Top 10 Outsourcing Companies In Lagos (2023)

Outsourcing is defined as the act of a company handing over the duties of planning for an event or scheme to another organization even though it could have been carried out by that particular company. You might want to ask why this is so. This is a practice carried out by most organizations to get highly skilled and professional candidates without having to be involved in the operation of sourcing and choosing.  This is not a new trend but has been in existence for a very long period of time.

Diverse organizations at the international and local levels make use of top outsourcing companies to bring about higher productiveness, modifiable, increased potency, lower rate of business expenses and directed or strategic HR management duties.

If you have an organization and you need to employ the services of top outsourcing companies in Lagos, you are very lucky because most of the best Outsourcing Companies have branches in Lagos.

Top 10 Outsourcing Companies In Lagos

1. Workforce Group

Workforce is a very big outsourcing company in the whole of Lagos that deals mainly with the act of controlling human resources, outsourcing and business consulting. Three branches of this Workforce group have been duplicated by many professionals in the industry as one of the best outsourcing companies in Lagos. The company commenced operations in the year 2004, and many of their customers can boast of good service from them. They are preferred by most people due to their ability to concordantly embrace a downright approach in understanding and meeting all the needs of their customers. Examples of the services rendered by the workforce group are HR consulting, recruitment, training, verification, outsourcing, assessment, etc. They are the number one outsourcing company in Lagos.

2. Kimberly Ryan

Kimberly Ryan is also a very large outsourcing company located not only in Lagos but in other states and countries. It is not only the best in Lagos but also in the world. This company has formed a strong alliance with prestigious companies since its inception, such companies include Station Chase international. The main services the company renders are providing creative HR solutions, reliable service, collaborative service, and lots more. Due to their partnership with other prestigious companies, their brand is strongly recognized among all.

3. Ashford and McGuire Consulting

Ashford and McGuire consulting firm have its office in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is one of the most important outsourcing companies in Nigeria. Even with the countless numbers of customers that constantly patronize them, the company still endeavors to deliver nothing but the best to the customers. The company has a lot of professionals who help in giving advice or service to their clients, which cannot be gotten from just anywhere. Their services include recruitment, performance management, HR transformation. financial management, industrial analysis, and lots more.

4. Gigastreams Consulting

Not long ago gigastreams consulting company became a very strong pillar in the industry of outsourcing. This company has been able to make use of IT and creating worth in HR enhancement and practice. Through this, they have been able to provide ingenious and direct answers to clients. Their services are aimed at improving the efficiency and growth of customers which makes them have results that are commendable. Their services include human capital training and development, customized custom training, career counseling, and development.

5. Accenture Nigeria

Accenture Nigeria is a respectable and significant outsourcing company that is owned and controlled by Accenture and Fortune 500 Companies, both of them being based in the United States. The company is well known for providing new and advanced solutions to customers. This is done through the use of technologies that are just springing up and those that have already been in existence.

6. Adexen

If you are looking to employ the services of a good outsourcing company, you can consider Adexen company. They are involved in the activity of finding people who are situated for a particular job. The consultants at Adexen have had a great deal of experience in countries all over Nigeria. Due to this, they scrutinize clients thoroughly before they are employed. Examples of some areas in which Adexen company has been involved are Oil and gas, manufacturing, Maritime, Construction, telecommunication, and lots more.

7. Phillips Consulting

Philips Consulting is another esteemed and respectable company that is into outsourcing. They are equipped with lively and bustling HR department team members. The company was established by Folusho Philips who named the company after himself in the year 1992. Afterward, the company has experienced a very large and immense amount of growth.

8. SENCE (Skill enhancement center)

SENCE outsourcing company is yet another outstanding company in the outsourcing company. They are a very great company with a high level of expertise due to the number of years spent in the industry. The major services offered by this company are outsourcing of HR staffs, developing HR structures, employment of professional workers, training, staff and career counseling, advisory, and lots more.

9. Ace Human Resource Counseling

Ace human resource is a top-class organization that you can’t regret ever having a deal with. They have a lot of clients due to the high expertise of the consultants in the company. Their services range from HR outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, recruitment, HR software, compensation and salary surveys, training and development, organizational development, and more.

10. Peoplesource Consulting

Here is another highly reputed outsourcing company in Lagos with professional specialists working for them. Their services include international and local recruitment, learning and development, HR business consulting, HR resource, and software solution.


How Does Outsourcing Companies In Lagos Works?

How does the outsourcing company go about sourcing and selecting? Top outsourcing companies in Lagos do this by looking, choosing, and training candidates to meet up with a detailed description of how they want the candidates to be. Outsourcing is preferred by most organizations because it helps in lessening the saddle or weight and hand over the risks that come with carrying out special functions and center their attention mainly on their core abilities and skills.

Kindly do your due diligence before picking outsourcing companies in Lagos to work with, our article here is just for informational purposes.