your residence status.

The Spain visa fee is around NGN 36,700, aside from the standard processing fee. If you are able to get your visa, you will be allowed into the country officially.

Spain Visa Fees In Nigeria

For a short-term visa, you will pay around NGN 36,700 (Inclusive of VAT).

People from territories that are signatories to the Visa Facilitation Agreement with the EU are going to pay a reduced visa fee, since Spain is also part of the European Union. However, Nigeria is not one of those countries, and Nigerians have to pay the aforementioned standard fee.

It should be noted that aside the visa fee, there is also a service charge that applicants must pay per application. This costs just NGN 7,100. It is necessary to add also that all payments are to be paid in cash inside BLS centre, and applicants will need their Nigerian passport to make the payment.

Additionally, applicants must know that the visa processing fee as well the service charge are non-refundable.

Types of Spain Schengen Visas For Nigerians

There are three types of visas that are offered at BLS International in Lagos for Nigerians. The one you will go for will be dependent on factors such as your purpose for wanting to travel to Spain as well as the duration of the trip.

Here are the visa types:

  1. Short-term visa (C)

If you plan traveling to Spain briefly (less than 90 days) for the purpose of tourism, business, conferences, visiting family/friends, and medical reasons.

2. Long-term visa (D)

If you are to use over 90 days in Spain for reasons like employment, study, or family reunion, this is for you.

3. Airport Transit visa (A)

This is only necessary when transiting through Spain on the way to another place.

Applying For A Spain Schengen Visa

Let’s explore certain helpful steps you should undergo to easily get your Spain visa.

Step 1 – Decide On The Visa Type

First, be sure of the type of visa you want to get. This is dependent on your purpose for wanting to get to Spain, as well as your duration. It is the responsibility of applicants to apply for the correct one.

Step 2 – Book An Appointment

You can easily do this yourself, since it is free. Simply visit BLS International’s website and go to the page to book an appointment. Here, you should simply complete the requested information and then confirm the appointment.

When successfully done, you will receive confirmation of your appointment by email

Step 3 – Complete Your Application

On the BLS International’s website, choose the visa type you are going for and you will be taken to a page where you can download the form to fill. Download the application form and simply fill and print and sign it.

Step 4 – Visit The Visa Application Center

Take note of your appointment date and ensure you go there on the day, as early as possible, with all necessary documents.

At the Center, you have to provide biometric information. Also, the officials may ask certain questions if they need more information from you.

Step 5 – Track Your Passport

You can easily track the progress of your application once you have submitted it.  This too can be easily done onBLS International’s website.

You will see a “track application” tab. Simply click on it, and you will get to the page where you can input your reference number and date of birth.

Step 6 – Receive Your Visa

After the Consulate is done with the processing of your application, they will return your passport to BLS International. If you won’t mind paying an extra cost, they can send your passport to your home address. If not, you can easily pick up your thing in their office (ensure you come along with your receipt as well as your acceptance proof).

This is when you will know if your visa application was approved or rejected.

Supporting Documents & Requirments For Spanish Visa In Nigeria

One of the things that lead to rejection is when an applicant failed to submit certain important supporting documents. Here are the things you are expected to go with:

  1. Your official Nigerian Passport. Kindly note that your passport has to be valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from Spain.
  2. Two-color photographs of yours.
  3. Two Schengen visa application forms. Kindly note that both should be signed (one of the forms should be in Spanish while the other should be in English).
  4. A photocopy of your passport data page as well as every page of the passport with visas
  5. Travel medical insurance
  6. Accommodation proof. If you are staying in a hotel, then you must include a hotel booking that covers all the period of your stay in Spain. Otherwise, if you are going to stay with someone in Spain, then you need a letter of invitation from the person.
  7. Proof of applicant’s travel plans as a tourist
  8. Flight booking. Note that when applicable, this should include the flights between Spain and other countries
  9. Proof of Income. Kindly note that this is one of the major documents that will determine your success. The aim is to be sure that the applicant has sufficient resources to take good care of themselves while in Spain and when they return to Nigeria.
  10. Original Registry Marriage and Birth Certificate (applicable for those leaving with other members of their family).
  11. For applicants that are employees, they should include things like their salary slips, Letter of Appointment, Leave Letter, and so on.
  12. For business people, they should include all documents (original copies) that has to do with their business (things like Certificate of Incorporation or Registration, Tax Clearance Certificate, and so on)

Finally, if you are a Non-Nigerian who has been residing legally in the country, then you have to prove this at the Center.

BLS International Contact In Lagos

This is the official Address of the Center:

Selina House, 4 Idowu Martins Street, Off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island.

You can also give them a call on +2347056645455, or send a mail to:



There are several reasons Nigerians are heading towards Spain. Nevertheless, irrespective of your purpose for traveling to the country, you must have a visa.

Applications must be submitted to BLS International in Lagos, and they will take it up from there. The application is something you can conduct yourself as far as you are learned.

Finally, it is advisable that applicants should submit their application at least 3 weeks before their departure date. This will ensure sufficient time for proper planning, irrespective of the response you get from the Consulate.