Owe Yoruba – 1000 Yoruba Proverbs And Their Meaning

If you’re ever stumped, the Yorubas have a wise word, an answer, and more. The Yoruba culture has a lot to offer when you understand the literal translations of Yoruba proverbs and the meanings they convey. Owe Yoruba proverbs are necessary when you need to express yourself codedly.

There is a chance it will make you laugh and give you a glimpse into just how rich and complex the culture is in Nigeria. You’ll learn some interesting Yoruba sayings and proverbs in this article.

Owe Yoruba – 1000 Yoruba Proverbs And Their Meaning

Proverb: Foriti Foriti lomu ki ori Agba pa.

Meaning and translation- Old men have bald heads because they’ve had so much trouble with their heads over the course of their lives. Elderly maturity is the result of a lifetime of perseverance.

Proverb: Ile oba t’o jo, ewa lo busi.

Meaning and translation- Re-built palaces are even more beautiful than the original ones when a king’s palace is destroyed. Great accomplishments are the result of overcoming numerous obstacles, as they say: necessity is the mother of invention.

Proverb: Gbogbo alangba lo d’anu dele, a ko mo eyi t’inu nrun.

Meaning and translation- Because they all lie flat on their stomachs, it’s impossible to tell which lizard is in pain. Even if they appear to be the same on the outside, everyone is dealing with issues that you are unaware of.

Proverb: Ile la ti n ko eso re ode.

Meaning and translation- Charitable work begins at home. You can trace a man’s good or bad behavior back to his upbringing in terms of manners, ethics, character, and general conduct.

Proverb: A pę ko to jęun, ki ję ibaję.

Meaning and translation- People who eat late are less likely to consume food that has gone bad. The patient’s Dog only eats the fattiest of his bones. Waiting for the right opportunity to present itself rather than making hasty decisions and settling for shoddy solutions is the best course of action in any situation.

Gbogbo Owe Yoruba Ati Itumo

Proverb: Bí a bá ro dídùn ifọ̀n á ó ọ’ra déegun.

Meaning and translation- If a person thinks about the pleasure they get from scratching an itch, they are more likely to keep going until they reach the bone. Everything in life has limits and boundaries, and remember this is essential if you want to avoid disasters.

Proverb: Akìí rí ẹfọ̀n ta lẹ́ẹ̀ mejì.

Meaning and translation- Shooting a Buffalo only comes around once in a lifetime. A buffalo is a watchful animal that is always on the lookout for danger. It is primarily found in dense forests, where it is difficult or nearly impossible for a human to easily channel his or her part of the energy there.

To avoid losing a Buffalo forever, a hunter who is fortunate enough to come across one should be extremely cautious when shooting at it and only attempt to hit it once.

This proverb is frequently recited when someone is about to make a decision and wants to encourage them to do so cautiously and wisely. Only once in a lifetime can you seize the opportunity.

You need this owe Yoruba proverbs when you are faced with several options with limited time.

Proverb: Ọmọdé kìí mọ Ori jẹ kí ó mà ràa lọ́wọ́.

Meaning and translation- If you’re an adult, you know how to avoid getting food on your hands when you’re eating pap. We can tell a lot about a child by the way he or she eats, which is usually messy and wasteful.

Apologizing for a child who has offended or been rude to an adult, this proverb states that the child was just being childish and should be allowed to go on with their life as it was.

Proverb: “Ìkòkò ò ni gba omi k’ó tún gba ẹyìn.

Meaning and translation- The palm fruit and water cannot both be contained in the pot at the same time. Incompatible people cannot live or work together. Two masters cannot ride one boat.

Proverb: Òkú ò mọ iye aa ra agọ̀.

Meaning and translation- They are unaware of how much money was spent on the casket. To address someone who does good deeds without a second thought, this proverb is often used because he or she is not the one who has to pay the price.

Proverb: “Bi Esin ba dáni gúlè ã tun gun ni!”

Meaning and translation- We re-climb a Horse that has knocked someone off their feet. It’s important to not give up even if your original plan doesn’t work.

Proverb: Aje ke lana omo ku loni, tani o so wipe ko mope ana lo pa omo je.

Meaning and translation- Yesterday, a witch wept and today, a child died. Everyone knows that the witch is to blame for the death of this child. Who wouldn’t know that the person who made the threat yesterday is responsible for the tragedy that has occurred today?

Proverb: Bí kò fę ju ìpàkó, ęşin tí ó ngùn á ję kojū.

