Nigerian Passport Renewal In Los Angeles (2023)

Los Angeles is a top location for Nigerians in America; this has been one of the places where Nigerians have stayed in large numbers since the 1970’s. Nigerian passport renewal in Los Angeles is therefore expedient, rather than having citizens travel to other states in other to be able to renew their Nigerian passports which serve as a means of identity verification, and also to facilitate travel.

In the past, the process of renewing Nigerian passports from abroad used to be quite tedious; it was always shrouded in mystery, and was fraught with endless delays, and accusations of bribery. However, the authorities have arrested the situation, and developed ways of making the Nigerian passport renewal process more efficient and streamlined.

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Los Angeles

Even though the Nigerian Embassy in America, has a website, where you can register your presence in the country, when you need to renew your Nigerian passport in Los Angeles you go to the processing portal of the Nigeria Immigration Service.

After you have applied and made the payments you can then proceed to the Nigerian Embassy Office in Los Angeles for biometrics, and to complete the process. They will then process the passport, and issue it to you.

Please do not go to the Embassy Office without passing through these steps, and without first paying your application fee. The process is quite simple, and if you follow these straight-forward guidelines, you should have no problems whatsoever.

Before Applying Please Note:

The Nigerian authorities, as part of the anti fraud movement have established new rules for making payments for the passport renewal applications. Before you even start the process of applying for the passport renewal, please ensure that you have a credit card with the same name as that which you will put on your application. If you do not have a credit card, then that should be where you will start; some banks in America offer same-day credit card processing and issuance, and so that should not cause a significant delay.

How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Los Angeles

The first step on the process of Nigerian passport renewal in Los Angeles is to grab your internet enabled device and make your application online at the Nigeria Immigration Service online portal which is

When the page loads, you will see the different services offered by the Nigeria Immigration Service which will appear as options for you to click. Some of those options include Visa, Ecowas Travel Certificate, and Passport. Pay attention to the option that says Passport, because that is what concerns you. Under the Passport section, you will see various icons. One of them says ‘Apply for Passport Renewal.’ Please click on it.

The next page that will appear on your screen is a simple page that says Select Passport Type. The page is just to let you select what kind of passport you want, and also your country of processing. The information is provided in two small boxes on the page. The top one says “Passport Type,” and the bottom one says “Processing Country.” In the top box, you will select ‘Standard Passport,’ while in the bottom one you will select ‘United States.’ The Los Angeles processing center will be allocated to you based on your city of residence.

At the far bottom of the page, you will see a green button that is labeled “Start Application.” Please look for the button but it is advised that you do not use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the screen down.

When the page loads you will then see three icons which are: Google, Open ID, and Yahoo. These are popular internet services that everybody uses. The system is designed such that once you log in to any of them it will immediately retrieve your personal information and put it on the application form. Most people agree that this makes the process of application much easier, and you can rest assured because it is safe as well. You may wish to update some information on the page; you can do so by clicking on the individual section and making the necessary changes.

It is recommended that you take a minute to look through the information that you have provided. When you are satisfied, please click ‘Submit Application.’ Then please print a copy of the online application form. After you have submitted the application form, you will see an Acknowledgement Page with an application Reference ID number. The number will also be emailed to you, but please print it out. After that, you will need to close the page to reveal the payment page.

The system will open up to show you a page that lets you make the payment via credit card. After making the payment, a payment receipt will be displayed on your screen. Please print it out.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew Nigerian Passport In Los Angeles?

The short answer is: the same as everywhere else. Understandably, many have become confused because there are several figures quoted as the charges for Nigerian passport renewal in Los Angeles. To put an end to the confusion, let it be known that the Nigerian authorities issue two different types of passports: the 32 pages, and the 64-page passports, and also that these passports have different prices attached to them. Furthermore, there are certain considerations in place that change the passports fees applicable to citizens, depending on their age.

These are the prices, depending on age and type of passport. and Price

Applicant’s Age 32 Page 64 Page Passport
0 to 17 years old: $77.00 $137.00
18 to 59 years old: $106.00 $137.00
60 years and above: $77.00 $137.00


Appearing at the Nigerian Embassy Office in Los Angeles

The next step of course is to appear at the Nigerian passport office in Los Angeles. It is located at 11222 S. La Cienega Blvd., Suite 302, Inglewood, CA 90304. You can reach them on the phone via Phone: (+1) 213-705-2978, or email them via: [email protected].

The passport office states that you should schedule an appointment online through this link:, because people who do not follow this rule will simply not be attended to. Furthermore, the Nigerian Embassy warns that it reserves the right not to attend to anyone who is rude or who speaks to its staff in a discourteous manner.

Furthermore, there are no cash transactions at the Nigerian Embassy offices in the United States. Please report anyone who tries to coerce you to pay any money in cash, under the guise of expediting the process of the Nigerian passport. This includes a staff of the Embassy.



Nigerian passport renewal in Los Angeles does not really have to be a difficult matter. Admittedly, there is a lot of confusion, but most of it stems from wrong information. If you follow the steps as outlined herein, you should be able to complete the process in a matter of minutes, and then get your passport in a few days.