There are tons of Post Offices in Abuja alone. They are scattered across several parts of the FTC and have been serving tons of Nigerians for some time now. Their services and operations are important to urban centers and rural communities. The fact is that they play a big role in carrying out government, economic and social activities too. 
Here are the post offices in Abuja, as well as their customer care phone number contact details. 

List Of Post Offices In Abuja

  • Nipost Corporate Headquarters
    • Contact Information: 
    • Plot 1279 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Garki
    • Email Address: [email protected]
    • Phone Number: 07000647678

This is the headquarters of Nipost in Abuja, and it is located in Gaki. It is located in Abubakar Musa Argungu House, which can be found in Plot 1279 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Garki. The firm is a telecom service center for postal services that offer facilities for collection, dispatch, and distribution of mails cheaply. 

  • Zone 3 Post Office
    • Zone 3 Post Office Full Address: 
    • 26 Bamenda Cres, Wuse, Abuja
    • Phone Number: 09 234 1232

Here is another post office in Abuja that is located in Wuse. You must note that you can only transact business with this post office before 4pm (meaning, the official closing time is 4pm). 

  • Garki 1 Post Office
    • Full Address:
    • 12 Imo Cres, Garki, Abuja
    • Garki 1 Post Office Phone Number: 0807 952 7301

The post office is located in Garki, and it is opened 24 hours. It means, you can be there anytime you desire for a transaction. 

  • Abuja Post Office
    • Abuja Post Office Full Address: 
      Garki 1, Abuja

Abuja Post Office is also located in Garki 1 in Abuja and is one of the most popular post offices in the FTC. 

  • WAPCO/CPEAO Headquarters 
    • WAPCO/CPEAO Headquarters Full Address: 
    • Wuse Post Office, Abuja
    • Phone Number: 0809 619 6617

The popular WAPCO/CPEAO has its headquarters in Abuja. 

  • Quiklink Express ltd
    • Quiklink Express ltd Full Address:
    • B-2, Plot 1496 Halima Plaza Balanga Street, Area 11 Garki, Abuja.
    • Phone Number: 0909 220 0886

Quiklink Express ltd is also located in Garki, and its services are offered at reasonable prices. It must, however, be noted that the firm doesn’t operate on a 24-hour basis. Therefore, if you have a cause to be in the office, strive to ensure you get there before 6pm. 

  • Garki Post Office
    • Garki Post Office Full Address: 
    • Olusegun Obasanjo Moshood Abiola Way, Area 10, Garki, Abuja
    • Phone Number: 08033113975

Garki Post Office is located in Abuja, and on weekdays, they are usually opened for business till 4PM.

  • Area 1 General Post Office 
    • Area 1 General Post Office Full Address: 
    • Sokoto St, Garki, Abuja
    • Phone Number: 08148280404

The post office located in Garki offers a mailing service.

  • Utako Police Post

Located in Mabushi, you can easily ask around to get where it sits. 
Utako Police Post Full Address: 
Moses Majekodunmi Cres, Mabushi, Abuja

  • USPS Express Centre Abuja
    • USPS Express Centre Full Address:
    • Drive 5, No E6 Prince and Princess Estate Gwarimpa, 900108, Abuja
    • Phone Number: 08071296847

Here is another well-known post office located in Gwarimpa. 

Post Offices In Abuja
Post Offices In Abuja

The Necessity Of The Post Office 

The post office serves a handful of very important functions. The national post office provides post office boxes stationed in different parts of the country. The boxes are intentionally made as a lockable box. They are placed on the arena of any station in the said post office. 
There are some societies where, before one can get any mail, the person is expected to rent a PO box. The issue is, this method is actually still primitive, as they are yet to upgrade to the century’s standard (which is “door to door” mail delivery).

Generally, the post office accepts parcels and letters, and they also sell postage stamps and stationery to the general public. These are the major (and primary) services the post office offers. Irrespective of where it is located and its operation base, it is expedient to provide such services. 

The Post office also accepts and provides government forms (such as applications of passport), and also makes provision of some banking services (like money orders and saving accounts). Additionally, they have what it takes to process fees that belong to the government as well as services like road tax.

Just like virtually every other thing and sector, the post office also grew and was not constant as far as change is concerned. There was a time when, the only thing available is that, as a person (or organization) shipped a product, it would be taken directly to a specific post office. So, the receiver would have to find his or her way to the post office to get whatever it is they want to claim. This was before the emergence of zipping and Postal codes. Right now, it is possible to sit back, and your post office guys would be the ones that William bring whatever it is you want to claim to you, without issues nor stress. 

Before the postal service came to Nigeria, it has been in Europe and America. As far as telling a rich history of the post office is concerned, we can’t ignore its developments in the United States of America. Years back, the country has the “Post Office Department” and was oversees by a Postmaster General.

In case you don’t know, as early as in the 1650s, Europeans have been enjoying a form of postage services. Although, before the advent of the likes of airplanes, they were limited to only the usage of the likes of rails and motor cars to send their stuff. In fact, before they grew to the stage of building superb rails and automobiles, they have been using horses and carriages for their business! So, when they came here (to Africa as a whole for colonization purposes), they were able to bring these civilizations along, and it became something many Africans have been enjoying. In fact, before a country like Nigeria was granted independence by the British in 1960, our people have been sending letters across the country (even outside the country). 

So, indeed, when taking about colonization of Africans by the Europeans, and we are exploring the positive things that they came with, we can also make mention of this system, that made it easier to send things across from one place to another without much delay (a huge improvement in the “archaic” methods utilised by the old traditional system). 

Today, when we make mention of the word “post office”, it is easy to know that it usually implies to postal facilities that provide important customer care services. General Post Office is the national Head Office of a postal service. For the delivery office (also known as a sorting office), it is the kind of postal facility that is used majorly for mail processing. In fact, in such spaces, there is usually a big area known as “sorting”. The system is an intelligently designed one that made it tough for an unnecessary mix-up to come up. 


In conclusion on post offices in Abuja, as technology keeps growing, we keep seeing a better and easier way of doing things. The system itself is witnessing a shift. For instance, drones are now being used to deliver products. As things get better, it will get more popular and cheaper, and we can receive items faster.