Meaning and translation- It is impossible to ride a horse without jerking one’s head to one side or the other. It means that your position in life affects the way you treat other people.

Proverb: Bí abá so òkò sójà ará ilé eni ní bá.

Meaning and translation- In the market, the person who throws a stone will hit someone he is familiar with. People’s paths cross all the time in the marketplace and in life, so watch out for the consequences of your actions.

Proverb: Agba ki wa loja, ki ori omo tutun o wo.

Meaning and translation- When an older person is present, he or she can help put things right because they are wiser and more experienced.

Proverb: Adìẹ funfun kò mọ ara rẹ̀lágbà.

Meaning and translation- Unaware of its age, the white chicken continues to lay eggs. An older person should have self-respect.

Proverb: Ọbẹ̀ kìí gbé inú àgbà mì.

Meaning and translation- An elderly person’s stomach does not move the soup around. Having the ability to keep a secret is a good quality to have.

Proverb: À ń pe gbẹ́nàgbẹ́nà ẹyẹ àkókó ń yọjú.

Meaning and translation- The woodpecker shows up instead of the sculptor who was expected. Never let your ego get in the way of doing the right thing and staying out of conversations that aren’t meant for you.

Proverb: Eni bama m’obo akoko se bi lagido.

Meaning and translation- You must act like a monkey in order to catch one. In order to get what you want, you may need to put on a show for the camera.

Proverb: Díẹ̀ díẹ̀ nimú ẹlẹ́dẹ̀ẹ́ fi ń wọgbà.

Meaning and translation- The pig’s nose is slowly making its way into the yard. Prevent the vineyard from being destroyed by catching the rascally foxes. Take care of a minor issue before it gets out of hand and becomes more difficult to deal with.

Proverb: Iy’o wu mi e wue, oun e, ni mu omo iya meji jeun ototo.

Meaning and translation- Two brothers who eat separately do so because they have divergent tastes. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all human being.

Proverb: Isiro l’oko dido.

Meaning and translation- Calculation is the supreme king of beeps and shrieks.

Proverb: Aseju ni irun aya, irun abe tito.

Meaning and translation- Pubic hair is sufficient; a hairy chest is overkill.

Proverb: Moja mosa laa mo akinkanju loju ogun.

Meaning and translation- Valor is better served by prudence than bravery.

Proverb: Pai lotun pai losi, t’oju o ba fo, a ko ma wo bai bai ni.

Meaning and translation- Any amount of hardship, no matter how minor, will eventually lead to a damaged personality.

Proverb: Oro yi so simi lenu o buyo si. Iso o se ponla, iyo o se tu danu.

Meaning and translation- one has to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of two options before making a decision.

Proverb: Atari ajanaku kii seru omode.

Meaning and translation- As the old saying goes, “a position of valour is not for childish minds,” and this is certainly true.

Proverb: Aje ke lana omo ku loni, tani o sai mope aje ana lo pa omo je.

Meaning and translation- Who doesn’t know that the perpetrator of yesterday’s threat is the one responsible for today’s tragedy?

Meaning and translation- Igi gogoro ma gun mi loju, lati okere laati wo.

Meaning and translation- At the outset, one takes precautions to avoid harm.

Proverb: Ninu odo adagun ni alakan ti le fo epo, t’odo ba di agadangba, a gbe alakan lo.

Meaning and translation- Only when the circumstances permit can one open one’s mouth.

Proverb: Ejawo ninu apon tio yo, elogbomi’ila kana.

Meaning and translation- Stop what you’re doing and try something new.

Proverb: Eni bama m’obo akoko se bi lagidoto.

Meaning and translation- To catch a monkey, you must do like a monkey.

Proverb: Omi titun ti ru, eja titun ti wonu e.

Meaning and translation- A new season heralds a new era.

Proverb: Ki tan lara were koma ku “HOI”.

Meaning and translation- Even after he had recovered, a man who had once been insane would occasionally yell “HOI.”

Proverb: Enibama ba esu jeun sibi e a gun.

Meaning and translation- If you want to eat with the devil, you’ll need a long spoon.

Proverb: Foriti foriti lomu ki ori agba pa.

Meaning and translation- Elderly maturity is the result of a lifetime of perseverance.

Proverb: Ori leja fi l’abu ja.

Meaning and translation- In order to swim through the water, fish use their heads.


Yoruba has beautiful culture and ways of relating issues with elderly proverbs and sayings, owe Yoruba proverbs come to mind when you need an elderly counsel. So that is all we have as regards Owe Yoruba and all you need to know.