Nigerian Passport Renewal in UK (2023)

Because Nigeria and Britain have a long and enduring relationship, you will find that the cultures and the economies of both countries are interwoven. There are several British investments in Nigeria, especially in the areas of petroleum, financial markets, banking, technology, and so on. In reciprocation, there are several Nigerians studying, working, or doing business in the UK, while several there are many academics teaching in UK institutions.

Expectedly, there are more applications for Nigerian passport renewals in the UK than in almost any other country; this is because of the sheer number of Nigerians living in the UK, and also because of the high volume of travel between both countries.

Of course, Nigerian passport renewal in UK is possible. 

How Do I Renew My Nigeria Passport in the UK

As a Nigerian living in the UK you have to go online to begin the process of Nigerian passport renewal in UK. This will be handled by the Nigerian high commission in the UK which is the sole representative of the Nigerian government in the United Kingdom, thus vested with the authority to confirm or deny citizenship and the attendant rights to any applicant. 

This is the first step is to use your internet browsing device, and go to and then locate the section that says Passport- Under Passport, Click on ePassport.

When you click on e-passport you are given a couple of options. Under “Select a Passport Type”, you will then choose “Standard ePassport.” Under that, you will select Processing Country. Please select the United Kingdom, for which the Issuing Office is London. Please take a minute to read “NOTIFICATION”, and then click on “Start Application.” 

You will then be directed to a new platform called “INNOVATE 1” which needs confirmation of your identity. If you are already registered with yahoo or google email, then you can just Sign in now, if not, you can just Click “OpenID” and follow the given instructions to register. When registering please take time to check that your details are correct. Please note that you must answer mandatory questions marked with asterisk. 

Click “Submit” to continue with the application. The High Commission wants you to please note that some information is relevant to Nigeria. After completing the form, please ensure to click on: the small box that says ‘I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form.’ When you do so, you can then click on “Submit Application”.

You will then be automatically allotted an Application ID and Reference Number. These important items will be sent to your registered email address.

You will then need to click the “Print” button to print a copy of your form. The next step is clicking at the top right-hand corner of the screen to proceed to payment.

At this point your details have been saved so in case you close your application by mistake, you can still make payment by going to:, click on Login with your email details. Please do not attempt to start the process all over again.

For Family applications

If you are applying for only one applicant, then you can click on “Proceed to Online Payment” to pay them online, but if you are applying as a couple or as a family, then you can go back to the page to register , and then continue with next family member’s application.

Continue doing that until you have done all the applications, but please remember to print all the application forms and application id confirmations. After that, then you should click on “Proceed to Online Payment.” You will then land on a page through which you can make the payment(s) using your locally issued ATM debit or credit cards.

If your payment is successful, then your screen will display a page that says: “Your Payment is Successful”. Please ensure that you print both the Passport Acknowledgement Slip and Passport Payment Slip.

If for any reason you find that you were unable to make payment, under the payment confirmation page, please click “POS” and proceed to OIS Services Limited for assistance. You can the company at 56-57 Fleet Street, London. EC4Y 1JU. You can call them at Tel. 0207 832 0001. Their email is: [email protected]

Your acknowledgement slip confirms your Appointment booking with Nigeria’s high commission. Please note that this is mandatory from Monday, August 1, 2016, if you do not have an acknowledgment showing that you have been booked for an appointment with the high commission you will not be allowed into the High Commission building.

Please note the following about going to the Nigerian high commission in the UK:

The High Commission Opening Time is Monday to Friday, 9.30 am – 1 pm, excluding all Nigerian and British holidays.

The Nigerian High Commission advises you not to make travelling arrangements before you obtain your passport. Ordinarily, the passport takes 7 working days from the time you complete your biometric enrolment to process. You will be able to collect your passport from Monday to Friday 9.30 am – 1 pm excluding Nigerian and British holidays. However, sometimes there may varying lengths of delays.

Please note that for security reasons, travelling bags are not allowed in the High Commission premises. If you are in need of luggage handling, you may use the left luggage service rendered at the nearby Charing Cross station.

Furthermore, all telephone and electronic devices must be switched off at the point of entry; Please be reminded that only applicants with printed appointment dates will be allowed entry.

The High Commission warns that it reserves the right to refuse to honor any application to renew any passport if the applicant engages in any verbal abuse or unruly behavior towards its staff.



As you can see, Nigerian passport renewal in UK is possible, although it may not be necessary to do so because you can now return to Nigeria with an expired Nigerian passport, unless marriage or any other special circumstances have occasioned marked differences in your identity. 

Please ensure that you comply with all the regulations at the Nigerian High Commission so as to ensure that you get your passport.