Nigerian Passport Renewal In Australia (2024)

There are many Nigerians now living in the beautiful country of Australia. From time to time, these folks still need to do things that make them Nigerian, and they don’t have to always come back home to get them sorted. This is one of the significances of the Nigerian High Commission. 

Located in Canberra, Australia, the Nigerian High Commission offers essential services to Nigerians living in Australia, including matters associated with the Nigerian Passport. Of course, it should be pointed out that all applications for renewing one’s Nigerian Passport in Australia are made through the Nigeria Immigration Service online passport application portal. On their official platform, any qualified citizen can fill out a passport application form and submit it online.

Let’s see how you can renew your passport in Australia (or even apply for a fresh one if you want to).

Nigerian Passport Renewal In Australia

To renew your Nigerian Passport, you have to engage in simple steps to get it done. These things can be done online anywhere you are in Australia, and you can actually get them done yourself if you can. Nevertheless, it is important that you see to it first and foremost that the necessary documents are in place. This will help you avoid delays in the issuance of a new passport.

If you should check the NIS portal, you will see that they already stated the requirements for Nigeria Passport renewal, which includes:

Requirements for Nigeria Passport Renewal In Australia

  1. An acknowledgment slip
  2. Completed online passport renewal application form
  3. Payment slip for the applicant’s renewal fee
  4. Your expired Nigeria Passport
  5. Photocopy of the data page of your passport (Nigerian)

If you are renewing the Passport of a minor, here are the required documents to be provided, as stated by NIS:

– Copy of completed online application form

– A letter of consent that’s signed by both parents of the applicant

– Photocopies of the passport data page of the minor. It should be noted that at least one of the parents of the applicant should be a Nigerian with a Nigerian Passport.

– Proof of payment. It is important to stress that this should bear the first and last name of the minor. And if a family card is used, then at least the last name of the applicant should be displayed

– Acknowledgement slip

– Passport-size photographs of the applicant taken recently (2 copies). It is preferable if they are taken with white background

– If the minor is an adopted child, then there should be a letter of approval from the state ministry of women and child development or a court order

With these things in place, then you should be good to go. Having highlighted them, let’s now explore the simple steps required to get the job done. These are the simple procedures to renew your passport:

  1. Open the Nigeria Immigration portal on your device. Here is the platform:
  2. Secondly, either create an account or simply log in to an existing account
  3. Move to the spot where you click “Apply For Passport Renewal”
  4. Choose the Passport you are going for: Standard Passport or E-passport
  5. Your Processing Country is Australia. Since you want to apply and get it right there in Australia, ensure you select Australia.
  6. Click on Start Application. You will see a form, which you are to ensure you fill with the right information only
  7. Kindly ensure you fully digest and understand the guidelines that concern payment on the start application page. You can then make a payment with your credit card or debit card with your name.
  8. Then submit your application online, and print the application documents
  9. When successfully done, you can now schedule an appointment for a Biometric/Interview with the High Commission. Don’t forget to go with your old passport as well as two passport-size photographs belonging to you

How To Reach Out To The Nigerian High Commission In Australia 

The High Commission provides consular services such as Visa and passport processing to those they can serve in Australia. They can also help in document legalization, and it is important to reach out directly to them to know how they can appropriately serve you. As a Nigerian, you have the right to enjoy services provided by the High Commission. 

If you want to visit them physically, here is their address in Canberra:

 26 Guilfoyle Street

Yarralumla ACT 2600

P.O. Box 241

Civic Square, ACT 2608



It should however be noted that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic issues,  opening hours of their office may be affected – hence the need to try contacting the high commission via phone or email. Additionally, they may even be closed on Australian and Nigerian public holidays. It is then important to reach out to them to confirm opening hours.

Telephone: (+61) 2 6215 8500, or (+61) 2 6282 0353

Email Address: [email protected]

You can always know more about the High Commission’s operations by surfing their official website:



The Nigerian High Commission in Canberra is the only official Nigerian representation in all of Australia responsible for Nigeria passport renewal in Australia, while the country has two representations here (a high commission in Abuja as well as a consulate in Lagos). In fact, it is not only serving Nigerians in Australia, but the High Commission also has ties and is accredited to Fiji and New Zealand (meaning, it also serves Nigerians in these countries).

Nigeria has good ties with Australia, and the Nigerian high commission is one of several foreign representations in the country. These agencies are meant to help make things much easier for the Nigerian people anywhere they found themselves around the world.

Finally, it is advisable that you do all you can to always keep your Nigerian Passport safe, and avoid getting it lost. There is a penalty fee to pay to get another one, and you will also have to get a police report too. Yes, it can be pretty stressful, and the best thing is to ensure one is keeping it safe and handling it with care too