50 Richest Men In Imo State (2023)

Imo state is a state in Nigeria that consists majorly of the Ibos. It is located in the Eastern region of Nigeria, with a local government that numbers up to twenty – seven. The capital of this great state is Owerri and the richest men in Imo state are respected and successful towns in Imo state, some of which are Okigwe, Akokwa, Mbaise, Orlu, and many others.

Many rich and influential people can be found in lmo States, most of them usually owning private institutions like schools organizations, Universities, and some other large companies. This is one factor that contributes to their affluence. Let’s now take a look at some of the Rich men and women in Imo state.

Richest People In Imo state

1. Rochas Okorocha

Rochas Okorocha is a very popular man in Imo state, you can’t reside in the state and say you have not heard of him before. He was a former governor of Imo state and has made many accomplishments before, during, and after his tenure. To show how influential the Ex-governor is, he is regarded as one of the wealthiest politicians in Nigeria. He is always ready to assist the poor and less privileged people in the state. As at this moment, he is a senator of the national assembly. His net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 billion.

2. Pascal Dozie

Another very rich man in Imo state is Pascal Dozie. Who can this man be? Have you ever heard of Diamond bank? or perhaps you are even using the bank. It will amuse you to know that is the founder and erstwhile chairman of Diamond bank. Not only is he the founder of Diamond Bank, but he is also the prestigious owner of Kunoch limited. He can be regarded as the second richest man in Imo state with an estimated net worth of about $1.1 billion.

3. Tony Ezenna

Have you ever used a drug produced by Orange drugs limited? If you usually check the producers of drugs you use, maybe you could have come across this name before. Orange drugs limited are involved in the distribution of pharmaceutical and beauty products from Indonesia, Germany, Italy, and the United States to Nigeria. The owner of this company is Tony Ezenna who is from Akokwa in Ideato North local government. He has an estimated net worth of about $1 billion. Can you just see how Imo individuals are making an impact in the society.

4. Leonard Stanley Ekeh

Let’s take a look at another wealthy individual that hails from Imo state. Leonard is a man that transacts business, especially in a high position. He is said to be a chairman and chief executive officer in Zinox technology limited. So if you have in one way or the other heard about Zinox company, just know that the owner hails from Imo state. There’s also a very popular company called Konga which is an online shopping store, so it’s either you have shopped from the company before or you have only heard about it. He is said to have an estimated net worth of over $350 million.

5. Cubana Chief priest

Have you ever been to Cubana nightclub? The owner of the club hails from Imo state. He is one of the richest men in Imo State and he is also an authorized representative of the popular energy drink ‘Bullet’. He is also a close associate with the popular Nigerian musician, David, and E-money.

6. Hope Uzodinma

Another opulent and well-to-do individual in Imo state is Hope Uzodinma.  He was once a governor in Imo state and a former senator. Hope is a very popular personality in Imo state.


Below are some of the major individuals that are making feats in the state, 50 wealthiest people in Imo state, they are;

  • Catherine Obianuju Acholonu
  • Pats Acholonu
  • Adanna Steinacker
  • Adiele Afigbo
  • Martin Agbaso
  • Ezinne Akudo
  • Anthony Anwuka
  • Chris Anyanwu
  • Peace Anyiam-Osigwe
  • Okey Bakassi
  • Bede Eke
  • Victor Adibe Chikwe
  • Chile Eboe-Osuji
  • Leo Stan Ekeh
  • Simeon Ekpe
  • Paschal Eze
  • Kali Gwegwe
  • Humblesmith
  • Emmanuel Iheanacho
  • Laura Ikeji
  • Linda Ikeji
  • Michael Ikoku
  • Dickson Iroegbu
  • Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
  • Daniel Kanu
  • Wence Madu
  • O. Mbadiwe
  • Lazarus Muoka
  • Nenny B
  • Tobechi Nneji
  • Flora Nwapa
  • Chief Nwosu Anyanasor
  • Mary Nzimiro
  • Chibuzor Obasi
  • Nene Obianyo
  • Luke Chijiuba Ochulor
  • Walter Ofonagoro
  • Mbonu Ojike
  • Mike Mbama Okiro
  • Okoro Idozuka
  • Stephanie Okwu
  • Chukwudifu Oputa
  • Ugonna Ozurigbo
  • Kelechi Udegbe
  • Chuka Odom
  • Nnabuenyi Ugonna
  • Helen Ukpabio
  • Kenneth Uwadi
  • Benjamin Uwajumogu
  • Hope Uzodinma

Facts to note about the richest men in Imo state.

I’m sure it is everyone’s desire to be rich, no one will ever pray to be poor or be a mediocre. However it is not easy to get to the top, one has to pay the price constantly to attain a level where you are tagged rich. There are some factors used to scale how rich one is, they are the amount of wealth one possesses, the number of businesses one has, the number of houses, the number of shares in various organizations, and of course power. There are also some qualities that one has to possess before becoming rich. Hard work is the number one attribute that a person aspiring for the top must-have, another one is having a persistent determination to achieve your set goal. It means never settling for less, one should also be consistent, must possess firmness, and must not be easily swayed by what people say or think about you, as long as you know where you are headed. There’s also a very strong factor that comes to play in getting rich and that is prayer. It just not be left out as it is a very vital thing someone that aspires to be rich must do.


A wealthy man is one who has abundant possessions and especially material wealth. A rich person usually attracts respect and honor to him or herself, being rich does not just come on a platter of gold. It requires yardwork, doggedness, perseverance, and many other important attributes that make them up to the highly respected people they are.