Top 10 Richest Men In Ibadan (2022)

Ibadan is the capital and largest city of Oyo State. A total population of 3,649,000 as of 2021 and a metropolitan area of approximately 6 million inhabitants make it Nigeria’s third-largest city. Ibadan is home to a lot of wealthy people. Geographically, it is the country’s largest city. Ibadan was Nigeria’s largest and most populous metropolis at the time of its independence in 1960, and Africa’s second most populated city after Cairo.

In Ibadan, the Oyo State Secretariat is located. There are 128 kilometers (80 miles) between Lagos and Ibadan in Nigeria’s southwestern region. Abuja, the federal capital, is 530 kilometers (330 miles) away. It is a major transportation hub between the coastal region and the hinterland of the nation. During the British colonial period, Ibadan was the administrative centre of the Western Region, and remnants of the city’s ancient fortification walls still survive today. Many communities from other regions of the country, such as the Igbo, Hausa, and Efik ethnic groups, also live in Lagos. So in this article, I listed the richest men in Ibadan as of today and what you need to know about these men.

Top 10 Richest Men In Ibadan

1. Engr Seyi Makinde

Makinde is a business magnate, politician, philanthropist, and the richest man in Ibadan. He is currently governor of Oyo State, where he is a well-known philanthropist. Makon Group Limited, a Nigerian oil, and gas firm is led by him as its group managing director and chief executive officer.

Seyi Makinde founded Makon Engineering and Technical Services in 1977 when he was 29 years old (METS). The University of Lagos educated him in electrical engineering and today, he is the Governor of Oyo State, Nigeria.

2. Jonah Otunla

In the past, Jonah Niyi Otunla was the federation’s comptroller general. Retired top civil servant, he managed the finances for all of Nigeria, an extremely sensitive job to hold. He is one of Oyo State’s wealthiest residents. Over the course of his career, Jonah Otunla has been implicated in a number of corruption claims and prosecutions. Dasuki’s armaments sale is the most notable example. In Oyo state, Mr. Jonah is a powerful politician, despite being a retired civil official, he is one of the richest men in Ibadan.

3. Chief Kola Daisi

Chief Kola Daisi is one of Oyo State’s wealthiest billionaires. The son of the Oyo state government had a career transition, going from a medical practitioner to a finance specialist. Before joining the Nigeria Stock Exchange, he worked for First City Monument Bank (FCMB). He made a significant contribution to the growth of the Nigerian stock exchange.

His fortune has made him the owner of Kola Daisi University, one of Nigeria’s greatest private universities. He is, in fact, one of Oyo State’s wealthiest persons.

4. Rasheed Ladoja

A businessman and politician in Oyo State, Rasheed Ladoja is among the state’s wealthiest individuals. He has interests in shipping, agriculture, banking, manufacturing, and transportation. And he’s a very well-liked and influential politician from Oyo State as well.

5. Teslim Folarin

Teslim is a senator from Oyo State who is serving his third term in office. Teslim is one of the wealthiest people in Ibadan. His parents, Alhaji and Alhaja Hamzat Folarin are well-known in Oyo State and he was born into a famous family there. He is a member of a royal family in Ibadan, where he was born. The majority of Senator Folarin’s career was spent abroad before he returned to Nigeria to enter the political arena. There are few politicians in Oyo State that are as wealthy as him.

6. Lamidi Adeyemi (Alaafin of Oyo)

Lamidi Adeyemi, Alaafin of Oyo, is one of the wealthiest men and individuals in the state. He is one of Yorubaland’s most recognizable and renowned kings. Has a large number of marriages and is a former government servant who worked for international corporations in the 1960s, according to his LinkedIn profile.

7. Monsurat Sunmonu

In Ibadan, Oyo State, Monsurat Sunmonu is the wealthiest woman, and she is also one of the wealthiest persons in Oyo State. At the moment she is sitting as a senator in Lagos, Nigeria’s upper house. In a smooth political career, she rose from the speaker of the Nigerian House of Assembly to the Nigerian Senate. She spent many years living and working in the United Kingdom before returning to Nigeria to join the political scene there.

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Politics, business, education, and religion have all generated highly successful individuals from Ibadan. Others have earned so much fortune that they are ranked among the richest men in Ibadan.

Ibadan’s wealthiest individuals will be the topic of this article. These are the wealthiest and wealthiest people in Oyo State. The fact that there are many successful persons from Oyo State makes it difficult to compile a list of the state’s richest men.

In Ibadan, the richest people may be tracked out by diligent study and fact-finding. In Ibadan, Oyo State, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are more politicians on the list of the richest men. This is due to a number of well-known factors. As well as in the sphere of business, Oyo’s richest people can be found in other sectors of life as well

As we all know that Ibadan is one of the largest cities in the whole of Nigeria, we have taken time to draw out men and women who fell on the cadre of millionaire and Billionaire to make them on the list of richest people in Ibadan. So, that is all we have for you at moment.